Jose Pineiro is a well-known poet and essayist who is admired by people all over the world for his amazing work. Not many people know that before making it big in the world of poetry, he worked at local radio stations for a few years. He was born in El Ferrol, but his family moved to Leon when he was 7. Jose was drawn towards poetry since childhood, and preferred to read stories and poems over playing video games like other kids his age.

As a poet, some of Jose Pineiro's most recognized works include: Drowned in the senses, Skies and hells, Chrysalis of the moon, In the shade of sunset, Without truce, Anthology of the years, From here and period, The lost warmth, Thought in the Darkness of Being – Trilogy, A live fire, The feelings thief, The beat of a life, and more. He is also widely known for writing on subjects revolving around politics, social issues, etc.

About Jose Pineiro

Jose Pineiro is a renowned poet, essayist, and collaborator who were born in El Ferrol. His family moved to Leon when he was 7. He collaborates frequently with other writers or fanzines in recitals, tributes, and presentations.

Most of Jose Pineiro's works revolve around the topics like real power of economy over the governments, lobbies to date and their political gear, end of the era of industrialization and the reasons why this will happen, corruption without taboos, and the true life and background of the powerful worldwide, etc. Some of his popular works include Thought in the Darkness of Being – Trilogy, Drowned in the senses, The lost warmth, and more.