Been a while innit? Sorry I had a lack of inspiration for this story. I do, however, have good news relating to this story.

I'm doing a small spin-off story called 'My Personalities and Me'. Basically Blaze, Flare, Shadow and Auburn all get their own bodies and Miracle has to deal with it. I wouldn't recommend reading it if you don't like spoilers. Lucky for you, a major plot point in that story will be revealed in this chapter...kind of.

Also this is a quarantine chapter because I can literally think of nothing else. Anyway, enjoy and I hope to get the first chapter up either today or tomorrow.

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"Yep, definitely my usual wakeup call." Miracle sighed as she walked into the living room after hearing a crashing noise. She opened the door to see Blaze, lying on the floor after apparently tripping over one of Auburn's toys. Blaze looked up at Miracle and immediately sat himself upright, trying to act natural.

"Moring Miracle. Why is there toys everywhere?" Blaze asked, examining the ambulance toy that he had slipped on. He actually hit a button that activated the sirens and stumbled backwards in shock, hitting his head against the fridge behind him. The ambulance fell to the ground and one of the wheels fell off.

"Sorry Auburn was here over the past week and a half. I should fix his little wee-woo truck before he notices when he gets back." Miracle said, picking the small ambulance off the floor along with the wheel. Blaze wanted to ask what a wee-woo truck was but then he remembered what noise sirens made and thought it was actually kind of cute.

"Riku wants to stay the night here by the way. Apparently he and Sienna had a bad fight. I sure he could fix this." Miracle brought up after a few minutes of trying to put the wheel back on the toy. Blaze's eyes lit up when he heard that. Was Riku now officially single? Did Blaze finally have a chance to get with his crush? Blaze could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he daydreamed about finally confessing to Riku.

Riku arrived later that day and clearly wasn't in the best mental or physical state. He spent a lot of time in Miracle's room as she treated some wound he apparently had on his eye. Blaze didn't mind this. After all, it gave him time to work up the courage to ask the big question. Once he did, he proudly marched to Miracle's room but stopped when he heard a conversation going on inside.

"I told you. I'm not interested in him."

"I know but...just let him down gently. He...he's really important to me."

"Why don't you just ask him out yourself?"

"Eh? I'm not so sure about that. He seems head over heels for you."

"But YOU like him. I'm useless to him anyway."

"Don't say that. You'd be a great br- boyfriend to him."

"See? You see him as my brother-in-law. Just tell him that."

"I...I don't know how."

Blaze's courage and jaw dropped. Riku wasn't interested in him? But more importantly, Miracle wanted to be his girlfriend? His mind raced with confusion as he opened the door to his own bedroom. As he did, Blaze heard Miracle's door open as well.

"Oh, hey Blaze. How's it going?" Riku said from behind. Blaze turned around to see his crush but he looked...different.

Riku's hair was fully out of his face and Blaze could now see his full face apart from his usually uncovered right eye which now sported a medical eyepatch. His left eye which was normally covered by his hair was now revealed and honestly, not in any better shape. He had multiple scars around it as well as the eye itself being bloodshot. The iris was also a different colour compared to his right. His right eye was normally dark brown while his newly uncovered eye appeared a bright shade of amber.

"Probably not what you expected my eye to look like huh? Well my other one is bruised pretty bad so Miracle had to cover it. So now I'm a dork with a bloodshot eye that I can barely see out of." Riku explained, fiddling with the hair pin that was holding his hair back.

"Heh, yeah..." Blaze replied. He seemed upset, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. Riku then realized what must have been happened and put his hand on Blaze's shoulder.

"I'm sorry but I'm not interested. It's just... Sienna and I have been close since the start of high school. She even saved my life once or twice. So... it's hard to get over what happened. It's not your fault." Riku explained, rubbing his neck as he did so. The explanation appeared to make Blaze more upset as he looked away. Riku sighed and pointed out that he'd be in the living room if Blaze needed anything. After that, Blaze finally went into his room and collapsed on his bed crying.

As he was walking into the living room, Riku stopped and turned around to Miracle, who was standing at her bedroom door about to follow her older brother. Riku looked at her and winked. In response, Miracle tilted her head in confusion. Riku face-palmed and gestured towards Blaze's room with his head. Miracle then tried to say no but Riku gave her a small angry look which made her walk into Blaze's room in fear.

"Hey Blaze I-" Miracle started before she was cut off by Blaze.

"I heard everything. You don't have to say much." Blaze said with his face down in his mattress.

"" Miracle wanted to ask him out so bad but she just couldn't find the words to do so. Blaze sat up on his bed and looked at her. His face was stained from the tears and his eyes were about as red as Riku's left eye. He was obviously still crying, even though he tried his best to hide his emotions in this moment.

"Give me a bit to get over Riku. I should have your answer by then." Blaze smiled. Miracle smiled back, sitting beside Blaze and hugged him tight. Hopefully, with just a little bit of time, the two would be together.


I really don't know what to say for this chapter. I guess I should clear something up about the orientations of the characters:

Riku identifies as omnisexual (Basically another word for pansexual. I don't really think there's a difference.) and non-binary (You can use any pronouns), Blaze is polysexual, Sienna (Riku's now ex-girlfriend in case you forgot) is bisexual and Miracle is pansexual.

Just a little reveal to clear somethings up and something fun for pride month.

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