Chapter 13: How Rainbow grew a willow tree.

"There it is!" Sunny exclaimed as Rainbow took Sunny over to the willow stump, then he let her off on the grass and tried to think how he could to heal his feeding tree.

"You know this used to be a big orchard," Melissa started to explain as Felix sniffed around the park, then she pointed to the fork in the road in front of her house and explained, "that was just a farm road, then they built this up, at least that's what the old photographs show."

"Really," Randy looked at the tiny plot of land that he was standing on and couldn't imagine it being anything besides a small park and told Melissa, "I guess having a dad as a photographer is pretty interesting."

"Hmm?" Melissa started to answer Randy while she watched Rainbow dig a hole in front of the willow stump, "It's good to learn about wherever you are."

"Hmhmm," Randy started to watch Rainbow as he poked his colorful horn into the ground and thought, 'I wonder what he's doing.'

Then the ground started to shake like an earthquake in this stillness and tried to explain to himself, 'He's somehow getting worms to fertilize the ground…'

After the ground stopped shaking, Randy looked around and noticed that things were starting to move about an inch a minute, he looked up and felt like he was watching a slow motion video of flying birds at night, then he realized how rapidly the clouds must be changing color and nervously asked, "Are you sure this is going to-"

"Look!" Sunny exclaimed as shoots were rapidly growing through the ground, "Look, Rainbow grew the tree!"

Randy watched willow shoots grow up from the stump and branch out like a time-lapse video, then he noticed that more were even more poking up out of the ground.

"There's some shoots!" Sunny watched the tree grow larger before her eyes, it seemed like every time that she would blink, more branches appeared from all over and around the stump, and the best part was that some even had leaves and young flower blossoms.

"What are we going to do with all these." Mellissa felt a little overwhelmed, as dozens of small trees grew all around the willow stump, and even one that was as tall as her and as thick as her ankle!

Randy started to smile and announced, "Now we just need a shovel to dig one up and take it to your garden."

"Yeah," Sunny smiled at Rainbow, "then you'll never run out of food!"

"Oh! Don't worry," Melissa smiled obliviously as she said, "Rainbow will dig 'em up!"

"Hey!" Sunny exclaimed as she watched a few spider-kittens help Rainbow dig up one of the young willow trees by scratching at the roots and spinning a rope from his horn, "The spider cats are helping us. It's a good thing they came, huh?"

"Yes," Melissa smiled as the kittens wove webs around the base of the tree and watched them help Rainbow lift it up onto his back, then watched as they tied it to his blanket.


She almost lost her breath when she noticed that the car that had been in front of them was now halfway across the bridge and announced, "Now, let us get back before the mermaids spell COMPLETELY wears off."

"The cars are starting to move reeaally slowly." Randy said as he watched Mellissa run to her house, then he looked up at the birds and added, "There wings are moving really fast, but, it's still in slow motion."

"Yeah, but everything's starting to get faster by the moment!" Sunny exclaimed as she and Rainbow walked through vehicles that were cruising at the rate of millimeters per second!

*Taptap Taptap, Taptap* Rainbow and Sunny followed Mellissa up the porch stairs.

'I was just going in to open the car gate… But,' Mellissa thought as she opened her porch door, then held the door open for them and smiled, 'now he will have food and everything is alright.'

She tried to give Rainbow an angry look and comedically asked, "Who do you think you are? Mr. Ted?"

"See!" Sunny hugged Rainbow after she caught her breath, "You really do heal things!"

Randy walked through the door with Felix, then looked through the screen window and watched cars gain speed and people slowly walk out of the store.

Melissa started to lead Rainbow into the living room. Randy read the sign that she kept on her door,

"Protected by Angels" and he read the small print, "there are many still inside, giving freely to those in need, please don't make a mess or they might act as though haunted and scare you away, but then again, they seam to pick up the place anyways. HAHAHAHAHAHA"

'I didn't even know she liked silly signs…' Randy thought as he smiled and asked Mellissa, "Does anyone really come by? You said you don't have many visitors."

"Well, kids come on the porch," Mellissa started to explain as Rainbow, Felix and Sunny looked around the living room, "and I often leave things in the cooler for them, and they often leave a quarter or two, it's quite pleasant." then she pointed out at a cooler in the porch that had a, "TAKE ONE LEAVE ONE" sign and explained, "There's even a geocache set up in the mill, and people seem to take care of it when I'm away."

"Hmm," Randy smiled at Missy's reflection in the window and remembered how felt, 'I thought you didn't want anyone here…' then he turned and noticed a photograph of his dragonfly.

Suddenly a strange feeling came over him, and he didn't know how he should feel, 'Regret that I never..? Or... Should I be happy?'


Rainbow's large body knocked down a shelf that hung between the kitchen and living room.

"What was that?" Sunny rushed toward where the sound was coming from.

"Oh dear," Mellissa sighed as she hurried back into the kitchen to check on Rainbow, then laughed because now, no matter what, everything was going to be alright and exclaimed. "Mr. Rainbow's horn is a bit too big for this interior designers plans!"


This is the end of Aunt Missy's strange garden. Look for us next in Aunt Missy's Strange Neighbors.