2. Many Years Before

Everyone dreams of peace in the fine years leading up to 2050, another decade going by, and everyone is still mad at the fact that there's no robot slaves laboring away at their filth. Stephen is nothing like those fools, except he's forced to deal with it all, as a producer he makes the big decisions as to what is what, and who does what. This was the line, barely crossing it at this point.

"The Director has no fucking clue what's even going on in this movie anymore." He thought, though it WAS going fine! There was no way that anything would go wrong during yet another "Star Wars" movie, or another "Marvel" film, rebooting the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" for the third time, or was it the fifth? He thought it was fine the first or second time around, but now this was all about money, and actors, reboots, Disney and Warner owning pretty much everything. There's not much of creativity, yet Stephen finds himself a successful producer and director, so why couldn't HE direct this movie? Wasn't he experienced enough to direct what could be a great movie?

"I should have stayed as a truck driver. Slower money, but at least I got my way." He continued to think to himself.

Yet the wars of the past and present continue to rattle through his mind, it wasn't his fault that the world hated each other. America used to be a country of peace at a time or another after 2030, but somehow we've gotten mixed up into another hot mess "produced" as Stephen thought, by none other than the socialists, or fascists, pretending to love this once beautiful, perfect country. He was glad to continue to live near Atlanta at least, where it's not on fire, or governed by a bunch of morons that had their thumb up their ass, or bought out by the same socialists, or fascists. What was even the difference anymore? He was taught to keep his mouth shut, and keep working just like the rest of them, sheep he thought. He wasn't the best at being a producer or director, but he thought he was pretty darn good, his fans thought the same and wondered why he wasn't being used properly or allowed his creativity to wander.

Yet another day passed and nothing was accomplished, again.

"I need to quit one of these days." Stephen must have said out loud, becauseā€¦

"You can't leave us man, we need ya!" Another voice said behind him.

"Hello John." Stephen greeted the voice.

"Hello? That's all you can say to your friend?"

"Co-Worker, John. How many times do I have to say?"

"Well what are you doing right now."

"Going home." Stephen continued walking, saying this last thing as if he was tired.

"You didn't seem tired before?" John asked.

"Well that's because I was acting like I was interested in doing absolutely nothing today while the director fucks off, and we're stuck trying to get the actors to show up for once."

"Well geesh Stephen, it seems like you're a better actor than anyone here!" John laughed.

As Stephen approached his truck, he waved John off by saying "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Sure thing man."

Atlanta traffic was as horrible as ever, but living in Georgia was better than burning alive in California, besides they made a new Hollywood in Georgia, and it's been progressing better than where it used to be in California. Life in a big city sure had it's cons, at least he lived outside Atlanta, right? Well after the outskirts got filled up with residential and commercial, the "Metro" Atlanta area grew, which met, more traffic, more problems, "And more morons that are in my way." Of course it cannot be blamed, North Georgia was still a very nice place to live, at least for now. The place he had been living for the past 30 years has been very nice, after his initial boost in popularity thanks to the likes of being a YouTuber, Stephen retired and became something he didn't want to be, and hated everything about it. Though it wasn't a bad job, he enjoyed it very much, interacting with people during live streams, or making money for charity, it was good honest work. A small white home out in what used to be in the middle of Paulding County Georgia is now a suburb heaven that in his own weird way, is quite enjoyable. At least he wasn't lonely on Saturdays, he was very glad he owned this particular house, a short lawn to mow, a pool for what could have been for his children, or grandchildren, but sooner or later he became more uninterested in love, it could have been because no one wanted to be with him but to him it didn't matter, it became "Too much for me to be invested." All these thoughts didn't seem to bother him too much, almost like he was purposefully being an asshole just to be alone, but he didn't want to be alone at least, not forever. Though how long will it take for him to finally get to that point? Forever seemed like a long time away, his former friends or at least the very few he was still in contact on Discord, though his interests in things like that depleted a lot. It was just a normal day, nothing interesting happened today, nothing interesting will happen tomorrow.

The next morning was more or less the same, the usual group got together into a meeting with useless plans that will ruin the day. "I think it's about time for me to quit." He thought, though wished at the same time, he didn't. Stephen wasn't someone to be threatened when it came to making something he was put into charge of, something was bound to happen very soon and he could feel it.

"Another delay." John complained, "And yet they won't let ya do anything?"

"No, not like the way I wanted to film this."

This certain project he was in charge of just so happened to be a show that he "technically" created, yet no credit was given to him nor doing everything he created, and suggested. A normal syfy show tone aired on some big network that took interest, it was a big hit. Was. Everyone has seen it before, the first two or three seasons are great, but then it never ends and people tune out of it just like spoiled milk.

"I'm getting burnt out of this shit John." he ended up saying.

"I know what you mean man, this shit is off the bricks and not in a good way either. The corps dudes never know what it's like out there, but man this shit bothers me."

"At least I'm not the only one"

John laughed at this, which also prompted Stephen to follow suit. Sure it was a good laugh, but the fact of the matter is that they were both thinking the same exact thing. The stocks were crashing again, media causing a panic over, something suspicious with China, or India, some new disease or blackmail to whoever was running this dump of a country, which was barely standing after the last "plague" that the media fear mongored about.

"Everything is going to shit" John whispered, as Stephen nodded. They knew that sooner or later, they'd be out of a job, and he was most prepared of them all.