I brush my hair in the wardrobe mirror, getting all the knots and tangles out. My mouth curls at the pain and I see a few strands of hair drop out.

I decided to straighten my hair so that I looked a little bit more neat than having the natural wavy in my brown locks.

I needed to look perfect for this interview otherwise I might not get the job. I've never been an assistant before. My previous job was as a receptionist so I guess that's similar.

I take one last look in the mirror, making sure I'm happy with my choice of clothes. I decided to go for a black skirt and white blouse with a black cardigan and some flats. Professional but simple.

My hair was down and straight and I only had a touch of mascara on.

I look at the time, seeing it's coming up to 8:30. My interview was at 9 and so I needed to start making a move if I wanted to get there on time.

I place my resume in my bag and a few other bits and grab my coat. I sigh looking around my apartment, it was a complete mess at the minute and I wasn't looking forward to cleaning it up later.

I shake my head, trying to push that out my thoughts, that's the least of my worries.

I lock my apartment door and make my way to my old car. My old red mini was parked in the corner of the parking lot and I slip in the drivers seat.

I was making my way to Walker Enterprises. I'd seen this building many of times on my way to my previous job and always wondered what it would be like working there. I guess I will find out.

The job I was going for was an assistant job to the CEO. The pay they or he I should say was much higher than my receptionist job, I guess because I would be his personal assistant.

Ted Walker was the CEO. I read a little bit about him and his business. He become a CEO at the age of 24 and has a multi million dollar company.

He works in the field of engineering and technology. I think his business focuses on making bespoke parts for other companies and he also invests in small businesses and takes them on.

It seems a little complicated but interesting at the same time.

When I was reading about Ted Walker, it said that he is a confident guy when it comes to business and he doesn't let others push or sway him.

I wasn't too sure what happened to his other assistant but when I applied for the job I got a quick response.

My eyes soon scan the fall building made from windows all around. I park the car on the side road as I wasn't sure I could park in the car park and I take a deep breath in and out.

Grabbing my things, I step out and make my way into the building, hurrying to get out the cold air.

The inside is lavish and screams money. The floor is black marble and the rails are silver. The desks are mahogany brown with smooth finish and the women behind are neatly dressed with tight buns and suits on.

They have black ear pieces in and clack on their keyboards.

One sees me and holds a finger up, signalling they will be one moment. I daydream, looking around and see many men and woman walking, all dressed very smart and formal.

"Hi there, can I help?" The lady behind the desk catches my attention and I turn to her, a little flustered.

"Oh hi um I have a interview with Mr Walker at 9" I explain and she kids looking at her computer.

"Alright, if you make your way up to the top floor, floor 20 and someone will see you there" she smiles at me and her teeth are bright white which contrasts against her bright red lipstick.

I make my way to the elevator and step inside, tripping over my feet a little. A man already in the elevator smiles and I feel embarrassed and in doing so I blush.

"Hi" he says and I turn to him, looking stiff.

"Hi" I nervously say back.

"I haven't seen you before, you been here before?" He asks and I shake my head.

"No I'm coming for a job interview" I say and he smiles.

"Ah nice what's it for?".

"It's for the assistant job" I say and he nods.

"Ah well good luck, Mr Walker can be a hard man to please" he says and I furrow my brows at him.

"I'm Jake, I work in the engineering department for design" he introduces himself.

He's wearing a grey suit with a white shirt and tie and his short brown hair is slicked back. His brown eyes are dark and he looks freshly shaven.

"Violet" I smile back and the elevator door pings.

"Well this is my stop, I hope the interview goes well, just remember to relax" he smiles and walks out the elevator before it shuts.

I take another deep breath, my nerves getting to me a little and pace on my feet as I wait for the door to reach 20.

It finally reaches level 20 and I'm opened to a bright white level.

The floor is white tiles and the lights are bright.

There's a round desk to one side with some women behind it and they look exactly the same as the ones downstairs with their bright buns and female suits.

I see some men walking and they are chatting about something but not sure what. There's a few sculptures here and there and paintings on the wall.

I walk slowly to the desk as I'm not sure what to do from here.

"Hi, I'm here for an interview for the assistant job" I say and the lady behind the desk smiles and stands up, coming around the desk.

"Great, my names Julie, I'm the head of department for management, follow me, Mr Walker will be with you in a minute" she leads me round the corner and down a small hallway.

Her heels click on the floor as we walk and her walk is very powerful unlike mine which is stumbling and slouching.

The hallway is warm with the lights and the colours have changed from white to auburn and cream.

We reach a large set of doors. The outsides are a dark wood and the long sleek handles are silver.

"Just wait here, he'll be put in the second" she smiles and gives me a small touch on the shoulder before walking back down the hall.

I let the breath I was holding in out and try to relax. Remember, all you need to do is be professional and calm.

Looking around I see another desk but a bit smaller than the one I just went to. The desk is a dark grey and there is a large computer sat o top.

There's a few sets of draws and a printer and what looks like scanner on one side.

The desk is clean and free of dust. I move over and slip into the office chair which is black with wheels and touch the desk with my finger.

It's smooth and polished.

I take my phone out my bag to see the time and it's nearly 9. I see a text from my friend Hannah wishing me good luck and just as I'm about to text back, there's a loud click of the doors opening.

I jump slightly and stand up although I can't see anyone.

"Violet Scott" my name is called and I gulp and walk over to the doors. The door is being held open and I walk inside the lavish office.

The office is huge with windows all on the furthest wall. The office is bright with white lights and the tiles are a light grey.

There's a desk at the end which is much larger than the one outside and has a large computer and some other office bits.

There's a sofa on one side and what looks like a wardrobe as well.

There's a set of chairs in front of the desk with a small table and the other side there are some draws and cupboards.

Everything looks so expensive and lush. I feel like someone from Hollister walking in to Gucci.

The door shuts and I turn around, finally meeting the man who is Ted Walker.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Ted Walker, the CEO of Walker enterprises" he holds his hand out and my hand shakes to shake it back.

"Nice to meet you" I look up and my eyes scan him.

His hair is dark and short but not too short. His eyes are a honey brown and they melt in the light.

His face is freshly shaven and he's wearing a tight suit of a white shirt and a dark grey with a tie.

His pant legs are tight fitting and he's wearing shiny black dress shoes.

He smells of cologne and mint and he's much taller than me.

His soft hand engulfs mine in the shake and I can't help but stare.

"So I believe your here for the assistant job" he says and I nod.

"Yes Sir" I answer and he smiles a little at me.

"Great well come take a seat and I'll be starting the interview in a minute" he walks over to his desk, his stance bold and high.

I walk over slowly to the chairs and slowly sink into one. The comfy leather is nice and I tap by foot to try and get rid of my nerves. I take my coat of realising I still have it on.

He sorts some papers on the desk before sitting in his office chair.

"So first of all, I read for resume and everything on here looks good, you went to college and studied English language, you've had lots of experience in other places as well" his voice is deep and bold.

"Yes" I answer just to get rid of the silence.

"So why do you want this job?" He asks and leans back in his chair.

"Well I needed a new job as my other one wasn't so great and I thought as I had been a rejectionist, I thought that was the closest thing to an assistant" I say and he smirks.

"So as a receptionist did you fulfil duties for someone?" He asks and I gulp not knowing what to say.

"Um just the company really" I answer quietly and he nods writing that down.

"What kind of skills do you think you have for this job?".

"Well I have lots of computer skills, and managing books" I say and he nods.

"So would you say you have an overall view of the job?" He asks and I go blank.

What the hell does that mean?

"Um" I struggle to say and he prompts me.

"You know, do you understand what the job will entail" he says and I brush some hair out the way.

"Yeah, obviously I'd be doing any orders given and managing diaries and paperwork" I try to give him something and he nods silently.

He asks me a few more questions and I try to answer them the best that I can.

For a moment it's silent in the room and he stands up from his chair and moves to the one next to me so we are closer.

"Tell Miss Scott, why do you think I should hire you to be my assistant?" His voice is soft and his long legs are crossed over each other

"Well I think I would be able to make a great assistant and tender to your needs when asked and to help you and your company" I say with confidence even though I'm not sure I have an ounce of confidence left in me.

He stares at me and his lips curl into a soft smile. His hands grip the chair arms and the leather squeezes ever so slightly.

My mouth waters and I swallow the lump in my throat.

"Well that is the interview complete, I'll be looking over your answers and giving you a response later, tomorrow at latest" he says and I nod.

He stands and picks my coat up for me. His tall figure is dominating and he seems like a very powerful man who gets what he wants usually.

"Ok, thank you" I stand and he holds it out for me. I slip my hand in and as it comes out the other end I go to far and touch him. He jumps slightly and my eyes widen.

Turning quickly I look at him a little shocked.

"Oh god I'm sorry" I say in a hurry and he shakes his head smiling softly.

"Don't worry about it" he says and I keep my head down.

Leading me to the doors I follow him and he grabs the door open for me.

"Well I shall have the decision made by the end of the day so look out for an email" he says and I nod.

"Ok thank you Mr Walker" he opens the door and I walk out. I turn to say something by the door is shut, now cutting off my sight from him.

I lean against the wall singing and eventually drop down. Thank god that's over.

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