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Lora Font: flashback

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*Max driving along an abandoned road, looking kinda angry/determined. She's got a few scrapes on her face but isn't paying any attention to them.*


So basically the world has gone to shit. A sentence that can be used in many instances I guess. But, if you want the short version this really sums it up the most.

And if you want the long story… well, maybe we should start from the beginning.

*Max is in bed at her house, sleeping peacefully. Suddenly her alarm goes off full volume "CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON"

she jolts up having just had the shit scared out of her.*


Jesus Christ. I need to change that alarm.

*Running a hand down her face she stumbles out of bed and into the bathroom. Commence fun bathroom antics. Gets dressed (1) and goes downstairs. Starts making some frozen waffles*


Hey Dad! I'm gonna be home late today. I've got softball after school, that cool?



That's weird.

*looks around corner to the table where her dad usually is in the morning. he's not there*



*no response*


Dad never leaves the house before me. And on the rare occasion he does he always leaves a note.

Maybe he slept in?

*checks his bed. Nothing. Continues to check the rest of the house while calling his name. Nada*


Ok, he probably just forgot to leave a note. I'll just call him.

*calls him. His phone starts ringing from upstairs on his nightstand. Max rushes upstairs to find it*



Something is seriously up. Dad would never leave his phone at home. It's like his security blanket. His car is still here, his phone is still here, all of his stuff is still here, but where is he?

*max kinda starts panicking a little now and starts pacing around the house*


What if he was kidnapped? Wouldn't there have been sign of a struggle? Well maybe not if they were really good kidnappers I guess. Oh my god he was kidnapped by really good kidnappers!

*Max stops, realizing something. She goes to the window. The usually bustling street is silent. No cars, no people anywhere in sight.*


*young max is sitting on her dad's lap by the window. The streets are alive with people and cars and sounds. Dad looks down at max kindly*


The city never sleeps Max, no matter how tired the rest of us get, the city never sleeps.



The city never sleeps.

*max runs outside into the empty streets*



*she starts running and knocking on doors*


Is anyone here? Anyone?

*she runs her hand through her hair. In an AHA moment, she pulls out her phone*


Someone's gotta still be here c'mon there's gotta be someone still here.

*max texts all of her contacts, sends snapchats to everyone she knows, goes on instagram to see if anyone has posted anything. There's no answer anywhere.*


Holy shit. Everyone's gone.

Why am I still here?


So what do you do when your entire city's population vanishes overnight? Well if you're me you take a good two hours to have a mental breakdown and then you decide to go on a road trip!

*Max packs her dad's SUV with anything she could possibly need. A bunch of clothes, food, shoes, brush + other hygiene essentials, CDs, her wooden baseball bat, duct tape, and a tiny succulent from her room for the dashboard.*

*pulls the car out and starts driving down the road, but is immediately distracted by the Sheetz she passes*


Stealing is bad, stealing is bad, stealing is bad.

*stomach rumbles*

Literally the entire city is gone, no one's gonna miss a few snacks.

*max walks out with buttloads of chips, little Debbie products, chocolate milk, and candy*


Alright, that should last a while.

*closes car trunk and gets moving*


It's the end of the world. Might as well have some fun.

*slides in AJR mix CD. Bang! starts playing.*


*shrugs* Suits the moment.

*proceeds to jam all out to the song*


*optimistically* Maybe the apocalypse won't be so bad. Let's look at the pros and cons.

Pro: don't have to worry about paying for things anymore

Con: Everyone's dead

Pro: no more factories shooting noxious gas into the atmosphere

Con: because everyone's dead

Pro: don't have to worry about obnoxious people anymore

Con: because they're dead

Pro: you never really liked people anyways

Con: some of them weren't so bad

Pro: now you're just alone with your own thoughts

Con: you're alone with your thoughts


Ok, I need to find other people. I can't be the only one still here. There's- there was like 8 billion people on this planet. No way I'm the only one left.

Which brings us back to the question. Why am I still here?

*max has been driving for a while. she starts to drift off a bit and serve off the road but jerks awake*

*the car brakes; max is in front of a mall plaza complex thing*


And there's the sign that it's time for a nap

How long have I been driving? It feels like a long time. God, what if I drive forever and never find anyone. *pauses* I probably just need a nap.

*puts random hat over eyes and goes to sleep*

*wakes up when it's dark and she can hear some raised voices across the plaza*

*looks over to see two guys in dark clothes arguing by the footlocker store*




*scrambles to get out of car*

*the two guys look over to see max stumbling out of the car*


Oh my god, I thought I was the only person left!

*both of the guys are visibly confused*


You guys don't seem as excited about this as I am, am I missing something?

*the two guys still just look at her super confused. Max steps back a little, her excitement decreasing a bit*

*Max looks over the guys for the first time and notices their dark clothes. each has a weird tattoo on their neck*

Guy #1:

You're not supposed to be here.

*reaches for a gun in his waistband*


*slowly backing away*

Yup, yeah I'm starting to get that.

*guy #1 lunges for Max- Max bends back, out of the way, grabs his gun arm, and kicks him in the sack*


*impressed with herself*


*guy #2 reaches to pull out his gun, but max quickly snaps her focus to him and does a two-finger poke to the throat, leaving him incapacitated*


And my dad said joining a gang wouldn't do me any good.

*sees the guys start to get up and quickly grabs their guns; puts one in her back pocket and aims the other at the two men*


Who are you? Where are all the other people?

*guy #1 is still recovering from the nut shot*

Guy #2:

All the other people?


Yeah jackass, where's the rest of the planet?

Guy #2:

*evil chuckle type thing*

They've been eliminated.


Eliminated as in killed? You're trying to tell me that you somehow killed nearly every single person on the entire planet?

Guy #2:

Ideally only the pure would be left, but it would seem like there was a mistake.


Rewind, if you killed everyone then where's all the bodies dumbass?!

Guy #1:



*shifts her attention to him too*

Oh so you're okay now, great

Guy #1:

The earth had reached its maximum capacity. It was time to be cleansed and now, a new race can rise. Free of sin, waste, greed-


*cuts him off*

Alright, you literally sound like Thanos shut up.

Guy #2:

*starting to stand up*


*takes a step back and readys the gun in her hands*

Whoa there buddy

Guy #2:

I don't know why or how you're still alive, but as long as you are you're a liability to this clean new world.


Geez these guys are into some serious cult brainwashing shit

Guy #1:

*still sore in the crotch… starts to get up also*

Sacrifices must be made in order for others to thrive. You and everyone else were just a part of this sacrifice.


Okay well, you're obviously not right in the head, so you know what? I'm just gonna get back in my car over there and let you two get on with your previous discussion.

*max starts walking backward… she looks back at the ground for a second to get her placing*

*Guy #2 pulls a small grenade out of his pocket and throws it at the ground*

*Max is thrown backward and lands on the ground… some pieces of debris have hit her, primarily on her cheek leaving an angry red mark which started to bleed*

*guy #1 jumps through the fog and grabs Max's arm… Max whips around with her other hand holding the gun and blindly shoots at him, hitting him in the shoulder*

*hurriedly Max scrambles to her feet and coughing, sprints to her car… she makes it there before the other two can get her*

*guy #2 runs into the car door and angrily hits the window*


*still half coughing, trying to quickly start the car*

Angry cultist at the window, angry cultist at the window

*car starts and max floors it, ditching the angry cultists in the dust*


*looks out her back window and shoots the bird at the two guys before turning around*

Of course, the only other people I find on this rock are absolute psychos with a god complex.

*wipes at her cheek and her hand comes back red*

Oh that's lovely

*wipes her hand on the seat*

I gotta get far away from those guys and then I'm gonna find more people. If they made a mistake in-

Crap! I never asked them how they killed everyone!

Oh, whatever I'll figure that out later. Anyways, if I'm still alive they made a mistake, which means there's probably other mistakes out there too, I just have to find them, that's all I just have to find them.

*car drives off*