Jhogi went back to the Xianxi temple, informing the cabinet of what happened. The cabinet members expressed their condemns for Baghtar's death. Although the mysterious guy was killed, his mentor was not. The Xianxi were worried if the mentor had more students. They were also worried about Haxari working with another Xianxi. The Xianxi cabinet had informed the Henos' government about everything that Jhogi heard from the espionage. As a response, the Henos government declared war against Haxari and were ready for a full scale war. All countries that were liberated by Henos from Frakstreit invasion became Henos' allies, while Korvski, which was liberated by Haxari, became Haxari's ally.

Both Henos and Haxari made a secret agreement to not attack each other's country, but rather only do battles in another countries. And thus both countries did not have to suffer damages from war. By this time, Henos and Haxari were perceived as the most powerful countries in the world. Everytime there is a conflict in another country, both Henos and Haxari came to intervene where they provided support. Numerous Xianxi participated in the battles between those two countries, but so far, the Haxari never showed anyone using Chyan ever since the mysterious guy died.

Jhogi became a mentor and had his own student, Nemerti. After learning about Baghtar's weakness, Jhogi switched from wind style combat to the defensive earth style. His student used metal style, as he felt that earth style was too passive. Many Xianxi had also switched from wind style to earth style after learning about Baghtar's death. Previously, a Chyan-to-Chyan duel training was not considered important for the Xianxi, but after knowing the presence of the mysterious guy, additional training was given by the temples incase the Xianxi had to face another Chyan user.

As Henos required many support from the Xianxi for the war, many Xianxi mentors sometimes served as knights as well. Jhogi is one of those mentors who sometimes went on battles. When Jhogi left the temple for battle, Nemerti often secretly roamed around the village instead of staying in the temple like his mentor told him. As the result, Nemerti became a rebellious student, often ignoring instruction and rules given by the cabinet.

(To be continued.)