Throughout the academic school year, the Career Services department at Long Island Business Institute coordinates and provides services that contribute to career guidance, current job search strategies and professional development workshops. Some of the services offered include one-on-one career counseling, individual portfolio preparation, mock interviews, professional development workshops and networking events.

The Career Services department at LIBI works with the following goals:

- Empowering students to develop the confidence to plan their future

- Providing general information, support, and individual career counseling

- Fostering relationships with local businesses

- Guiding students toward internship and employment opportunities

The Career Services Department provides career counseling to the students and alumni of Long Island Business Institute. Career advisors also help prepare students to be comfortable and confident in the career planning and job search process. By empowering students and graduates to discover their unique talents, gifts and skills, it enhances their ability to be successful academically and professionally.

At LIBI, you get hands-on training in your chosen career pathway as well as professional development seminars that see you developing in key areas, such as in interviewing techniques and resume and cover letter preparation. Feel free to visit wwwdotlibidotedu for more information.

About Long Island Business Institute

Long Island Business Institute recognizes that getting the right skill-set is only one part of the picture, and that is why, they don't just want to see you trained — they want to see you land a job! The institute has been accredited by the National Court Reporters Association and the New York State Board of Regents and Commissioner of Education. Check out their website wwwdotlibidotedu for more information.

For immediate questions, dial 888-769-5424.