The White Devil, Shirogane-kun

Ep 1: White

It's seen a little kid, surrounded by another kids. The kid was being bullied by them.

Kid 1: Hey look! It's the weird kid with white hair!

Kid 2: He's not normal.

Kid 3: Hey! Where are you from? Iceland?

The spiky white-haired kid was enduring those insults, but it's seen he was with fist and rage.

10 years later.

It's seen a school teenager, walking while carrying his bag on his back. That teenager was the white-haired kid.

Teenager: Tsk! This day is the same, as usual. (Thinking) "My name is Kazuki Shirogane, and as you can see, I'm a teenager with weird aspect, all because of my light grey, almost white hair"

Then, a short brown-haired girl with twintails, was running and hit on his back.

Girl: (Smiling) Good morning! Kazuki!

Kazuki: Oh, it's you, Hinata.

Hinata: My! You seem upset, as usual. But I like it.

Kazuki: (Keep walking) If you finish, let's go on.

Hinata: (Bored) Yeah yeah.

Kazuki: I told you do not greet someone with that way.

Hinata: But I only greet you with that.

They saw a group of school girls, they looked Kazuki and were little scared.

Hinata: Sorry Kazuki, I have a reunion with them, see you later. (Leaving)

Kazuki: Yeah, yeah.

Hinata was with those girls and went on as normal.

Girl 1: Hinata-chan, aren't you scared of that guy?

Hinata: He seems evil, but he's not like that.

Girl 2: I don't think so, his stare is like a delinquent.

Kazuki was able to hear that and keep walking ignoring those words.

In high school, Kazuki was on his locker, took his stuff and went to his classroom, some students were afraid to see him.

School boy 1: It's him!

School girl 1: Kazuki Shirogane.

School boy 2: The White Devil? He seems murderous.

School girl 2: Don't talk aloud! He could hear us!

He just sat on his seat. Then another teenager with black hair went to him.

School boy: Hey, Kazuki, how have you been this week?

Kazuki: It's glad you aren't afraid of me. Ren.

Ren: Hey, how could I be afraid? We're friends, right?

Kazuki: Well, thanks to you, I completed your soccer team.

Ren: Come on, Kazuki. It's not just for that. Will you come to the practice today?

Kazuki: Yeah.

Ren: Okey, see you in the next hour!

Kazuki's voice: Well, as I was saying, I, Kazuki Shirogane, am the boy who has white hair and murderous stare. I'm usually in street fights with some gangs. Because of all of it, I was called as the White Devil. Despite of my appearance, I was able to be accepted in this school. As long as I can study a course, I don't care about the rest. Many teens don't want to be close to me by my nickname. But there are few people who aren't afraid of me. Some of them are Ren and Hinata.

In break time, Kazuki was walking alone in some part of school. A school girl with pony tail red hair appeared to him.

School girl: Hello, Shirogane.

Kazuki: Hello, Nagisa. Don't we have works for the Student Council?

Nagisa: Hey, who do you think I am? I'm member of Student Council. Like you.

Kazuki: Well, anything?

Nagisa: (Smiling) He! Acting like rough boy. So nice.

Kazuki: Well, then if there's a work, I'll go to do it.

Nagisa: Okey, bye!

Kazuki keeps walking.

Kazuki: Maybe I shouldn't keep going to School Council. The other members seem afraid of me.

Then a group a students appeared in front of him. He ignored them but he heard a girl's voice.

Girl's voice: Kazuki Shirogane-kun.

It was a pretty girl with long sky-blue hair. She was in front of the group.

Kazuki: So it's you, Akari Himekawa.

School boy 1: It's Akari-sama for you! Moron!

School boy 2: Show her some respects!

School girl: Don't you know her?

Kazuki: Yeah yeah I know her. Akari Himekawa, the school girl with the best scores in any course, also the beauty of every students in this school. And the end the daughter of the school principal. As everyone say, the perfect student ever.

Akari: (Fixing her hair) Hm! You are good informed about me.

Kazuki: It's because any guy is always talking about you.

Akari: Good point.

Kazuki: Then, what do you want?

Akari: I want you to offer a good style life in this school. I want you to become my bodyguard.

The students were surprised to hear what she said.

School girl 1: But Akari-sama!

School girl 2: How could you ask to that dangerous guy?

Akari: What do you think? Shirogane-kun. It's an offer than anyone can't have.

Kazuki: (Ignoring her) Tsk! I don't care. It's so boring.

School boy 3: How dare?!

Kazuki: I don't want to be a slave for a rich girl who can manipulate anyone. Sorry Himekawa but look for other dog who can make your job.

Kazuki leaves ignoring Akari's group. A school boy went to him, grabbing his shoulder to stop him.

School boy 3: Hold right there! Akari-sama didn't finish talking to you. And I don't like that behavior from you!

Kazuki: Take off your hand from me.

School boy 3: (Upset) Ah? Can you talk me in that way?

Kazuki: (Turning back his eyes filled with rage) I said... quit your hand from me!

The student was in shock to see a murderous stare from his eyes. He quit his hand and step back from Kazuki. Kazuki continued leaving.

Akari: Shirogane-kun, I'm sorry about my subordinate's behavior.

Kazuki: Just quit bothering me from your jobs.

Kazuki leaves ignoring Akari who seems worried because of his behavior.

While he was walking, he noticed the presence of a mysterious girl who was watching him.

In sport class, Kazuki was in soccer game as porter. Ren was the captain of his team. He made a goal. The girls were yelling in happiness by his actions.

School girl 1: Yeah, that's our Ren-kun!

School girl 2: As expected from our ace soccer player!

Kazuki just ignored their commentaries.

Kazuki: Good, Ren. But unless thanks to you, I'm in a club.

A soccer player from rival team went to porter's lodge.

Ren: Kazuki! Watch out!

Kazuki realized that move and avoid a goal. After that his team won the game.

Kazuki: Well, we made it.

But the students just went to Ren as congratulating him.

School boy 1: Thanks to you Ren, your team won!

School boy 2: With this steps, you could get us to the soccer classification!

Ren: Hey, it's not just me! It's because all the team.

But the students were just congratulating Ren. Kazuki seems upset but just turns around and leaves.

Later, when school is over, Kazuki was heading to his home.

Kazuki: Now that I'm out, I can use it.

He took off dark glasses from his bag, and wore them.

Kazuki: In this way, I feel like a real delinquent.

Then a gang appeared in front of him.

Gang leader: What do we have here? The known guy called the White Devil. Kazuki Shirogane.

Kazuki: Another bunch of losers.

Gang leader: Rough as you are described, but you won't scare us!

Kazuki: (Removing his dark glasses) You better don't provoke me. Or all of you will be at litters.

Gang leader: (Angry) Don't mock us! Kill him!

The gang went to attack Kazuki, but he reacts fast and some minutes later the gang were injured by Kazuki by using punchs and kicks.

Kazuki went to the gang leader who was injured.

Kazuki: I made sure not hitting you until deadly. But next time you show in my way, all of you will be in coffins!

Gang leader: (Injured as looking at his stare) You are monster! Now I see the tittle of White Devil is true about you!

Kazuki put his dark glasses and leaves.

At his home which is a room in a department, he left his bag and sat. He drunk a soda.

Kazuki's voice: This is my routine, some gangs dare to fight me, because of my appearance. It was always that way since childhood. Many attack me but they are not a challenge, since I was always in fights to make myself strong.

At next day, Kazuki was heading to school.

Kazuki's voice: As you know, I'm a loner and the students don't come close to me. Well, except only few of them could be consider my friends. Like Hinata Matsubara as my childhood friend, Nagisa Mizukami as my pretty classmate. Also Ren Nagayama the only guy who wanted me to fit in the group. I guess I don't care about other people, like Akari Himekawa who presumes her tittle of top girl, also many people call her princess. (A flashback appeared and He touched his forehead as a little girl showed in his mind) Why do I feel as I meet her before?

Suddenly, Hinata appeared and hit him like yesterday.

Hinata: (Smiling) Good morning, Kazuki!

Kazuki: I wish you could greet me without crash.

Hinata: Hehe! Acting rough, like usual.

Then at school Kazuki was reading a book. Then he received a mail from his cellphone. Kazuki realized it was from Nagisa.

Kazuki: Oh! Nagisa sent me a mail?

Nagisa's voice: Shirogane, can we talk after school?

Kazuki: (Sending a mail) Really? At 3:00 p.m., it's okey?

Nagisa's voice: I'm glad it! I'll tell you the place!

Then, he received another mail. From Hinata.

Kazuki: Now Hinata?

Hinata's voice: Kazuki, can we talk after school?

Kazuki: (Sending a mail) Is it okey if we meet at 4:00 p.m.?

Hinata's voice: I'm glad it! I'll tell you the place!

Later, Kazuki was walking thinking deeply.

Kazuki: It's incredible that two girls asked me to go in a meeting. But, someone like me to be in a relationship. Well This is an opportunity that a bad boy doesn't always have.

Then the mysterious girl from yesterday was hidden behind a wall. She was observing Kazuki. He realized her presence.

Kazuki: Who the hell are you?

Mysterious girl: I didn't expect to talk with you in this way.

The mysterious girl is a short black-haired with glasses.

Kazuki: Who are you, four eyes girl!

Mysterious girl: My name is Jun Natsukawa, nice to meet you Shirogane-san.

Kazuki: How do you know me?

Jun: It's weird for someone like the White Devil.

Kazuki: Tsk! My nickname is being popular in school.

Jun: Also in all the town.

Kazuki: So what do you want?

Jun: You'd better ignore those two girls, or else you will be mad.

Kazuki: How do you know about Hinata and Nagisa?

Jun: Those two seem getting along with you. I guess there's another girl, but you don't like her.

Kazuki: If you mean Himekawa, as if I care about her.

Jun: Maybe it's because she reminds you that little girl from your childhood?

Kazuki: (Angry) What are you trying to do?

Jun: It's my talent, I can figure out about a person's memories.

Kazuki: And what are you suppose to be? A psychic?

Jun: No, it's just I got information from different people in the town, including your classmates. I was observing you.

Kazuki: A stalker? That's gross for a nerd like you.

Jun: He! You should start getting along with Himakawa-senpai. Instead of Matsubara-san and Mizukami-san. Even a devil like you can create a love with his past crush.

Kazuki get angry and suddenly grabbed Jun from her shirt, showing his evil stare like menacing her.

Kazuki: (Angry) Shut up your fucking mouth! Who do you think you are? Talking as if I have to follow your orders!

Jun: So that's your eyes when you are the Devil.

Kazuki: Are you trying to provoke me? Even knowing my personality?

Jun: Even a bad boy like you, can be helped if it's necessary.

Kazuki: Aren't you afraid without thinking I could hurt.

Jun: You won't do it if you want to be expelled. (Kazuki was trying not getting angrier) Then listen my advice. If you go to meet your friends, you'll regret it.

Kazuki: (Letting her go) That's my problem, not yours! And I don't need your support!

Jun: If you change your mind. You can come to the Literature club, it's where I am almost all the day.

Kazuki: I leave, I dislike this chat.

Kazuki leaves, Jun seems little worried for him.

Later, at center of the town, Kazuki meets Nagisa.

Nagisa: (Smiling) Oh! Shirogane, It's good you came!

Kazuki: Well, I can't ignore a friend's invitation.

Nagisa: Let's go to that field, I brought a lunch to eat.

Kazuki: Well... I...

Nagisa: It's okey, let's eat and relax.

Kazuki: If you insist.

Kazuki and Nagisa were on a grass field and were eating the lunch.

Kazuki: (Thinking) "I wonder why I accepted a girl's invitation. Maybe it's the situation when a girl confess her love"

Nagisa came close to him. Kazuki seems little nervous.

Nagisa: Shirogane, I have to tell you something. I'm in love.

Kazuki was little blushed to hear that.

Kazuki: Really? Well, this is unexpected for someone like me.

Nagisa: I'm in love with... Ren-kun!

Kazuki was funny frozen to hear that.

Kazuki: Eh?

Nagisa: I'm in love with Ren-kun, and I needed to tell someone. As my dear classmate, I knew you would listen to me.

Kazuki: Then, the meeting was for telling me about your crush.

Nagisa: Yeah but I'm so shy, I can't confessed him. I know you and Ren-kun are close friends. So I wanted you help me to get close to Ren-kun.

Kazuki: (Thinking angry) "You used me, damn it!" (Reality) I see. Then you want I help you to win his heart, knowing he's popular with girls.

Nagisa: Yes! Please Shirogane, you are the only boy who can help me! (Taking his hands)

Kazuki was mad but then smiles a little.

Kazuki: Okey Nagisa. I'll talk to Ren to get a date with him.

Nagisa: (Happy) Really? Thanks, Shirogane!

Later Kazuki was walking but seems angry about the misunderstanding.

Kazuki: Grr! Well I never expected a girl loves me. How could I be so stupid to believe that. Anyway I have another meeting with Hinata.

At the center of the town, Kazuki meets Hinata.

Hinata: (Giving him a slap on his back) Hey, Kazuki!

Kazuki: (Enduring that) Hey, Hinata.

Hinata: (Taking his arms) Then, let's go to some stores!

Kazuki: (Being pulled) Hey!

They went to different stores, then they entered to a cafe. They were eating some desserts.

Kazuki: (Thinking) "It's strange Hinata invites me to go with her. Could it another moment when a girl confess?"

Hinata came close to him. Kazuki seems little nervous.

Hinata: Kazuki, I have to tell you something. I'm in love.

Kazuki was little blushed to hear that.

Kazuki: Really? Well, this is unexpected for someone like me.

Hinata: I'm in love with... Ren-kun!

Kazuki was funny frozen to hear that.

Kazuki: Eh? Again?

Hinata: I'm in love with Ren-kun, and I needed to tell someone. As my childhood friend, I knew you would listen to me.

Kazuki: Then,you wanted to tell me about your crush.

Hinata: Yeah but I'm so shy, I can't confessed him. I know you and Ren-kun are close friends. So I wanted you help me to get close to Ren-kun.

Kazuki: (Thinking angry) "You used me, and why are you saying the same dialogue like Nagisa? Damn it!" (Reality) I see. Then you want I help you to win his heart, knowing he's popular with girls. (Thinking) "Why am I saying the same dialogue?"

Hinata: Yes! Please Kazuki, you are the only boy who can help me! (Taking his hands)

Kazuki was mad but then smiles a little.

Kazuki: Okey Hinata. I'll talk to Ren to get a date with him.

Hinata: (Happy) Really? Thanks, Kazuki!

Later Kazuki was walking but seems angry about the misunderstanding.

Kazuki: Grr! Another misunderstanding, those two played me! I'm stupider. I won't fall for a pretty face.

Kazuki was walking but then another gang was in his way.

Punk: He! The White Devil. Let's see how dangerous you are. Get him, guys!

The gang went to him.

Kazuki: Thanks to coming. I had a hard time and I need to retaliate!

After that, the gang was defeated. Many members were injured on the floor.

Kazuki arrived to his home, he was dirty because of the fight. He walked a little and suddenly he hit the wall very hard, nearly to break.

Kazuki: Shit, shit, shit. SHIT! I won't trust anyone, even with my acquaintances.

At next day, Kazuki was heading to school. He was upset about before.

Kazuki: This is how a boy is being rejected.

Then Hinata appeared and hit on his back.

Hinata: Good morning, Kazuki.

Kazuki just turned around and smile a little.

Kazuki: Good morning, Hinata. (Thinking angry) "That hurt, stupid bitch!"

Hinata: Thanks for listen my request. I hope you can help me today.

Kazuki: Sure.

Hinata: Yeah! Thanks, Kazuki, my childhood friend! (Noticing a girl group) I have to meet my group, see you in class!

Hinata went with that group, leaving Kazuki.

Kazuki: Okey.

When Kazuki was alone, he became angry again. He saw a garbage can and kicked in fury. It flew and crushed with others garbage cans. Other students were scared to see him in that mood.

At the entrance of school, Kazuki went to his locker. There was Nagisa.

Nagisa: Good morning, Shirogane.

Kazuki: Good morning, Nagisa. (Thinking angry) "There you are, smart bitch!"

Nagisa: I'm glad you heard my request. I hope your help today.

Kazuki: Sure.

Nagisa: Okey, I'll see you in school council.

Nagisa leaves. Kazuki was smiling but then got Angry. He punched his locker very angry.

In break time; Kazuki was talking with Ren.

Ren: So Kazuki, do you have plan for Saturday?

Kazuki: Saturday? Let's see...

He noticed Hinata's presence, she was hidden.

Kazuki: (Thinking angry) "Why do I have to do it myself"

He stands up and went to Hinata, bringing her to Ren.

Hinata: What are you doing, Kazuki?

Kazuki: Just come. (To Ren) And about Saturday, what about cinema?

Ren: Good idea, let's go. There's a good movie.

Kazuki: Oh! Sorry, I'll be busy Saturday, then you can go with Hinata.

Hinata: (Blushed) Eh? Me?

Ren: Are you sure, Kazuki? You two seem so close, I don't know if it's right.

Hinata: What? No way! We are just childhood friends. Right, Kazuki?

Kazuki: That's right! (Thinking angry) "It's better we got separate, damn!"

Ren: Well, then it's okey. We can go to cinema this Saturday, Matsubara.

Hinata: (Happy) Yeah!

Later, Kazuki and Ren were carrying some boxes.

Ren: I wonder what would be in cafeteria for lunch?

Kazuki: Yeah, I'm hungry.

Then they notice Nagisa was in their way. She was carrying a lunch.

Kazuki: (Thinking angry) "Why you just stand in front of us? Just say something!"

He put down the boxes and went to Nagisa, bringing her to Ren. Then picked up the boxes along with Ren's.

Nagisa: What are you doing, Shirogane?

Kazuki: Just come. (To Ren) And about the lunch? Wow! Nagisa has a good lunch!

Ren: Yeah, it looks delicious.

Kazuki: Well, why you two share her lunch, I'll deliver all the boxes to the storage.

Nagisa: (Blushed) Eh? My lunch with him?

Ren: Are you sure, Kazuki? I thought she'll share her lunch with you.

Nagisa: What? Hehehe! Are you kidding? We are just classmates. Right, Shirogane?

Kazuki: That's right! (Thinking angry) "I'm not in mood to eat with you, damn!"

Ren: Well, then it's okey. Let's eat in the garden, Mizukami.

Nagisa: (Happy) Yeah!

After school, Kazuki was walking in cold mood after helping Hinata and Nagisa.

Kazuki: (In his state) Why I couldn't reject those jerks's request?

Later, Akari and her group noticed his presence.

Akari: Good morning, Shirogane-kun...

Kazuki: (With his head tilted) Shut up, idiot!

He ignored her very cold. Akari was surprised to hear that.

School girl 1: How dare to insult our princess?

School girl 2: Akari-sama, you shouldn't get involved with that mobster. Your tittle as princess would be in risk!

Akari: What happen to him?

In break time, Kazuki was walking alone, some students were afraid to see him.

Student 1: The White Devil! Kazuki Shirogane!

Student 2: I heard he fought with another gang and beat them.

Student 3: Why the principal accepted this dangerous boy?

Kazuki was with cold mood but then he arrived to that club room. It was the Literature club. He entered and saw Jun sat and was reading a book in the desk.

Jun: So you arrived, Shirogane-san.

Kazuki: Where's the other members?

Jun: I'm the only member in this club.

Kazuki: It was a mistake to come here.

Jun: Really? A guy being indirectly rejected by two girls.

Kazuki: Damn it! How the hell you know that?

Jun: It's my talent, he! (Removing her glasses, showing pretty eyes) Don't you think, Shirogane-san?

Kazuki: What's the point to come here?

Jun: You told to your friends to help them to love Nagayama-san. Despite being rejected indirectly.

Kazuki: It's not your business! I'm a bad guy, I can't love, neither be loved by anyone. Even my classmate or childhood friend!

Jun: Also you were cold to ignore Himekawa-senpai. You still treats her different than Matsubara-san and Mizukami-san, which you call those two by their first names.

Kazuki: I have my reasons. I must confront them, even in pain.

Jun: So that's why you confront gangs in the street? To feel pain?

Kazuki: So?

Jun: So are you a masochist?

Kazuki: What do you care! Four eyes!

Jun: What do you think if I can help you with your problem?

Kazuki: He! You? A nerd can help a mobster like me?

Jun: Or you prefer being called a devil?

Kazuki: That's what I was called by the streets. (He imagined a little girl crying, the same from his memory) Why she still in my mind?! (Putting his hand on his forehead) I'm a mobster to forget than I was a good guy!

It's imagined a kid Kazuki in front of the other kids who bullied him in the past. He was dirty and injured, with rage eyes. He beat all the kids leaving them on the ground very injured and some of them crying.

Kazuki: This is what I am now!

Jun: You have a problem in your mind. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Anything can be solved.

Kazuki: Then? What's the deal?

Jun: Deal?

Kazuki: In this life, nothing is free. If you want something, you should give something in exchange.

Jun: Hmm! Let's see. (Wearing her glasses) If you join this club, I'll help you. No matter how difficult will be, I'll help you.

Kazuki: Will you help me?

Jun: (Smiling) I told you, even a devil like you, has good in his heart.

This was the beginning, see ya in next episode.