After the Dream-time, during which a land was carved out by the harsh rays of the sun. The land scorched by the heat and humidity, barely a living thing could survive in these unforgiving climates. The scorched land cursed as soon as it came into being. Thus, the name:


In the land Down-Under, there are many different species and races. Some were here from the very beginning. These included:

The seven tribes of Illabour: Who were extremely skilled in combat and excelled in hunting;

the seven tribes of Edulid: Who had powers over the elements and who's alchemy rivaled the skills of New World medicines;

and the seven tribes of Featherfoot: Who had a special kind of magic that associated with the spiritual plane and natural healing abilities.

These tribes were always wary of each other because of their differences, and so stayed clear of one another.

This was not to stay peaceful, however. As land and resources became less and less, the tribes became frustrated and started to blame each other.

Before long, a war erupted and the land they all claimed to love so much, drowned in their hateful, greedy blood.

The war raged on for years, creating a rift wider between the tribes than there ever was.

The creatures of this land; the Yowie, the Bunyip, the Muldjewangk and Eer-Moonan, stayed hidden after some of their kin perished in the early stages of the war.

Older than all these other creatures, was the great Rock Guru, Uluru. He sat amongst the warring tribes, silently watching.

25 years passed, and the war continued on.

Eventually, a man from on of the Featherfoot tribes, fed up and heart-broken over the continued fighting, went searching for a creature that would be able to finally put an end to all that.

He searched for months until he finally found the creature. He called out to Uluru, who grudgingly responded to this tiny, Featherfoot man.

The Featherfoot man, knowing about the Rock Guru's story, made his request. Uluru could not reject any request, but the request always came with a price. The man begged the creature to stop the war. Pleaded with him to make the fighting all stop.

Uluru granted the Featherfoot man's request, and the man went back to see if the request had been granted.

When he returned, he was greeted by blood. Two of the Edulid tribes and all but a small group of one the Featherfoot tribes had been massacred by the Illabour tribes.

The Featherfoot man cried out his anguish, cursing the Rock Guru for what had happened, as well as vowing his revenge on the Illabour tribes.

The war stopped and the land replenished.

Three quarters of a century passed. With it, brought a new threat. Convict ships came from distant lands and strange new beings started to claim the land. All the tribes were once again fighting for their lives as these strange beings, Humans, ransacked village after village, taking and killing what they wanted. Once they had established stable footing on the land, things quietened down. Or so they thought.

That is where the story begins.