After saying a short prayer to himself Kel passes through the torii of the Southside Shinto Shrine. He was never a church going man but even he could sense something spiritual within the city's Shinto Shrines and before he spilled blood here, he may as well pay respects. With a silver broadsword burning with silver spiritual fire in one hand and a fully loaded Raging Bull .454 in the other, he hurries up the steps and slows into sneaking just before reaching the sando. It was past 3am so he didn't have to worry about normies getting in the way, which is why he also brought along the Grenade Launcher, he doesn't always get to bring it but when he get's to, it's always an ass slappin' good time.

The wind swept the collar of his leather jacket as he places his first step on the sando.

He gazes around the landing.

Silvery moonlight bathed the holy ground as the shadows cast into the far right seemingly gathering beneath a large oak tree.

"Demon slayer" a voice with the weight of the moon itself pressed down on him as he took his second step on the sando.

"Dammit, I was really hoping I'd sneak up on you" Kel grins beneath the shadow of his vintage ballcap.

The sound of a branch snaps and Kel quickly takes aim at the tree. "I don't know how you intended to sneak up on me...what with all the fear wreaking" a rummaging of branches makes way for a giant blue assed baboon that flips through the air and lands on the Shamusho.

"You mistake fear for excitement, monster"

"I take fear for fear" the baboon grins.

Kel knocks back the hammer of the .454 ."You've got two choices, leave this shrine and go somewhere else. Or taste silver you animal"

The baboon's head tilts; "Are you not a demon slayer?"

"Part time but yeah I still consider myself as such" Kel shrugs.
"Demon slayers wouldn't seek to negotiate with demon kind. If I were to leave this shrine and terrorize some place else..."
"Then you'd be someone else's problem. The people paying me want you out of this shrine. How I get rid of you is up to me. So….we can do this peaceful like or we can be savages, take your pick"

The baboon snickers; "I'll leave under one condition"

Kel tilts his head to the side out of iron sights for a moment; "That being?"

The baboon's bright yellows dim and his static fur seemed to rest on his shoulders. "There is a human girl that comes here everyday. She smells of flowers and always leaves an offering for me. Because of the daylight and the priests that work the shrine, I cannot come out at day, so when I see her I can never truly convey my appreciation for her sacrifices….bring the girl here allow me to speak with her just once. And I will leave willing"


A gunshot rings out in the dead of night as blood splatters all over the sando.

The demon baboon wails out of in pain as it's left eye was blown open like a popped grape. The beast writhes and shrieks; "You insect bastard!" enraged the demon, rips the rooftop off of the shamusho and hurls it like a frisbee to which Kel leaps backward and hits his back as the flying spinning rooftop just misses him by a hair!

Wham! He hits the ground then quickly rolls to his feet to see the Baboon just in front of him with a fist jacked backwards!

"Liar! Just like the rest!" he shrieks before thrusting a yokai energy imbued fist at Kel!

"Whoa!" at the last second Kel lifts the silver sword and the monkey's fist collides with the magically imbued steel causing an explosion of power, with the concussive force of said blast hurling them both away from eachother!

After the dust settles, Kel rises from a pile of rocks seeing nearly half of the Shrine's landing destroyed from that attack. There was no way he was going to talk himself out of the damage, he could only hope they weren't going to cut this from his pay...but he didn't have the luxury to worry about that, he had to complete this hunt and more importantly than that his right arm was completely thrashed. Blocking that punch was too much and his right arm dangled at his side like a wet noodle, blood dripping from mangled bone punching through muscle.

"You tricked me into actually believing you were a human with codes and morals" in the middle of the destruction a dark shadow rises, the baboon demon's eyes glowing red with anger now.

"I am...but that shit you asked for was borderline unreasonable. You're telling me to go out and find some girl, a girl by the way whose only descriptor is 'she smells like flowers', at three in the morning to come talk to a big ugly blue assed baboon? Sounds like a hassle...I'd much rather fight you instead"

The anger seemed to radiate off of the baboon with such intensity that it painted the entire shrine red and the silvery moonlight blanketing the shinto property was replaced with a hot fiery aura. "Ahhhhhh!" the baboon let's out a shriek that throws Kel off of his footing and the beast with the speed of a cheetah bolts at him and phases in above his head.

In the seconds between the baboon's next move, Kel quickly reaches to his back grabbing the grenade launcher and with a FWOO! He fires a grenade off into the baboon's open, roaring mouth. The grenade goes down it's throat! And with a muffle BOOOM! The beast hurls up fire and black smog.



He fires three more grenades off and the blasts sends the baboon sliding backward, each blast like a powerful punch to the beast burning and plucking patches of it's fur away leaving exposed bloodied flesh.

With a flash of crimson light the Baboon's eyes widen; "DON'T GET COCKY HUMAN!" thew baboon's yokai energy explodes from his body as he slams both of his palms into the ground and rips the earth from the ground causing the sando and the earth beneath it! The entire shrine flips upward and falls like a massive tidal wave of earth!

"Cho Chabudai Gaeshi!"

Without skipping a beat Kel quickly releases the grenade launcher to fall at his side on the sling. Then he simply holds out his left hand and his silver sword blasts out of a pile of rubble and shoots straight out into his hand. 'It won't be as strong with my left arm but I'll be damn if I go down without going all out!' with that Kel whips the sword up onto his shoulder as he squats down turning to one side with that his entire body bulges with muscles and his sword explodes with silver shining aura. "You're not the only one who can dish out giant crazy ultimate attacks buddy!"

"For the Sake of Paying my Rent Style: Final Flash GIGA SLASH!"

Kel swings his sword releasing a massive wave of silver aura from his blade that matches the tidal wave of earth causing another massive explosion that eclipses the moonlight itself!


Written by Burnt Waffle

Ring. Ring! Ring.

Wake up. Wake up.
Ring. Ring! Ring.
Wake up, Mister Nostrand.

That annoying alarm clock waking him up again. The little blue bird shaped alarm clock was as noisy and annoying as ever and Kel especially contemplated shooting it when he has to wake up in pain.

He leans up from his messy bed and reaches for the pain killers resting at his bedside but instead of touching the amber colored pill bottle, he pulls back a piece of paper with instructions on how to change his bandages and a calling card left behind by the on demand physician. It was the first time he'd used the Doc on Demand App but it really was way better than getting beaten up first then dragging his broken body to a hospital. Best part was they were cheap and he didn't have to get berated by the Hospital staff about medical insurance. This particular doctor that patched him up was called "Mei Ling" as it says on the card, he didn't remember a single thing and maybe that was for the best. Mei Ling sounds like the name of a beautiful woman and he sucks at talking to women.

After brushing up with one hand, he slips on a generic name brand t-shirt and his cleanest pair of jeans that didn't have blood or taco salsa on them. Putting on close is a bitch with a broken arm but when you've been busted up as much as he has, it becomes just another fight.

Then he headed into the living room where his sweet set-up of nearly every video game console on the planet all seamlessly blended to a mounted television by various wires and antenna. Seeing the master set up of GameStation, Y-Box and Entendo Mii systems and the 16bit retro consoles Mega Genesis and the Ultra Entendo. And he'd love nothing more than to take a seat on the lazy boy and smash out twelve to sixteen hours of quests, zombie slaying, robot busting and forging relationships with procedurally generated 3D space crews with fleshed out backgrounds. But gaming as a man is different from gaming as a boy...the rent…

Out of panic he darts around the living room three times. "Where's my fuckin' phone?" he says to no one. Anxiety building he suddenly remembers! He used Doc on Demand. Which means by the clause of the app all doctors have to put personal possessions of the client in a medical bag! And since he was unconscious the whole time the bag would be beside his pillow!

He steps into his bedroom to just barely be hit in the face by a wooden sword. Swoosh!

"Whoa! What the fu-" before he could finish his sentence a tall miko steps out of his bedroom with a cold stare and a still grip on her bokken. Kel notices the red color of her kimono; "You're a miko from the southern Shinto Shrine! I killed that damn monkey for you didn't I?! Why did you attack? How the hell did you even get in here? I barred my windows!"

"I am Takayanagi Utada and yes I did work at the Shinto Shrine...before you destroyed it!"

Kel suddenly feels a sinking feeling inside but he keeps his eyes on the miko's hands. "Look the monkey…"

"His name was Sabukichi and he was no threat to us. You vile bastard!"
"Ahh fuck off...if he was so damn important why did you guys hire me to do him in then?"
"You lie"

"Nope! I was just headed to my phone right now to see if my deposit's finished going through"

Utada glares at Kel taking note of his right arm in a sling and covered in bandages. By the way he moved he didn't seem to be a threat. So she reaches into her bust and pulls out a wooden talisman. She lights it on fire with her own soul and summons forth a fox spirit. Bring me his phone she telepathically orders the spirit and it immediately locates his phone from a medical bag beside his pillow and with it's own telepathic powers it hovers the phone into Utada's waiting hand.

Kel would have commented on how cool that was if his privacy wasn't being violated.

She accesses his bank transactions which wasn't all the hard to unlock much to her surprise. Checking his deposits there was afew from other companies but none under the Goken family name. But there was a deposit from a "Shinto Shrine Group". Utada leers up at him; "Who did you say hired you again?"

"You guys!" Kel replies angrily; "Now gimme my damn phone!"

She tosses it back to him. "Who set up the deal? Did you get a name?"
"No, I usually get my jobs through a third party. They negotiate the job with the client first then they send the contract to…." Kel explains as he surfs through is phone. He suddenly pauses as he glares at his bank account sum. There was no deposit, his account sat at a negative 2 credits. "OH SHIT! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY MONEY!?"

Utada was still hung up on his last sentence; "They send the contract to who?"
The anxiety shoots into overdrive and suddenly Kel grabs his heart and drops the phone. "OH SHIT! OH SHIT! RENT'S DUE TOMORROW!"

Utada grabs Kel by his shoulders and shakes him. "Hey! Hey! Relax...just breath! Breeeeath"

Covered in a cold sweat Kel's frantic eyes manage to reach her and following the demonstration from her soft pink lips. How she inhales slowly, then exhales. He follows her example, inhales, exhales, slow, easy. "Now...nice and slow, tell me. Who is the third party that negotiates the deal for you, demon slayer?"

After calming down completely he picks up his phone; "Zod Entertainment"

Utada nods; "Hmm..." with that she wacks Kel over the face with her bokken and he goes flying into a bookshelf off comics and videogame cases.

"Ah...the fuck was that for?"
"You destroyed the one and only light in my life. That's for the shrine and Sabukichi. The only reason you're not dead is because you were manipulated. Take your penance and pray for forgiveness because you won't get it from me, demon slaying bastard"

Kel wipes the blood from his lip; "Aren't miko's supposed to be preservers of life. The hell are you talking about killing?"

She doesn't bother with an answer and gracefully exits Kel's apartment through the balcony door and jumps over the railing with her fox spirit following, to which he hurried after her instinctively, this was the fifth floor afterall. He looks over the edge after struggling with his arm only to see nothing but a busy street and a bustling sidewalk below. It was as if she didn't exist at all, but the pain in his jaw said different.

"Shit..." he curses and marches back into his bedroom and pulls a silver case from beneath his bed. He opens the case and pulls out an automatic M4 Carbine. Even though he only had one arm, it was easier to use this to take out multiple opponents at one time versus a handgun, to make up for his lack of an arm. He summons his Silver Sword which flies in at him from beneath a pile of cloths, attaches it to his back, gathers ammo magazines strapped them to his tactical belt and finally threw his brown leather jacket over his back.

Locked and loaded.

"Somebody's gonna gimme my fuckin' rent money"