Chapter 13: Reunion

A knock on the door woke me up. Auman's arms were still around me, like they had been when we finally lay down early this morning. With a groggy voice I asked, "Who is it?"

"Myra, I have come with your dress." The voice said from behind the door.

I unhooked the arms around me and slowly rose from bed. I walked to the door and opened it. The girl was smiling, but as she looked at me her smile faltered "you must travel, I have never seen anything like what you are wearing."

'Yeah, there's nothing like them here.' I thought to myself as I smiled at her and nodded, "Thank you Myra, I really appreciate you bringing it to me." I took the garments from her.

"Would you like help dressing in them?" She asked as she looked in the room, her eyes saw Auman and lingered on him for a moment.

""I think I can get it, thank you though." I saw her nod and turn as I shut the door. I walked over to the changing screen with the dress draped over my arm. I pulled the nightgown over my head and then pulled the new dress on. I fastened the buttons on my shoulder, it fit my curves just right from what I could tell. I walked from behind the screen.

"What does the front look like?" I heard Auman ask from behind me. As I turned I noticed a smile playing on his lips, "you picked out what you wanted right?" I nodded toward him, earning an approving nod from him, "it is very nice, though I will admit most females are not as ample as you."

I blushed, "should we let Arlum see what it was that I picked out?"

Auman nodded, "Then let's go," He stood and walked over to the table and put his shirt on, then his shoes, and pulled his hair back into its ponytail. I left my hair down, it took too long to pull back. When we walked out the door to the inn the mysterious man was leaning against the wall smoking a pipe.

"Do you not sleep?" I asked as I looked at him.

"No, never." he replied to me as he continued to puff on the pipe. I nodded as we started towards Arlum's and noticed the man stood and started walking after us.

"Do you have nothing more interesting to attend to?" Auman asked.

"Well, considering what goes on here, I would have to say no." he said, holding the pipe in his mouth as he walked.

I nodded and then told him, "Well, there's not really much I can do to stop you from following us."

"Very true." He said, making me look toward him. He reached up and took hold of his hat, sweeping it downward across his chest he bowed. One eye was violet where the other was red. He seemed to be no older than twenty and was extremely attractive. A crescent scar faced his red eye. He looked up at me with half lifted eyes, dark circles under them.

We kept walking towards the 'hermit's' hut. When we got there I walked up to the door and knocked. We heard walking behind the door and soon after it opened, Arlum stood on the other side. "I thought it would be polite to let you see what I chose." I said as I smiled at him.

"Well, come on in, sit down," he said as he moved out of the way.

I entered, as did Auman, and Mr. Mysterious. I walked over and sat in one of the chairs, Auman sat in one by me, and the guy in silver leaned against a wall as he pulled his hat down to shade his face once more.

"You know, you could sit like the rest of us." I said as I looked at him.

He shrugged "Sitting is overrated, and I do have a name."

"Well, what is it and I will start using it." I said as I looked at Arlum, "So, how have you been since we left last night?"

"I have been bored, I don't get many visitors." Arlum told me.

"Well, it's certainly not Mr. Mysterious, I'll tell you that much," he said still leaning against the wall.

"Well, if you don't give it to me i'll keep calling you that." I said looking at him.

"For now, just call me Llewin," he said.

"Alright Llewin, I will." I said and looked back at Arlum and Auman. Auman looked at me and then said in my mind, 'Reoko and the others might be here sooner than expected. She will just have to rest for a day or so before we leave for the mountain.'

'Be back in a moment.' Arlum said as a portal appeared and he stepped through. I watched as he disappeared.

"Ok," I looked at Auman, "Is she 'poofing' them here?" I saw him nod.

"What shabby work, I have seen more elegant portals in my time." Llewin said as he looked at the disappearing portal.

I looked at him with an eyebrow raised, "I'm not going to ask."

"I guess he went to retrieve them when they arrive, Metea will have to get in somewhere fast won't she?" I asked as I looked at Auman and he nodded. It was silent for a while, a light static sound made me look to see a portal forming in the same spot the other had been. When it opened Metea was the first to step through, followed by Aoria, Cameron, then Reoko.

They all looked worn out from the travels. Reoko and Aoria smiled at me, Cameron looked from me to Auman and I saw Auman smile, he looked amused. They all sat down around the table.

"Everyone who doesn't know already, this is Arlum," I motioned toward him and then to Llewin, "And this is Llewin." The corner he stood in was full of shadows, making the shining violet of his eyes brighter. Reoko looked from Llewin towards Arlum and thanked him, the rest of the group followed her lead.

Arlum looked at Metea, "If you would like, there are extra rooms to sleep."

Metea removed the hood of her robe and looked at him nodding. "I think all of us," She looked from Reoko to Aoria then to Cameron, "need rest."

I nodded as I looked at her. Arlum stood and walked to the door he had shown Auman and I the day before. He motioned for Metea, Aora, Reoko, and Cameron, leading them to rooms they could rest in. When he returned Llewin withdrew a silver pocketwatch from a hidden pocket and looked at it. "It's time I depart," he said as he placed the watch back up, "till we meet again." And he vanished.

Arlum looked at me and Auman, "May I probe your minds, that way I can get to know you and the others?"

Auman and I exchanged looks then turned toward Arlum. He had taken his robe off and was laying it on a chair, he looked at us waiting on a response. "I guess it wouldn't hurt." I spoke hesitantly.

He gave a single nod and lowered his head, closing his eyes. It reminded me of someone praying. He stayed deathly still for several minutes, only smiling occasionally, making me wonder what he may have seen. He eventually looked up smiling at me then turned toward Auman, "May I?"

"If you wish." Auman told him. Arlum did the same as he had with me. His eyes shut with his head lowered. Auman and I looked at each other most of the time as Arlum did whatever it was that he was doing. When he was finished he looked back up at us.

"Are either of you hungry?" I nodded and a plate of different meats and cheeses were set before me with a chalice of the mead that had been in the keg. A chalice of some dark red liquid sat in front of Auman. I started eating some of the cheeses as Auman drank from his glass.

'So there are some other different varieties of those like I made for you yesterday.' Arlum said in my head and I just about choked as I looked at him and Auman looked at me.

Soon after Metea walked out of the door to the gold chamber we had visited the day before. When Metea saw Arlum without the cloak she looked at Auman, I guessed she was asking him something. Probably who he was.

"If you need to ask a question just ask, I am the one that brought you here. " Arlum said as he looked at her.

She looked at him again, I couldn't name the look she held on her face. She walked over and took a seat beside Auman. Auman and Metea had their 'quiet' conversation. After a few minutes, Metea's head shot up and looked towards Arlum. He laughed and smiled at her.

I felt completely out of place as I watched them talk back and forth telepathically. She would look at me from time to time, I had said hi, but she never responded.

Cameron was the next one up. His eyes never left the gold that lay in the room as he walked up the stairs. When he entered the room we were in he noticed Arlum and stopped, he looked at me then back to Arlum.

"It's the same person Cameron." I told him.

Auman scooted closer to me when he noticed that Cameron had joined us. Metea looked at me again and instead of glaring at me she just looked annoyed. Cameron walked over and sat by me, leaving a chair in between me and him, I guessed for Aoria.

"Would you like something to eat or drink?" Arlum asked when Cameron started sneaking pieces off my plate. He made another plate for Cameron and a chalice for Metea. "May I scan your memory to learn more about you?" he asked looking at Metea. She looked at him and he bent his head and closed his eyes, so I took that as a yes.

Cameron and I talked a little, about nothing really. It just gave us something to do besides sit there. Aoria came out about an hour after Cameron. She smiled and came and sat down beside me. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "So, how has it been with you and Auman? Alone I mean." She looked up and just realized that a blonde man sat across from her. She looked back at me wide eyed and whispered again, "Who is the hunk?"

I laughed loudly causing everyone to look at me. I turned a light shade of red and they went back to what they had been doing. I leaned over, whispering to her, "Arlum."

She sat up confused and looked at him, then looked back at me and shrugged. She leaned back over to me, "So, come on, tell me. You and Auman have had a while alone, did anything happen?"

I looked at her and smiled, "A lady never tells." We looked at each other and started laughing.

Arlum made Aoria something to eat and drink. She looked at him and I told her, "He is like Auman, Metea, and Reoko. So watch what you think." She nodded and began to eat. We talked about this and that for another hour. Reoko came out then. I had to say that she looked a lot better than she had from what I had briefly seen yesterday.

She sat down and looked at me, "I don't know if anyone has told you or not, but there are odd things happening. Normally the weather is very hot in these months. It's still warm, but not near what it should be."

I nodded, "I see," I said as I thought about it, "so, let's say it's like, this last week or so has been more like a month's time or more."

Reoko was silent for a moment, "depending on where the pieces are, the places around them may still be warmer, as they should be." Aoria told me.

I nodded, "I suppose the sooner we leave the better."Reoko nodded, I just noticed she had a bowl in front of her "So, when do we leave?"

"As soon as we finish eating." Reoko said.

Arlum looked at Metea, "Is it ok if I go along and hang out with you a little longer?" He looked to everyone else, "That is, if it is ok with the rest of you."

Reoko looked at me, then Auman, and then looked back at Arlum, "There has to be some reason you don't want this village to know who you are and I am sure you will be of some help on our journey." He looked at her and nodded as he stood up and proceeded to open the backdoor, showing that night was falling fast.