I felt the need to upload this chapter along with the first as it explains something major that's in the description of this story. Enjoy!

It was about one week after Miracle and Blaze had moved in together when it happened.

Miracle had been looking for Blaze to see if he had the notes from one of the classes she had to miss because of her health. When she opened the door to his room, she didn't see Blaze but a woman putting on brightly colored makeup.

"Uh...can I help you?" Miracle asked, unsure of who this stranger was and what she was doing in her roommate's room.

"Oh hey sweetie. I'm Flare. I just moved in here. What's your name hun?" the woman explained. Her voice seemed to be a mixture of masculine and feminine but the masculine tones definitely sounded like Blaze. Whether it was a joke or not, Miracle was both confused and unimpressed.

It had only been a week since they became friends but Blaze had never displayed any sort of feminine qualities to Miracle whatsoever. So him dressing up as a woman and acting this way was strange. Also, how would Blaze forget her name so quickly? He did ask her about it when they first met. Perhaps this was a weird prank? Or maybe something more serious than Miracle could ever think of?

"I-I'm Miracle. I'm the other resident here." Miracle explained, going along with Flare's lead. Flare let out a squeal of excitement and gave Miracle a big hug.

"O-M-G! We are totally going to be best friends forever! Come on we have to get our nails done!" Flare cheered, dragging their roommate out of the door and into the town.

Over the next few hours, Flare and Miracle did many things together. The two got their nails done, tried on accessories in a store and went back home to do each others make up. Miracle had so much fun, she almost forgot about Blaze. She had almost completely forgotten until Flare left her alone to change her outfit.

Miracle definitely felt things were off. Blaze always preferred to stay indoors and play video games or listen to music. He wasn't one to go out and party. The only time he ever left the house was to either go shopping for food or games, go to school or eat at a restaurant. Blaze was also not as confident as Flare seemed. For starters, there wasn't a single part of Blaze's body that wasn't covered by clothes. He only left his face and hands uncovered. Flare, on the other hand, wore a short dress that revealed her thighs, which were surprisingly thick. Flare also wore makeup, something Blaze claimed to not even own.

Miracle's train of thought came to a halt when Flare entered the room. "Throw on a dress sis. We're going out to this new restaurant across the town." Flare exclaimed, before leaving to let her change. Miracle got changed and left to the restaurant with Flare.

Flare seemed excited once the two got to the restaurant. She claimed to have never been there before. Miracle then realized that there seemed to be some gaps in her roommate's memory. This was Blaze's favorite restaurant. The two had been to it at least a few times over the past week. Blaze...maybe Flare knows at least something about Blaze Miracle thought to herself before questioning Flare.

It seemed Miracle was wrong as Flare claimed to not know anything about who Blaze was, even to go as far as to call him a "she". "Blaze, who is she? Is she your girlfriend?" Flare asked.

"N-no, he's not my boyfriend. I'm just a little concerned about him..." Miracle explained. Flare let out a little 'tch' sound before the waiter came over and took their orders. Flare didn't even order the same thing as Blaze. In fact, she ordered something Blaze claimed he didn't like. Miracle was confused further.

This cycle of Flare taking Miracle places after school and even sometimes before school continued for over a week. Each day made Flare seem more and more different from Blaze. Their tastes in food, lovers, clothes and even music seemed different.

Sunday rolled around on the second week of Flare and Flare burst into Miracle's room to invite her to a party. Miracle declined, claiming she had to study. Flare let out another one of her 'tch' sounds and left.

Miracle wasn't joking. She had a mountain of homework to complete since Flare kept taking her out after school. The homework was due to take Miracle at least a few hours. She could've just gone with Flare to forget about it but she just couldn't. She would feel like she left everyone down if she didn't.

Miracle finally finished all the homework. She looked at the clock to see it was 1:32 am in the morning. Blaze...I mean Flare...they should be back by now. Miracle thought. She then heard her phone ring, it was Blaze.

"Hello?" Miracle asked, answering the phone.

"M-Miracle! You have to help! I-I'm having a panic attack!" Blaze whined from the other side of the line. He didn't sound like Flare anymore.

"Okay, where are you?" Miracle asked, getting out a pen and paper to write down the address.

"I-I don't know! I don't know where I am or how I got here! All I know is I'm in a bathroom" Blaze cried. His anxiety was obvious. Miracle was about to ask when her older brother walked into her room. Miracle hung up the phone on Blaze to talk to her brother.

"Hey...uh...there's this weird...person at a party downstairs and they seem to want you..." Her brother explained. Miracle's eyes widened. Downstairs? That's were Flare claimed the party was.

Miracle followed her brother to the party and ran to the bathroom. She opened the door to find Blaze sitting on the floor, in tears. She bent down and swung his arm over her shoulder.

"Come on, let's go home." Miracle said, carrying Blaze back to their dorm. Once there, she swung him onto his bed. She then sat next to him and finally got the questions that she was thinking out.

"Hey Blaze, do you know a Flare by any chance?" Miracle asked him. Blaze looked confused for a while then and muttered something to himself.

"I have something I should've told you a while back. I have a personality disorder. Flare is my other personality. There could be more. I'm not sure but I know Flare exists. I just didn't know her name because my parents always called her my girlfriend. Did she cause you any trouble?" He explained.

"She didn't but...what about the memory loss?" Miracle asked.

"That's part of the disorder. Flare doesn't know I exist but I know she does. According to my moms, she would be out and about all the time while I stayed at home. That how they identified us. Flare and I are like two totally different people but we share one body. I can control it most of the time but she occasionally gets out." Blaze explained further.

"I get it. But hey, maybe tell me before I run into your alternative personality next time." Miracle chuckled. Blaze laughed and nodded before drifting off to sleep.

Fun fact time.

Blaze was originally just a closet drag queen. He would dress up in drag in secret until one day someone caught him. I eventually thought about what if Blaze had another personality altogether. From that moment, Flare was born.

Please note that most drag queens like Flare don't have Multiple Personality Disorder. It's mostly just Blaze. I actually think it's just Blaze.

And for those that don't know what a drag queen is, it's basically a cisgender male who dresses up as a female usually for entertainment. So in a way, Blaze is still Blaze but goes by Flare for entertainment.

I apologize if I offend any drag queens or people with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) but that's the way I have made my character. I hope I didn't offend anyone because if I did, google has let me down once again. Anyway, bye!