Strong Women

Some women are strong
Like mountains in the storm;
They brace against the brutal winds
And never lose their form.

Some women are strong
Like rivers in the rain
That never change their winding course
Despite all that they gain.

Some women are strong
Like willows in the gale;
They bend when they are meant to break
And thus always prevail.

But some women are strong
In ways I was not told —
Their patience lasts through winters
To ne'er succumb to cold.

And some women are strong
In more dramatic ways —
They rise up from their broken ashes
Despite the fearsome blaze

Then there are the women
Whose strength just never dies;
Though they're crushed beneath our feet
They never cease to rise.

I'm thankful for these women
Who remind me to be strong
So when I'm feeling left behind,
They help move me along.

So without these women,
Whose strength inspires me,
Who knows how strong a woman
I would've learned to be.