My thighs rub together as I walk into the elevator. My nerves are killing me, I feel paranoid that someone can tell I have no panties on.

My dress covers my butt well and so I'm sure no one can tell I haven't got any on. I made sure to have a shower this morning and shave down there.

My bikini zone was nice and smooth and I made sure to apply moisturiser to not break out in razor bumps.

I bound my leg up and down, wanting the elevator to go fast and I can run to my desk. I wonder what Ted has in store for me today.

Is he going to touch me down there? Or are we going to have sex! I don't think I could, not now, I'm not ready.

The elevator pings and I was glad that Jake hadn't entered the elevator as I was too wound up with having no panties.

I walk out and speed walk down to my office.

"Hey Violet" I stop in my tracks and see Jake at the desk. Oh no, I just want to get to my desk.

He smiles walking over to me, and I hope he doesn't keep me too long.

"You alright" he asks and I answer quickly.

"Yeah good thanks" I fidget as I hope he would be getting off now.

"Ah great, did you want to have lunch today or if you're busy that's fine" he says and I quickly mumble an answer.

"Uh, I'll think about" I try to walk off but he stops me.

"Ah that's alright, you probably didn't think to find me on your level today" he laughs and I give him a fake laugh.

"Look I'm sorry I have to go, I'll talk later" I say, trying to not be rude and he holds his hands up.

"Oh sure of course, you go, just let me know about later" he calls as I jog off.

"I will" I call back and I safely reach my desk. Sighing, I drop my things on the floor and sit down, trying to catch my breath.

I take deep breaths in and out, calming my nerves and trying to stop my heart from beating so fast.

"Violet" I jump and yell a little as Ted calls my name, making me scared. I turn to see him stood just outside his doors.

"Oh my god, you scared me Sir" I hold my hand on my heart and he chuckles.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to, come here" he nods with his head into his office and I bite my lip, standing up and following him inside.

He shuts the door behind me and takes my hand, leading me to his desk. He slips onto his desk chair and positions me on his desk, lifting me up on his desk.

"Now, did you do as I asked?" he leans back in his chair and I nod shyly.

"Show me" he demands and I slowly open my legs. My heart starts to beat fast again and my legs are now open wide in front of him.

My heels slip of my feet and he smirks looking in between my legs. He grips the side of the desk and rolls forward.

"Mmm, that is pretty" he whispers and he pulls me forward, making me fall backwards so I'm resting back on the desk.

"Do you want me to taste you?" he moans and I nod.

"I didn't hear you" he pipes up.

"Yes" I moan and he leans his head in between my legs and flicks his tongue on my clit. I lean my head back and moan, the pleasure rising up my body.

My body tingles and I shake.

"Oh my god" I moan and he kisses my clit, licking his tongue up and down.

"Oh my god, I- I" I stutter and he continues to kiss me down there. The pleasure become unbearable and I soon release in his mouth and he licks it up.

He leans up and licks his lips, then stands and leans over me, kissing me, letting me taste myself.

"Mmm that really made my morning" he whispers and I breathe harshly, kissing him back.

"That was… amazing" I breathe and he smirks, letting me up from the desk. I slip my shoes on and sort my dress out.

"See, wearing no panties has its advantages" he mutters and I giggle softly.

Over the last couple of weeks, Ted and I have been spending a lot of time together, and what I mean by this is spending a lot of time in his office, kissing and pleasuring.

The other day, he made me pleasure him using my hand and I liked it. Seeing the pleasure from just my hand made me feel a little something inside.

I think I've had lots of sexual experiences during these last few weeks. Ted defiantly knows what he is doing when it comes to pleasuring women. He even said so himself.

It's going to sound stupid but I actually look forward coming to work. I don't want it to seem like I'm only doing this job to be with Ted, I do enjoy the job and even if we weren't doing this, I'd still enjoy it.

This is just a 'benefit' I guess. He makes me feel special as well. He doesn't make me feel like some slut that he just gets what he wants and then drops, he makes sure I'm okay.

He isn't heartless like that. I don't really know what you would call us. I mean we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend; we are employee and boss but also… I don't know.

Sitting at my desk, I tap my pen on the side and watch my computer. Sometimes I over think things and they stress me out.

Why am I over thinking, I shouldn't. No one else knows about us, why do I care so much?

"Violet, could you come here please" he calls me and I get up, walking into his office, my heels clicking.

"What's wrong?" I ask, a little worried.

"Oh nothing, I just wanted to give you these files to look at, I think they need to be uploaded, could you also edit the document for the project designers, it needs to be updated for this year" he hands me some papers and I nod.

"Oh okay, yeah sure" I smile at him.

"Great, but first" he kisses me on the lips and I drop the papers on the floor, bringing my hands up on his shoulders while he cups my face. He makes me walk backwards and I hit his desk.

He lifts me up on his desk and stands in between my legs, holding my hips. We kiss passionately and softly.

He pulls away and his breath tickles my lips. I look up from my lashes and he stares down at me.

"I want you, right now, right here" he whispers and I bite my lip. He shakes his head and pulls my lip from my teeth, with his thumb.

"You know what that does to me, teasing me with those perky lips of yours" he traces my lips with his fingers and I lick them with my tongue.

"Okay" I say and he smiles before kissing me again. He lays me down, softly on the desk and reaches up my dress.

He hooks his fingers into my panties and pulls them down. They fall on my ankles and fall to the floor. He slips my heels off and comes closer between my legs.

He slips his hand in his pocket and pulls a condom out before taking his cock out and slipping it on. Does he just keep a random condom in his pocket all the time?

I breathe hard and he lines it up with mine. He looks at me before entering. I gasp as his cock entering inside me, stretching me open.

He holds me close and starts to go back and forth. It's a little painful and uncomfortable but I start to become use to it and he cups my face, kissing me all the while.

I moan in his lips and he speeds up a little, and I start to feel an orgasm coming on.

"Oh my god, I think I'm gonna-"I moan and he continues.

"Come on, come for me" he moans and in a matter of seconds I do. I release on him and lean my head back in pleasure.

He continues a little more before he releases as well.

We slow done and we are both sweaty and lost for breath.

"How was that?" he whispers and I sit up, trying to catch my breath.

"That…was… good" I say and he smiles. I lean against his chest and he rubs my hair, kissing my forehead. I feel tired and worn out and I just want to fall asleep.

It's nearly 5 o'clock and I'm pretty exhausted from today. I've been waiting for this moment for a while, his endless teases to me and I finally was able to release.

He defiantly wore me out today. It's half 4 and I didn't have much to do. I was hoping the clock would go fast or he could let me go early.

Speaking of Ted, he walks out of his office with his coat on and bag in hand. Where is he going?

"I'm leaving now Violet, I have to go and get my car sorted, do you think you could lock my office when you leave" he says and I nod.

"Sure thing Sir" I say. He comes over and leans down kissing my forehead.

"How you feeling" he asks and I smile.

"I'm great thanks" he rubs my cheek with his thumb before leaving down the hall.

Its 10 minutes until home time so I decide to lock his office. He left a key for me to lock up with and I go to the doors. I need to put some bits back in his office anyway.

Maybe I can get my shoes back, I haven't asked for them back. I turn the lights on and shut the doors and place the papers back in the draws before shutting them.

Scanning the office I see his wardrobe and walk over. I open the wardrobe doors and scan the inside. There's a few suit jackets hung up inside and another coat.

Kneeling on the floor, I look at the bottom of the wardrobe and find a shoe box with my old black shoes.

Wow, I haven't worn these for a month. These bring back old memories.

I notice a few other boxes and I pull them out. I know, I shouldn't be snooping but I'm curious.

I pull a chest out and set it on the floor. Its heavy looks old. I open the chest and my eyes widen at what's inside.

Inside is a pair of shiny handcuffs, some rope tied in bundle and a few sets of what looks like leather cuffs.

My brows furrow in confusion. Why does he have these?

There's another box I pull out and I open the lid. Inside is a long black riding crop and a different item with lots of leather strands.

"What the" I say to myself and I see another box. Do I dare look inside?

Pull that box to me, I open it and gasp at what's inside. There are several rubber toys which look like vibrators or egg shape toys. There is also a few packets of condoms. So this must be where he got it from.

Some have wires coming out of them, others don't. There is also what looks like a dildo and some clamp things that are shiny.

I find another box and inside are a few leather blindfolds and some leather ball gags with red balls and black balls. There is some tape and some pieces of fabric.

What the hell is all this? Why does he have this in here? Why does this mean? I was not expecting to find this.

My fingers touch the leather, it's smooth and I pick up the handcuffs and they dangle from my finger.

I drop them back in the box and I don't know what to make of all this.

"What are you doing?" I gasp turning around quickly, seeing Ted stood at the office doors. Oh shit!

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