He was a odd old chap for despite being over one-hundred-fifty and two he still looked as young as ever. Did he use the slime of toads, the wings of bats, or the company of that old lady down the road to keep his skin so finely pale? Mayhaps it was the fact his head had been taken by a hungry giant whose sheep he had stolen? Nonetheless he still road on his pretty white horse while wearing his crimson officer's coat as he went on pleasant rides through the moonlight.

Always accompanying him was this short old fellow from the isle just across the water. The fellow seemed always in a mood so foul as he rode his pig behind his friend. Wearing only the finest of red top hats he'd scratch his beard with gold coins.

So strange was it that the two stuck together when all of their brothers in red seemed so solitary. Yet stranger still the rider always came upon the same farmhouse with a flower freshly freed with his saber as he asked the farmers daughter to be his bride, yet each night she said him to be silly as she couldn't marry someone who had no head to kiss.

Each night the rider was unbroken and rode out asking the green wearing fae of the glade for a head with which to kiss his love.

"No no." They told him each night, "Have a cauliflower instead."

But as morning came the cauliflower withered and he gave it to his friend's pig.