the political strategy to various parties and groups. He also participates in the community affairs and makes sure that he establishes a relationship of trust and understanding between the corporation and community. Currently, Jaspal Atwal is leading a retired life and enjoys traveling worldwide including Philippines, Thailand, Kuwait, India, Hong Kong, Russia, Italy, and France.

With the ability to hear and understand the concerns of customers so that they feel more comfortable during the purchase process, Jaspal Atwal formerly served as the salesperson at General Motors. He participates in the development of marketing plans in order to manage the referrals.

Jaspal qualified the buyers by understanding the requirements and interests of the buyer, thus matching the requirements and interests to the various models. He considered it his responsibility to develop the buyers by maintaining the rapport with the previous customers. He worked by suggesting the trade-ins, meeting the prospects at community activities and recommending sales campaigns.

As the former salesperson, Jaspal Atwal attended all the customer complaints in a very friendly and professional manner and worked to resolve the issues as expediently as possible. As an established philanthropist, Jaspal volunteers towards Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon. It provides the best advice on how to reduce the impact of heart diseases and stroke. It involves a regional office highly dedicated towards the prevention and relief of heart disease and stroke in BC and Yukon. Helping it to invest in the life-saving research, Jaspal Atwal contributes towards it.

About Jaspal Atwal

Holding an extensive knowledge of the political activities, Jaspal Atwal serves as an advisor on the political strategies to various parties and groups. He is focused on the current political issues on all the levels. With the solid understanding of the hot button issues from various political viewpoints, Jaspal is adept at working within the local and state guidelines to achieve the results.