Panic Attacks

It's dark and quiet in this room
but in my head is madness
I feel my reality slipping fast
as I am forced to give in to weakness

Weakness comes a lot these days
My anxiety ever increasing
Sometimes I just cannot breathe
It is a truly scary feeling

Feeling my breath quicken too fast now
my hands begin to shake
My heart beats with the speed of light
I don't know how much more I can take

Take the time to try to breathe
but the tears are flowing freely now
Can't bring myself to calm down
Curled into a ball on the ground

Ground pressing into my body
It seems to last for far too long
The clock reveals only minutes
I am certain it must be wrong

Wrong for me to give in
to the weakness that binds me
Struggling to breathe for air
Can't find the will to break free

Free I cannot be from the chains
of anxiety holding me down
Pushing me to lose myself
Forcing me to drown

Drown in my sadness
my panic, self-hatred, sorrow
Knowing it is never over
But that there's always a new tomorrow

Tomorrow is a new day
so for now I turn out the light
Try to get some sleep at last
the storm is over for tonight.