Chapter 7: Transformation

"Ellie" whispered an unknown voice. "Ellie." It was approaching. I tried to hide from the voice, but it was dark everywhere. I didn't know where the voice came from. It was getting closer and stronger. The urgency in the voice chilled me. "Ellie," he said again, and this time so close that I felt I could touch him.

The last time he whispered my name I woke up, all sweaty. I looked around the room in a panic, but there was just me and Linda. The room was stuffy. I could feel the presence of someone else, the voice was so real and palpable. I shuddered again and got up, I couldn't stand lying idle any longer.

I headed out into the bathroom and took a long, hot shower to calm myself down and wash away the feeling.

I started to feel sick from the hot shower so I got out to dry myself. Suddenly, I was struck by a pain I could not have imagined before. It felt like every bone was breaking in my body. Every tendon and every muscle tensed and contracted, and I felt my bowels on fire. I arched at the waist and retched on the floor. I couldn't control myself. My knees buckled and I landed hard on the ground, where I remained lying exhausted.

My head was wobbling and it made me sick again. I tried to sit up but I couldn't control my hands and legs properly. I felt so cold that my teeth were chattering, while my skin was burning. I didn't really see anything. In the end, I couldn't stand it anymore and lost consciousness.

I woke up very slowly and reluctantly. I still hurt but I was able to control myself. I moved my hand, then my leg and finally I sat down. Someone brought me back to my bed.

I opened my eyes but immediately closed them again. Something was strange. Different. Wrong. This is not how things should look like.

"You'll have to look someday." Linda's voice sounded bored.

"What happened?" I asked instead, closing my eyes even more.

"What do you mean? You've gone through a grave. Did you think you were going to keep the human body? "I heard her shift. "You haven't been unconscious for too long. Point for you."

I heard her moving again, this time, it appeared, going to the door. "You should hurry, otherwise you won't make it for breakfast. And believe me, you want to make it. "

I heard the door being shut and then Linda moving away from our room. I had no thought of food. My stomach felt on water, my mouth was sour and I felt hungover. Besides, there were my eyes. I was terrified of having to look again.

I took a deep breath and exhaled.

I slowly opened my eyes and tried not to think much about it. Just look and understand what exactly changed. What shocked me most were the colors. What I had thought was red was no longer simply red. It was an improved colour red. Shades of the colour I have never seen before. It was the slight nuances that made the formerly dull room suddenly having interesting details. Yesterday, I thought the walls were just white, now I could see flowers, elaborate to the smallest detail, meandering across the room, all in the shades of white.

But colors were not the only change. I seemed to be able to focus on much more detail than before. As if I was looking through the lens and just zooming in or out. And last but not least, I saw into the closet. I do not mean into the open cabinet door but through it. I saw piles of clothes, hangers and dust in the back corner of the closet.

I was still wondering but I was getting more comfortable. I got up and started for the closet but immediately crashed into it. I couldn't tell how far it was. After a few trials and mistakes, I finally managed to take my clothes from the closet and put it on. It was half-past eight, half an hour until the meeting with the Council member, mine and Ozzy's patron.

I carefully walked out of the room and tried to look natural while walking but it seemed like a problem. Instead of grabbing the railing, I just grabbed the air, my foot slipped on the first step, and I was already sitting on the floor with my side bumped.

It took me 15 minutes to get into the dining room and I was completely done for. I still couldn't tell how far away things were and I didn't dare go to the food window in fear of spilling something on myself. I slumped down on the chair that stood at the first free table, trying to convince my brain and eyes to start cooperating.

A tray landed in front of me and Ozzy grinned at me. "What is it? You look like you're hungover. Did you sleep at all? "

I was confused, didn't he experienced the same thing as me? "I slept for a while, but then I didn't feel very good."

"Well, if you're not used to drinking, a hangover can be a beating."

"I don't have a hangover."

"Are you sure?" He raised his eyebrows and slid a tray of toasts closer to me. "You look pale. You should eat something. "

I didn't argue. I had no idea if I had just reacted badly to the change, or he hadnĀ“t had the same experience. Should I ask him? Or not? I chewed the toast slowly and gently swallowed, not wanting to vomit again.

"You slept well? All night?" I ask him finally.

"Yeah," he muttered with his mouth full. "Why not?"

"Do you feel any changes?" I lowered my eyes not to look too eager. I examined the structure of the toast and tried to ignore my stomach.

"I'm okay. I feel great, like never before. I feel like I'm stronger or something. "

I nodded. I felt all sorts of things, but certainly not stronger.

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