The Art of Letting Go

What is letting go?

Surely not forgetting,

for none of us can ever forget,

unless saved by a welcomed coma

or blunt-forced induced trauma induced


Forgetting? Impossible.

So how to let go?

I have a recipe,

My own, lovely little secret, a suggestion for those

who have struggled as I have.

No hidden ingredients,

just effort and elbow grease.


Drop one sigh

erase a tear,

ignore the pang or burn from a touch,

Stir to taste.

Set in mold for one hour.

Serve yourself with a healthy dose of sarcasm,

Acquired taste.

Chase down with the pill of experience,

Then add humor until the pain passes.

And after all this?

Realize you're eating denial instead,

For there is no letting go.

Welcome my readers! I hope you're all staying safe from the corona virus-social distancing is a must right now, but we shall all get through this, I promise.

This is the first poem I have ever published, let alone my first piece. I hope you all enjoy! Please leave reviews, as they are all welcome. Have a lovely day!