UltraPlay Online: Tales of Omega

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is my first attempt at some regular fiction. This story is somewhat manga/anime-based, taking the path of VRMMORPG anime like Sword Art Online and Bofuri. It is NOT a fanfiction or else I wouldn't have published it here on FictionPress, no, this will be a story created by me with unique stuff not existent in any other franchise.

Now, be aware that I'm from Germany so there might be a few mistakes in vocabulary and grammar here and there. It also is sheer coincidence if one of my characters has the same name as one of yours.

With that out of the way, enjoy this story!

Osaka; Japan

5th of September 2032 C.E.

"So you've finally got it?" a voice beamed through the speakers of the mobile phone.

"Yeah, I'm done with helping to develop videogames and test them until the end of the year." the person on the other side replied.

"Really?!", the voice shouted, "Okoyoshi, I hope you have fun! I'm still away on holidays for two weeks, so please be patient!"

"Don't worry Iwokuto, I'll gather as many EXP and Skills as I can!" the person called Okoyoshi exclaimed.

"Well then, have fun!" Okoyoshi's friend Iwokuto replied before ending the call.

Okoyoshi Tsukami. 19 years old. Due do his older siblings and his parents earning quite some money, Okoyoshi decided to become a gamer. He already played some old classics, but recently he was getting into the famous VRMMORPG-genre. His younger sister Kyume Tsukami also was a gamer, but she still needed to save some money for the game Okoyoshi had bought as he and his sister buy the videogames they play through money they earn in helping in developing and testing videogames.

The videogame Okoyoshi ordered was UltraPlay Online, which became quite famous over the about two and a half months since Version 1.0.0 was released. Okoyoshi then took his MetaGear and started up the game.

"This is UltraPlay Online, huh.", Okoyoshi thought to himself, "I've heard it's been quite popular lately. And Version 1.1.6 is already out as well."

Okoyoshi then appeared in a white room with a holographic panel in front of him.

"Choosing my name, huh?", he muttered, "Let's go with Omega."

After confirming his name, the panel closed and a new one opened up.

"(Casual) or (Hardcore)?", Okoyoshi asked himself, "Well, I'd better be careful so I choose (Casual)."

After confirming his gaming style, another panel opened up.

"Skill Class, huh?", he muttered, "I think I'll go with {Alpha} even though it means that all my Skill Trees start at zero."

After confirming his Skill Class, another panel opened in front of Okoyoshi.

"Now it's time to choose my Basic Stat Powers.", Okoyoshi told himself, "Let's see, there are HP, MP, ATK, M-ATK, DEF, M-DEF, INIT, S-ATK, S-DEF and SNCE, and I can spend 200 EXP on those. HP and MP both already have a Base Stat of 30. I'll put 50 EXP on ATK, 50 EXP on INIT, 40 EXP on SNCE, 15 EXP on M-ATK, 15 EXP on DEF, 10 EXP on S-ATK and 5 EXP on each of the remaining Stats."

After confirming the distribution of the basic EXP, a bunch of weapons started hovering around Okoyoshi.

"So I can pick my first weapon, just like always in these VRMMORPGs.", Okoyoshi said, "Since I've mostly given EXP to ATK and INIT I'll take the Basic Katana."

After picking up his first weapon, a blue light engulfed Okoyoshi and brought him into the starting area. The starting area was a small, medieval town with buildings made primarily out of wood and stone. After looking around for a bit, Omega (A/N: From here on I'll use the player's in-game name while he or she is playing it) opened his Profile Card in the menu.

"Player-ID is #6122097.", Okoyoshi thought, "So I'm the 6.122.097th player to join. Jeez, this game is truly popular."

"Hey you!" a voice erupted from the distance. Realizing that he was meant, Omega closed the menu and went to the person calling him. The person wore a black coat with a hood and a mask covering his eyes. He also used a scarf to cover his nose and mouth.

"Yeah, what is it?" Omega asked the strange person.

"Do you have interest in joining my Guild, the Owls of Chaos?" the person asked Omega.

"I just started playing this game, so I'll pass.", Omega said, "Oh, I'm Omega. What's your name?"

"I'm called Shade.", the person known as Shade said, "I use the Skill Class {Shadow}."

"So you've probably put many EXP into INIT and SNCE." Omega told Shade.

"Whoa, how do you know that?" Shade asked in astonishment.

"I'm kind of a veteran gamer.", Omega confirmed, "I played enough games to tell what Stats are used for certain Skill Classes."

"Speaking of that, what is your Skill Class?" Shade asked.

"My Skill Class is {Alpha}." Omega said.

"Heh, it's a bit funny that your Skill Class is {Alpha} and your name is Omega." Shade told Omega.

"Attention everyone!", a voice beamed through the air, "This night, the Event [Blood Moon] takes place! Defeat enough monsters to get higher in the ranking! Please remember that PvP is forbidden during this event! Have fun!"

"Ah, looks like you joined just perfectly for an event.", Shade said, "But don't expect to become first, as the leader of the Guild Sacred Arrow, Archton, has come in first in every Event since he joined. He also is an Archer Pillar, and his Guild is not to be underestimated."

"Well, let's see what I can do.", Omega said, "Anyways, it was nice to meet you!"

"Wait a second!" Shade yelled after Omega, who then returned.

"Hmm, what is it?" Omega asked in confusion.

"Since you currently have no Skills, you should use this." Shade said after which he gave Omega a Skill Medallion. After unlocking the Skill First Blade: Phoenix Scream, Omega thanked Shade and walked away, going out of town and into a nearby forest. After five minutes, he suddenly heard a growling sound from behind his back. After turning around, Omega saw a furious Amber Wolf.

"Perfect timing to test my powers.", Omega said, "First Blade: Phoenix Scream!"

Omega swung his Basic Katana, which was engulfed in flames, towards the Amber Wolf. He managed to hit the Monster three times before it could get away. The Amber Wolf then shot a few balls of fire towards Omega, who managed to dodge thanks to his INIT-Stat.

"Again, First Blade: Phoenix Scream!" Omega exclaimed. This time the Amber Wolf managed to dodge the attack and hit Omega, who took 3 HP worth of damage. But as the Monster ran towards him for another attack, Omega pulled out his Basic Katana and hit the Amber Wolf in the head. The Monster then fell onto the ground and vanished, with one Amber Gem and four Amber Wolf Fur laying on the ground.

"I guess I've just defeated my first Monster..." Omega muttered. He then equally split the 90 EXP he got onto ATK, INIT, and SNCE. He also unlocked the Skills Phoenix Scream X and Basic Set, allowing him to use First Blade: Phoenix Scream with 50% more power five times a day and it also allowed him to use Second Blade: Crystal Slash and Third Blade: Waves of Calamity. Shortly after that, a message popped up in front of him.

"Updated to Version : Minor Bug Fixes; Skill Medallions can only be used by a player three times a day; A player can only have one Skill Medallion in their Inventory at once.", Omega said, "Well, that's good 'cuz it means nobody can get OP super fast by buying and using dozens of Skill Medallions. I'm kind of surprised that nobody has exploited such a quirk."

Omega then continued on with defeating some Monsters. After about two hours he had killed about three dozen Monsters and reached 120 EXP on every Stat.

"Attention everyone, the Event [Blood Moon] is about to begin!", the same voice as before beamed through the air, "Remember to defeat lots of Monsters and that PvP is forbidden! Have fun!"

"Here I go..." Omega muttered. He then proceeded to defeat any Monsters he met, also collecting any Items they dropped. After about half an hour, he came across an abandoned library. Omega entered it, defeating some Monsters inside. He then went through a large, opened door, which closed afterwards. Looking onto the ceiling, Omega realized he had entered a dungeon, and the room he was in was a Boss Room.

"Phoenix Scream X!" Omega shouted, releasing the powered-up version of First Blade: Phoenix Scream. He managed to hit the Boss twice, after which the Boss dodged and attacked Omega, inflicting 20 HP worth of damage. Realizing that this Boss was quite strong, Omega distanced himself a bit.

"Third Blade: Waves of Calamity!" he then shouted, using this Skill as it was a ranged attack. He hit the Boss five times, after which the Boss got enveloped in a purple aura.

"Must be his Rage Form.", Omega thought, "This Boss might have high ATK, but I have high ATK too."

Omega then used Second Blade: Crystal Slash, which hit the Boss nine time before the Boss attacked back and inflicted 35 HP worth of damage on Omega. After that, Omega went very close towards the Boss, even if it meant that he could receive lots of damage.

"First Blade: Phoenix Scream!" Omega exclaimed. The attack managed to hit the Boss twenty times, after which the Boss fainted.

"Yes, I defeated my first Boss in this game!" Omega then exclaimed in a somewhat happy tone. He then looked on the ground and picked up an Item.

"A Rubik's Cube?", he muttered, "And it's a staff. Well, that means I'm going to unlock a Skill based on the Skill Class {Wizard}."

After having said this, Omega unlocked the Skill Rays of Enlightenment. He then walked towards the chest that had spawned at the end of the room. He opened it and got 10.000 Gold Coins, 5 Antidote, 3 MP-Recovery and a Skill Medallion. He activated the Skill Medallion, but was shocked.

"Since when am I able to unlock two Skills with a Skill Medallion?", Omega thought to himself, "Well, I'm going to use this glitch now, but I will report the glitch to the developers."

Omega then proceeded to unlock the General Skill Provoke and the {Trapper} Skill Wall of Imprisonment. He then reported the glitch to the developers and went back outside. Omega then used Provoke to gain the attention of every Monster in his proximity, using it every five minutes (the cooldown of this Skill is five minutes) in order to gather more Monsters. After repeating this 30 times, Omega first used Wall of Imprisonment to trap all the Monsters and then used Rays of Enlightenment in order to kill them. He then repeated this process five times until dawn arrived.

"The Event is now over!", the familiar voice beamed through the sky, "First I'll confirm the best three players: 1st is Jarvis, 2nd is Omega and 3rd is Blaze! Congratulations!"

"I am in second place?!", Omega asked himself in shock, "I did aim for Top 20, but I didn't expect to become 2nd place."

Omega then opened the chest that had spawned in front of him in order to collect his rewards, after which he increased all his Stats to 150 with the EXP he had gained from defeating the Boss in the abandoned library and then logged out.

"Man that was awesome..." Okoyoshi managed to say before he fell asleep from exhaustion.

To be continued...