Before we begin, as stated in the summary, this story stars a Nonbinary character, Grayson. Hence, they/them pronouns. This is a message to everyone who's reading this story, RESPECT PEOPLE AND THEIR PRONOUNS. That is a threat. Enjoy the story, and have a nice day!

"I've got that feeling again," Grayson Price muttered, glancing anxiously around the street. They were walking home from school, and the autumn wind was cutting through their thin jacket.

"What feeling?" Asked their best friend, Fiona Raine. She was walking beside him, throwing up a pencil and catching it.

"You know what feeling. You know, like that time at Sandy's Diner?" They said, mumbling at the last two words.

"I thought we didn't talk about that time," Fiona teased, still flipping the yellow writing utensil.

"We don't!" Grayson snapped, their ears turning bright pink. their skin was so pale that any sign of a blush was instantly and easily detectable. They, like Fiona, had curly hair, but theirs was light brown, cut in a pixie style, and well tamed. Their eyes were small, a watery hazel, and made smaller by their wire rimmed glasses. Fiona on the other hand had beautiful, brown, doe eyes. Their skin was freckly, acne ridden, and white as paper. Hers was light brown, and perfectly unblemished. She was insanely gorgeous, and Grayson couldn't help but stare.

"Helloooooo? Earth to Grayson," Fiona said, snapping in front of their nose. They realized that in their stupor, they'd randomly stopped in the middle of the sidewalk.

"Huh? Oh! Sorry," They jumped, startled out of their stupor.

"So, you were talking about a feeling," Fiona prompted, gently shoving Grayson forward to continue their walk home.

Grayson cleared their throat and began, "You know, remember the Diner incident? I said that I felt like something bad was going to happen. And a few minutes later…" Grayson trailed off, embarrassed.

Fiona smirked, "Of course I remember. You made me vow never to speak about it again."

Grayson turned even redder, "Anyway, I haven't gotten that feeling ever since," They said.

"And you're freaked out because you're getting it now," She finished.

"Yeah," They said, staring at the sidewalk, as they walked.

Fiona put her arm around them, "Gray, this is nothing you should be worried about. It's just your anxiety talking," She consoled.

Grayson bristled at that, snapping their gaze up to meet Fiona's eyes, "No, I swear it isn't. Please Fiona, you have to listen to me. Something bad is going to happen. You have to believe me," They begged.

"Gray-" She began, forehead creasing with worry.

"Please, just let me walk you to your house," They pleaded.

"Gray, you can't! You know how my parents are," She said.

Grayson frowned. Fiona's parents were quite homophobic, and never took kindly to her choice in friends. That was probably why a girl like her gave Gray the time of day. She was never one for following the rules.

"Please," Gray begged.

"I'm capable of taking care of myself, Gray. I don't need you to protect me," She said, and Grayson knew that the conversation was over.

"Fine. Just promise me you'll be careful," Gray said, against their better judgement.

Fiona looked like she was going to protest, but after seeing the look on Grayson's face, she conceded, "I promise. I'll call you at 5, okay?"

They nodded, "Okay,"

The two walked as far as they could together before they had to separate at their adjacent streets.

"See you tomorrow, Gray!" Fiona said.

"Yeah… See you," They said, still unable to shake the fact that they were making a terrible mistake.

As Grayson walked to their own house, the bad feeling only got worse. They just couldn't shake the thought that Fiona was in danger. When they got home, they ignored their homework and headed up to their room. With nothing interesting to do until Fiona's call at five, Grayson decided to take a nap.

Gray's Mom always gave them a hard time for doing that, she said that their sleep schedule would never be normal. To that Grayson Price always responded, "Mom. I can assure you that nothing about me is normal."

Gray took off their binder and flopped onto their bed. Along with the feeling of dread, they also had a nasty headache.

It didn't take long for them to drift into sleep, but once they did, they regretted it. Grayson's dreams didn't make much sense, but they were horrifying nonetheless. They floated through a vortex of nonsensical whispers, demonic laughs, and terrified screams. They got flashes of images, undetectable at first, but they slowly morphed into a clear image of Fiona. She collapsed on her bedroom floor, and she was bleeding from a wound in her stomach. Her eyes opened a crack, and she managed to lift her arm and croak, "Gray… Help… me…" Before slumping back on the ground.

Gray woke in sheer terror, their body drenched in sweat. God, the visions felt so real. They shuddered as they looked outside of their window. It was raining.

Slowly, they managed to calm down, get up, and put their binder back on. What kind of messed up dream was that? They thought as they picked up their cell phone on the nightstand. Gray picked it up to see if they slept through Fiona's call.

They froze.

It was 5:30, and Fiona never called. It was 5:30, and Fiona was in trouble.

Grayson tore through their house, and practically ripped the front door off its hinges. Their Mom called after them, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going, it's almost dinner!"

"Fiona's" They managed, as they slammed the door behind them and ran out into the rain.

Gray tried to hold back tears as they ran. They knew something bad was going to happen, and they let Fiona go anyway. They were going to lose her, and it was all their fault.

"FIONA!" They screamed, sobbing as they ran.

It didn't take long to get to her house. It was yellow, as it always was in Gray's memories. The ones before Grayson came out as nonbinary.

The door was open, which only fed into their dread. As they tore through the foyer, they noticed that no one was there. That was weird, because Fiona's Mom was always home.

There was no time to think about that, as Gray practically broke their neck to sprint up the stairs and into Fiona's room. In there was the most horrifying thing that they could possibly imagine.

The sight of it would change Grayson Price forever.

"Oh my god!"

"Hello, Gray. It's about time that we met."

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