A 17-year-old sat at her expensive vanity, brushing her long, pink hair. She stared at the mirror, admiring herself with a grin. She really was gorgeous. She pulled her hair into an elegant braid as she looked in the mirror. She picked up her makeup, deciding to go for a natural look today. Not that she needed to, but nothing wrong with having fun with makeup. It was all for herself after all.

Today was nothing special. It was the same as any other day, boring and uneventful. Get ready for school, hang out with her friends, possibly get invited to another "wild" party. She never went to those parties after the first few times. They all resulted in being boring and lame. It might've been the people throwing them, but she didn't care. She stopped going after those first few times.

She made her way downstairs and sat at the island of her kitchen, wondering what the cook made to eat. It was a different meal every single time. Every single one, the teenager enjoyed greatly. A plate was set in front of her almost immediately, the servant offering a smile before leaving. She smiles back before he goes.

She started on her meal as her mom walked in, her dad following after. Her mom stood in front of her, clutching a letter, looking angry. The teenager worried her mom was angry at her before the woman tore the letter into pieces and shouted just as angrily, "That ungrateful brat!" The teenager felt immense relief. So, it wasn't about her. It was about who wrote the letter. Though, it wasn't hard figuring out who that was.

Rosa Briar. The bitch of the Briar family. She always had to make their parents unhappy and make them argue like this. It was tiring to watch and draining to listen to. Rosa seemed to enjoy it for some reason. It was sickening.

"This wouldn't have happened if you weren't so soft with her!" Her mom growled harshly, turning to glare at her dad.

"Me?" The dad matched his wife's intense glare. Their hatred for each other was nearly suffocating. "If you weren't so harsh and cruel, she wouldn't have left." He shouted back. The girl watched her mom bark a laugh. The two went back and forth.

"Morning…" The girl's too quiet greeting was lost among the shouting. She sighed and finished her breakfast. She took an apple and left her home. Stupid Rosa. She always ruined everything. Why did their parents still bother with her?

Later that day, the teenager rested with her two friends on a soft blanket laid out on lush, green grass. The tree beside them provided nice, cool shade against the hot, bothersome sun. It won't be long until summer comes in full swing.

They all ate, chatting about their days. "All they do is argue, anymore." The teenager told her friends once the two had finished talking about their own day. "And now Rosa's gone. Ugh, it's always about her and she made it even worse. What's wrong with her?" The girl complained.

She didn't understand why her sister hated their parents so much and had to make their lives such hell. After all they've done for her, this is what she does. Up and leave without a proper goodbye. What a bitch.

"I don't know, Lily… I've talked with your sister before. Your parents don't seem like good people from what she's said." Lily's blonde friend, Ciara, said.

"That's because Rosa hates my parents! They give her everything and she's a total bitch to them." Lily glared at the ground. Ciara placed a hand on her shoulder. Lily sighed.

"Some people be like that sometimes." The redhead of the group, Amelia, shrugged. "It's hella annoying, but you just gotta deal with it."

"Whatever, I'm so over it. Anyway, we should hang-" A whistle interrupted Lily. She looked over with a scowl. Her friends snap their gazes toward the fence that kept everyone, but the staff and students out.

It was that punk and his friend again. Lily didn't like those low-lives. At all. They can go fuck themselves for all she cared.

"Yo, Amelia, get that ass over here!" One of them exclaimed. Amelia flicked him off, grinning. The other person snickered as the guy that shouted, Ethan, grinned back at Amelia.

"Ugh, why do you even hang out-?" Lily started, but cut herself off when Ciara stood and walked toward the two low-lives. Amelia and Lily share a glance.

"That girl's gonna get her heart broken. Watch." Amelia said, but it was nothing Lily didn't already know.. Amelia might hang out with those punks, but she would never date one of them. Smart choice. Ciara, on the other hand…

Ciara's significant other, Esmeray, or Es as preferred, was cute enough. They were a dark elf with eyes that screamed changeling. They had muscles, real ones, that Lily knew Ciara dreamed about. Freckles littered their face, making them extra cute.

Lily guessed their personality was okay. Ciara's partner seemed more decent than Ethan at least. She guessed working on a farm wasn't too bad, either. There were definitely worse jobs out there.

Unfortunately, that didn't change that Es hung out with Ethan and his other punk friends.

The two girls stand as Ciara reached Es. The fence didn't stop them from holding hands or kissing. They looked cute. Lily wasn't completely sure of Es, but Ciara seemed happier since dating them. Her friends' happiness was all that mattered to Lily.

Lily and Amelia reach Ethan, the three giving the couple space to do their own thing. Lily crossed her arms. "What do you guys want?" Amelia asked, raising an eyebrow. Es might be decent, but Ethan? Not so much. Not at all, actually.

"Other than Es getting some sugar from Blondie?" The three glance over at the couple. The two were happily talking now, an undeniable glow in their eyes. "There's a good party tonight. Thought to invite you. You can bring your friend, too." Ethan nodded toward Lily.

"No way. People always say they're going to be good and it always turns out to be so lame." Lily pointed out, frowning. Ethan tsked, but Amelia started giggling. Lily looked at her with a scowl. "What?"

Amelia shook her head. "You've really been missing out. Well, that's my bad, but I'm going to fix it now." Lily frowned more. "You wanted to hang out with us, right? Go to the party with us. It'll be hella awesome this time." Amelia promised, grabbing Lily's hand.

Amelia tugged at Lily's hand after a moment of silence. Lily eventually gave in. "Okay. I'll go." Amelia cheered before the warning bell rang. Amelia and Lily say their goodbyes to Ethan and Es and drag their friend back inside.