I'll do the dirty work -it chapter 2 By BigKidatHeart

Plot: another spoof of the my little pony song 'I'll do the dirty work" revolving around me (BK) trying to convince my fanfiction alter ego WyldClaw (WC) and vice verse to see it: Chapter 2 before it' opened in September. Italics Mean extra lines and xxx separate them verses. enjoy


WC: pally 're looking pale

You don't look like your best

you need chicken noodle soup and ginger all

I think you need to take a rest.

Bk: what about all the stuff we have to do? You're not gonna do solo are you?


WC; Pish posh.. what else am I here for?

Don't you worry.. don't you worry

I'll do the dirty work

I'll deal with all the dirty work

You rest up. Here , have some hot noodle soup to take out that flu

don't you fret I don't want you to oversweat

All you have to do is .. go with Chrissy to see it chapter 2


BK: (spits the soup all over WC who wipes it off in disgust) : It chapter 2 ? Me? Are you mad ? ( WC shrugs her shoulders and waves two fingers an inch apart) .. greeeat

WC: Why not? I'll be doing everything else...you' don';t look THAT sick!


BK (gets an idea) : You're right...in fact,, the Soup seems to working super fast


Buddy dear, I just had a flash

I still owe you a Birthday gift or two

in May I didn't have any cash

But this is how I'll make it up to you!


I'll do the dirty work

I'll deal with all the dirty work

Marvin, Chrissy Ian Naomi: *like cleaning that gross computer screen ? And your gross backpack too ? (BK nervously laughs)

BK: I'll be working double time

Scrubbing the kitchen Of it's ... grime

Marvin, Chrissy Ian Naomi Ross : baloney!

BK: All you have to do is .. go with Chrissy to see IT chapter 2


WC ( face goes pale) : IT chapter 2?me ( gags)

BK:happy belated birthday!


WC : gee you're ever so thoughtful and kind . Let's divide the list

BK: Really it's no biggie, I don't mind!

However if you truly -

WC: I totally insist!


WC & BK: We'll both do the dirty work

We'll both do the dirty work

BK: we each should do ours share

WC: then It's only fair


WC: I'll take out the stinky trash . yeuch

BK: I'll get rid of the old gunk

WC: I'll get... that part of the teaser ! ( shudders) Just my luck, the blasted stop button's stuck! Yuck, yuck!

BK: I'll-

moe, Ian, Chrissy, Ross, nikita, : actually clean your room and computer case of of all the disgusting grime ? (BK chuckles nervously )


WC and BK: Sharing dirty work among us does the job in half the time!

You see it's better when we work together


BK: I'll do the dirty work

WC: no I'll handle the dirty work

BK And WC: No need to fight fret or pout till we're blue

BK: I'll do the dirty work!

WC: I'll happily do the dirty work!

So long as some girl else

BK: So long as some girl else

WC & BK: So long as some goes with Chrissy to see IT: Chapter 2

Chrissy : Oh BK, WC... wanna go see a .. new film about ..a ... clown?

(WC and Bk gulp)

WC: uhhh we'd love to (BK fake coughs "hell no" under her breath). we've been asked to . work the night shift at work tonigbt and they need us.. now . so bye (They scamper away )

Chrissy: Wait a minute! their job closes at seven .. there's no night shift ... . COWARDS!