Little bright balls of light zipped about in the darkness, some going around at random before falling into line in odd little patterns with each other. The little stars formed constellations as they danced through the air until they came to a landing spot on what looked like a dark purple shimmering veil.

Feeling something flitting about in her hair, she opened her eyes, which were a pale silvery blue color. She reached to her head and gently felt for the little stars that were struggling to be free. Feeling one moving against her fingers, she delicately pulled it out of her long soft dark purple hair. The Night Goddess cupped the fluttering star in one hand as she sat up.

The other stars took to the air again, only to land on her hand, as if willing their mistress to release the missing member of their constellation cluster. Her lips curled into an amused smile at seeing the stars land on her hand and feeling the one star in her palm seeking a way out. Before she could decide what to do with the cluster of stars, footsteps could be heard coming up the steps leading to her little shrine (or "bed") and with it was a familiar angry filled voice calling to her.

"Nyx! Where the hell are you?"

The female voice startled the cluster of stars on her hand, causing them to immediately fly off, abandoning their missing member.

"Oh poo," Nyx mumbled, eyes narrowing as she opened her hand. A small white dot laid in the palm of her hand, indicating that the star had melted into her skin, becoming yet another star in the mortal sky. "Look what you caused me to do, Erie." She said, holding her hand up, her palm facing a violet-black haired goddess that stood at the entrance to her pedestal.

Eris, the Goddess of Discord, just glared at her. Strands of her dark hair fell about her face in a seemingly chaotic mess as her black eyes glared at Nyx. "Don't you, 'Oh poo' me, Nyx! You're the cause of my problems right now!"

Nyx blinked, her gaze going to her fellow Goddess. "Me?" Her tone was confused, but somehow that single word angered Eris even more. "What did I do?"

In one fluid motion, Eris snapped and a small hand mirror made out of gold appeared before her. In the mirror, Nyx saw what looked like her climbing the branches of a golden tree and at the top of the trees were many beautiful apples, all of them different hues of red, green, and yellow.

"So, you're accusing me of what? Stealing one of your apples?" The Night Goddess asked, watching as the version of her in the mirror plucked an apple off a branch with what looked like a glee-full smile. "Because I assure you that I haven't been anywhere near your apples."

Oh really?" Doubt filled Eris's mind as she said this, "If you didn't steal an apple then who did?"

Seeing Nyx give that oh so casual carefree shrug, Eris just grabbed at her hair out of frustration. "Nyx, who in the heavens would pretend to be you just to steal..." Her eyes lit up and she frowned even more.

Her gaze stared at the vision in the mirror. The figure of Nyx within the mirror's depths dropped off the branch of the tree, landing in a vaguely familiar manner that wasn't at all like how Nyx would land if she were to fall from a height such as that. One name slipped from her pretty lips.


Nyx came to Eris's side and glanced at the youth in the mirror as the guise of the Other Nyx faded away, becoming the appearance of a red-blonde haired youth with bright golden eyes. Her own eyes lit up in amusement and she giggled lightly, taking the golden mirror from her fellow Goddess. "Oh my, isn't he as handsome as his father."

Eris felt Nyx's flirtatious tone touching a raw nerve somewhere in her soul. Perhaps it was because the Night Goddess was always so carefree and relaxed. Nyx never took anything or anyone seriously. Except when harm befell her children. But other than that, she let everyone else deal with all the problems that crop up.

"Photios just impersonated you to steal one of my apples!" Eris seethed, her hair starting to turn a red-violet color to indicate the anger bubbling within her. "And he's not even that handsome!"

"Aw, Erie, don't be so jealous," Nyx cooed with that soft melodic titter of hers, "I still love you,"

Eris felt heat rising on her cheeks as she glared darkly at the dark goddess, "I am not jealous! Why would I be jealous of that damned Sun Brat?" She said.

"Because he's younger, prettier, and more attractive than you are." Again, Nyx's words irked her. That damned Night Goddess always knew what buttons to push to piss her off.

Before she could respond, Eris felt something seemingly light and soft brushing against her lips. A shock wave of surprise rippled through her entire body and Eris found herself staring into a pair of pale lavender eyes. She was staring into the eyes of Nyx, who could always somehow calm people down as just as easily as she could stir them into a fit. Nyx's hair seemed to float around her as if she were in water as the Goddess of the Night and Stars stood in front of Eris, her gentle hands cupping Eris's face as she smiled.

Eris's face flushed from the heat of embarrassment and the Goddess turned her head away. "What in the hell, Nyx. T-that kiss w-was uncalled for." Eris whispered, stumbling through her words and her embarrassment.

Again, Nyx giggled. The Night Goddess placed an arm around Eris's waist, drawing the chaotic goddess closer. "Maybe, but you should know better than to get jealous, Erie." She whispered. "After all everyone knows that you're the only one I have eyes for."

Eris allowed herself to be held in the other woman's embrace. Her heart started pounding in her chest as Nyx now nipped at her earlobe. "Damn it, Nyx, what are you planning?" She whispered breathlessly.

It was then that Nyx guided the violet haired Goddess to her bed. A chuckle left her lips as she stared the younger female down. "Nothing, I just think you need to relax, is all." She leaned in and captured Eris in another kiss as more balls of stars fluttered overhead.