I honestly love these two characters for their separate personalities and I needed something to write while I find inspiration for my other stories. So here, have this. Also yes the title is a slight pun.

Miracle Cusson carefully opened the door to her dorm. She had a look around to see how empty it was. Empty except for one thing...

"HEY THERE!" a young man cheered, popping his head and upper torso out from inside of the bathroom. Miracle screeched at the sudden intrusion. The young man went back into the bathroom as Miracle slowly recovered herself from shock.

Miracle headed into the living room. She put her suitcase down on the couch and started to unpack some of the things from her home she thought would look nice in this room. She was about to place a tray of candles on the coffee table when she realized that her roommate had already placed some of their stuff around the place. Miracle could tell certain aspects of what her roommate was like by these objects. She could see a couple of video games on the coffee table as well as a gaming console on the TV stand. She had a look at the games to see they were mostly musical-themed with a couple of sports games. There was also a pair of red headphones on the coffee table. It was obvious this person was into music as well as fitness.

"You like those video games too?" a familiar voice called from behind Miracle. She let out another screech and dropped the games onto the couch. She jolted around to see the young man again, except this time he was much clearer. He had red hair (When I say red hair here, I'm talking about red as in firetrucks and the Canadian flag not red hair as in what people stereotype Irish people to look like) and green eyes. He was wearing a leather jacket with a red shirt and ripped blue jeans.

"You want a cookie? I got chocolate chip." the young man offered.

"N-no thank you. I'm allergic to cocoa. Who are you by the way?" Miracle asked, cleaning up the games and putting them back on the coffee tale.

"The name's Blaze, Blaze Aqua-Burn-Fern. I'm guessing you're my roommate?" the young man replied, shoving a chocolate chip cookie in his mouth. Miracle nodded in reply. Blaze then sat down on the couch next to Miracle. He shoved another cookie into his mouth, chewed in and swallowed before speaking again.

"What's your name? Sorry, I never asked." Blaze asked before shoving the last of his cookies into his mouth.

"I'm Miracle...Cusson." Miracle explained, taking a couple of more decorations out of her bag and placing them around the coffee table and the side table.

"Miracle? I've never heard that kind of name before. It's nice but uh...no offence here but why were you called that?" Blaze asked, watching carefully as Miracle placed her items around.

"My mom had a heart attack when she was giving birth to me. It was a miracle we both survived." Miracle explained. She then told Blaze she had to go to the bathroom. She took her bag with her because she just needed to place some medications and soaps in the bathroom.

Miracle opened the medicine cabinet to see that Blaze had already put some stuff in there. There was a few prescription medications in there and they seemed to mainly be mood regulators. The amount of medications were nothing compared to how many Miracle was about to unload. She placed all her medications in the medicine cabinet. There was almost four times as many medications as before after Miracle had unpacked all of her medications. She placed her soaps and hair products in the shower and she was finally finished.

She then moved onto her bedroom. Miracle opened one of the doors before realizing the first room was already claimed by Blaze. It was the first day either of them had moved in and it was already a mess. Miracle quickly closed the door and opened the other one.

Miracle started by unpacking her books, clothes and electronics. She then moved on to her bedding. Miracle replaced the plain, white bedding that was one every bed in the dorm building and replaced it with her own bedding from home. It was basically the same but with a flower pattern. Her mother had bought it to make the children's ward at the hospital feel more like home. The sheets were old and had a few stains on them but Miracle kept them for the memories.

She then went back into the bedroom to see Blaze, still on the couch, scrolling through his phone with his headphones plugged in. Miracle wanted to know him better but didn't know where to start.

"So uh...why is your last name so long?" She asked. It was the only question that came into her mind. Blaze took his headphones off and invited her to sit next to him. He put his phone down and turned himself towards her.

"To put it simply, I got three moms. So naturally, I got all of their last names. Well, to be more accurate, Burn-Fern is how the government see my last name. My moms' marriage isn't legal where I'm from so..." Blaze explained. He stopped suddenly and looked down. Miracle was curious as to why he stopped.

Blaze eventually took a deep breath and finished his speech off with "One of my moms has to go by her birth gender to continue being married to my birth mom. We still live with the other one. It's just...she has to call herself our roommate.". He looked back down, trying to hold back his tears.

"If it helps, I have some problems at home too. You see, my mom went missing a few years ago, when I was nine. My dad's always been focused on his business ever since. My older brother and I basically have to fend for ourselves using his money. Dad focuses so much he doesn't have time to take care of us." Miracle explained, trying not to cry herself. Blaze put his hand on her shoulder and gave her a tearful smile.

"I'm glad you're my roommate."


Also I'm uploading two chapters to this story because I already have the second chapter planned. Hope you guys enjoy that one as well.