Main Cast:

Main Characters:

Mio Kudo as: Sora Kikuchi

Age: 18

Description: Sora is a shy but quiet and intelligent teenager who had been a lonely child since her older sister passed away and is currently living with her Aunt and Uncle because her parents had a job in another country. Due to not having any friends, she is an anti-socialist and doesn't seem to get along with anyone at her age until she meets a boy named Dai who was running away from a strange monster and began to ask for her help. Soon, she was gifted with the power of Aerokinesis. After becoming a Savior and later joining forces with her new friends to battle against the monsters from another dimension, slowly Sora became more open and kind. Sora's goal is to become a doctor for animals and pets.

Sakurako Okubo as: Nami Ishikawa

Age: 17

Description: Nami is an energetic, sweet and happy-go-lucky girl who is one of Sora's classmates and teammates. She comes from a wealthy family but doesn't seem to care about money and wealth and soon she became friends with everyone at her school. Her goal is to become a Pop Star. Nami tries to be friends with Sora who is an Anti-Socialist. Nami was given the power of Hydrokinesis, making her a water-bender. She has developed a huge crush on a popular singer named Gentaro Itazaki.

Ichika Osaki as: Ayame Midorikawa

Age: 16

Description: Ayame is a thoughtful and kind-hearted teenage girl with a love for nature and flowers, and is the most mature person of the Saviors. Due to her thoughtfulness, she can look through Sora's emotions and understands what she feels. She was given the power of Chlorokinesis and can control plants, woods, and vines. She has developed feelings for Dai's mysterious older brother, Ryosuke.

Haruka Kudo as: Hotaru Okubo

Age: 17

Description: Hotaru is a blunt and stubborn but caring and sympathetic teenager who is one of Sora's friends living in the neighborhood. Hotaru currently lives with her grandparents after her parents died, and is highly trained in Kendo and knows how to defend herself. She and Sora didn't get along at first, due to their differing personalities. But after gaining the power of Electrokinesis to control lightning and joining the Saviors, she slowly started to understand Sora's reasons for being alone because of the loss of her older sister. At first, she used to hate Renn Takaoka but slowly grew to develop feelings for him.

Noa Tsurushima as: Miyuki Sugino

Age: 15

Description: Miyuki is a girl who studies in Middle School and is the youngest member of the Savior. She is also calm, collected and kind-hearted. Due to being younger than her friends, she is shy and quiet most of the time like Sora, but she is too mature for her age and is perfectly trained in playing the violin. Out of the girls in the team, she mostly gets along with Dai since she sees her as something of a younger brother. She was given the power of Cyrokinesis to produce icy from her body. She has a huge crush on a boy named Yakumo Toyama but is too shy to express her feelings for him.

Haruto Nakano as: Dai

Age: 100+ (Biological), 10 (Physical).

Description: Dai is a young boy who comes from the Infinitia Dimension which is conquered by the villains led by a powerful king. Soon, she stumbled upon Sora and asked for her help. He was the one who gave them special powers to Sora and her friends, thanks to a special box given to him by his mother and father. He is shy and naïve but feels safe when the girls are around and developed a strong sibling bond with Miyuki. He has a habit of teasing his older brother Ryosuke about his crush on Ayame.

Hayate Ichinose as: Ryosuke

Age: 150+ (Biological), 19 (Physical).

Description: Ryosuke is a mysterious warrior who appears out of nowhere and turns out to be Dai's older brother. At first, he was thought to have died during a deadly battle in Infinitia, but some survive the attack on his palace, only to see that his parents are dead, and Dai is nowhere to be seen. He appeared in the Human World, looking for his missing brother. Ryosuke is a mentor to the girls so he can teach them about the basics of using their elemental powers. He keeps a calm composure and rarely speaks when discussing with his friends. He became closer to Ayame and vowed to keep her safe. He has a rivalry with Titus.

Supporting Characters:

Hisahiro Ogura as: Hideo Sawamura

Age: 61

Description: Hideo is a generous and kind-hearted old man who is a landlord of an apartment that Ryosuke and Dai are living in. He usually lives alone in the apartment while his son and daughter-in-law are living in another city. He feels happy when Dai and Ryosuke are always around, due to being lonely for the past months. Despite that, he's, in fact, unaware that the two came from another world.

Ryo Yokoyama as: Renn Takaoka

Age: 17

Description: Renn is a teenager who is a member of a Kendo Club in Kosei High School. He is tough, serious but doesn't like the idea of a girl being a member of the Kendo Club, and thinks that they don't have the skills to be a Kendo Master. Unfortunately, he somehow underestimated Hotaru's Kendo Skills and has beaten him in a one-on-one match. Because of his defeat at the hands of a girl, he eventually realizes that she is his true rival. At first, he used to hate Hotaru, but eventually developed feelings for her.

Fumiya Takahashi as: Yakumo Toyoma

Age: 15

Description: Yakumo is a popular student who goes to Kosei Middle School, the same school where Miyuki attends. Due to being popular in the School, girls developed a massive crush on him and kept sending love letters to him, but he felt shy around girls and politely declined them. Despite his shyness, he's kind and gentle, willing to help his classmates, especially Miyuki who has a crush on him but is unable to express his feelings for him.

Takumi Kizu as: Gentaro Itazaki

Age: 18

Description: Gentaro is a part of a popular band called the Howling Star and serves as a guitarist. He is also a songwriter since he is willing to help out his friends and sees the band as his family. He has a close relationship with his grandparents after his mother and father died in a tragic car accident. He accidentally stumbled upon Nami and was enamored by her singing voice. Because of his chivalrous personality, he acts like a gentleman to most girls, but his heart goes to Nami.

Taiki Yamazaki as: Masayoshi Saeki

Age: 20

Description: Masayoshi is a young man who is one of Keita's bandmates, and the second-youngest member of Howling Star. He is cheerful, friendly, caring and also quite humorous, but gets serious at times when his friends require his help. He also treats Nami as his younger sister and decides to help her express her feelings for Gentaro. He serves as the secondary guitarist for Howling Star, his main instrument is a bass.

Tetsuji Sakakibara as: Keita Goto

Age: 25

Description: Keita is the leader and vocalist of Howling Star. He is also the eldest member of the band and acts like an older brother and a father figure to his friends. He comes from a middle-class family, with his father being a famous retired singer. After hearing his father's first song in the late '90s, he was inspired to become a singer and finally formed his band, consisting of his friends from Neighborhood. He is already engaged to a woman named Haruko Kawamata.

Yosuke Kishi as: Takuya Mizuno

Age: 22

Description: Takuya is a young man who is one of the members of the Howling Star. He is cool, calm and quiet most of the time, but he is willing to make everyone smile and has a soft spot for children who always listen to the Howling Star's songs. He has a good friendship with his bandmates and thinks of them as his brothers. He serves as the drummer of Howling Star, his main instrument is a drum set.

Daimaou Kosaka as: Mamoru Kikuchi

Age: 49

Description: Mamoru is a kind-hearted and humble man who is Sora's paternal uncle and works in a certain company. He and his wife Aya are in charge of looking out for Sora since her parents are in another country for their job while Sora's sister Mayumi is dead. Since Sora became so shy and lonely that she can't easily communicate with her classmates, Mamoru became worried about her future and what she became. Mamoru is a better father figure for Sora than her actual father who was unable to spend time with his daughters before Mayumi's death.

Takako Fuji as: Aya Kikuchi

Age: 49

Description: Aya is a modest woman who is Sora's paternal aunt and Mamoru's wife. Since her older brother and sister-in-law had gone to another country while her sons are still studying in a medical college, she and her husband are in charge of looking after their nieces until Mayumi was killed in a tragic accident, leaving Sora and her families devastated. Since Sora became so distraught that she distances herself from her friends and family and became a loner, Aya wanted to help her niece so she can ease her heart full of pain.

Hikaru Yamamoto as: Mayumi Kikuchi

Age: 19 (When she died).

Description: Mayumi was Sora's older sister who was killed in a tragic when Sora was 14 years old. While her parents are living in another country for their job, Mayumi was the only person to give company to her young sister, wanting to make sure she will not be alone. Sora always cherishes her memories with her older sister and still misses her so much.

Rio Komiya as: Makito Takeda

Age: 15

Description: Makito is a Student in the same school that Miyuki attends. He is also Yakumo's best friend and classmate. He knows Miyuki for a quite long time since they had been in the same elementary school and is the only person who is aware of her crush on Yakumo. Makito can be a bit of a scaredy-cat and gets scared of monsters especially the army of Jigokishi when he saw them for the first time. Soon, he started to get suspicious of Miyuki secretly sneaking out of the school when a Jigokishi shows up out of nowhere. Makito decided to spy on her to find out about her secret.


Narushi Ikeda as: Claudius

Age: 290+ (Biological), 57 (Physical)

Description: Claudius is a spiteful and ruthless man who is the main leader and Emperor of the Jigokishi (Hell Knights) Empire. He and his followers are mostly of Infinitia, but a conflict between him and his old friends including Rokuro has started since the Councils have chosen Rokuro to be the new Ruler for Infinitia. Angered, Claudius declared war against him as he and his followers decided to kill Rokuro and his family to take over Infinitia. Since Dai successfully escape from the enemies and came to the Human World, Claudius sent his men and his son to capture him. Since Claudius doesn't seem to care for his son Tatsuo and considers him as a failure in his Family so he favored his daughter Albia over him.

Ayaka Konno as: Albia

Age: 190+ (Biological), 19 (Physical)

Description: Albia is the daughter of Claudius, younger sister of Tatsuo and the future Empress of Jigokishi. Albia always wanted to be the center of attention since she is Claudius' favorite child and always favored her over his son. A cruel and domineering woman, Albia always has a trick up his sleeves so she could become the most powerful Empress in the world, just like her father. She always looks down on her older brother, calling him "weak" and "useless" for not winning her father's approval. Albia would do anything to harm her enemies especially the Saviors and uses cruel methods to kill them. She has a grudge against Ryosuke for rejecting her feelings for him and decided to take everything he loved, including his little brother and Ayame.

Rihito Itagaki as: Felix

Age: 180+ (Biological), 18 (Physical)

Description: Felix is a mysterious young man who has the personality of a teenager, and Albia's right-hand man. Like Albia, Felix is cruel and pretty mean when it comes to bullying the soldiers including Tatsuo for their failures. He likes taunting people for their failures and enjoys being more better than his foolish enemies like the Saviors. He also has a rivalry with Miyuki and thinks that she is "useless", but eventually realizes that she is more than useless.

Atsumi Kanno as: Rufus

Age: 230+ (Biological), 37 (Physical)

Description: Rufus is a narcissistic yet cruel young man who serves an admiral for the Jigokishi and has a rivalry with Tatsuo/Titus. As the second-in-command of the Empire, he is willing to find the boy who has given special powers to the five Saviors and will destroy anyone who tries to get in the way of his mission, especially Ryosuke. Like Felix and Albia, Rufus doesn't approve Tatsuo as a true warrior, thinking of him as nothing but an inferior to him and the Empire.

Atomu Mizuishi as: Tatsuo

Alias: Titus

Age: 200+ (Biological), 20 (Physical)

Description: Tatsuo is a general from the Jigokishi Empire and is Claudius' elder son. He always had a complicated relationship with his father due to his harsh and malicious personality and has always favored his daughter Albia over him. Claudius always calls him a failure which led his son to get obsessed with his fears and made a decision to gain his father's respect. Tatsuo is calm and collected but has a brooding look on his face. He is hot-headed and always expresses his anger at his soldiers. His anger is being gathered by his father's cruel influence on him. Since he is an enemy to the Saviors, he disguised himself as a Student calling himself as simply "Tatsuo" to spy on the girls. Slowly, he found himself falling in love with Sora but became conflicted between his goal and his feelings for Sora. When he is on a battle, he is known as the masked dark warrior "Titus" since the Saviors are unaware of his true name.

Yume Shinjo as: Felicia

Age: 160+ (Biological), 16 (Physical)

Description: Felicia is a young woman who is one of the best swordswomen in the Empire Jigokishi. Despite working for the enemy, she has a high sense of honor, she fights with her rivals fair and square. While she is one of Claudius' minions, her loyalty goes to Tatsuo and sees him as her master and mentor since she owes him a debt for saving her life and vowed to always be at his side. Felicia highly dislikes Albia and Felix for using unfair methods to make themselves, dubbing them as "cowards".

Tokuma Nishioka as: Angus

Age: 300+ (Biological), 65 (Physical)

Description: Angus is an old man who is Felicia's grandfather and Tatsuo's teacher to train him for his new skills. Unlike most of the Jigokishi Soldiers, Angus is easy-going, calm, and relaxed, often telling his pupil and granddaughter to take a break from their mission to find Dai, much to Tatsuo's annoyance. Angus is like a real father to Tatsuo since Claudius highly mistreats his son like a stray dog. He cares deeply for his granddaughter since her parents had abandoned her for unknown reasons.