So many thoughts running through my mind
Don't know which of them to heed
To be or not to be?
This is the answer that you need

A part of me is so into this
seemingly nothing can go askew
But the thought creeps into my head…
what if I accidentally fall for you?

A girl like me is not easy
a girl like me does not fall
A girl like me cannot be tamed
but a girl like me could drop the ball

And what if I do drop the ball?
Would you forever go away?
The thought I think that scares me more
Is the thought that you might stay

I know you said you wouldn't stay
You have no intentions to want more
But the heart often wants what it wants
What if your heart wants to open this door?

My heart is cold and black in my chest
My book has not written that page
I do not want to hurt you
My heart feels safer in its cage

I know we are not discussing this
our talks are purely of desire
to meet a need of honesty
to stoke the coals and start the fire

My eyes will tell a story
Of uncertainty and fear
My heart knows that I'm safe with you
My mind knows that you are here.

Your smile shines with reassurance
your eyes whisper that you care
I trust that you will keep me safe
Please don't hurt me, don't you dare