This is the moment Joey The Great has been waiting for his entire life, his shot at the Strong Man Heavyweight Wrestling Championship. And he's not about to let some pencil neck sissy such as Nathan kill-Joy ruin his opportunity. They stare each other down in the squared circle. Both of them know that history will be made tonight, but there can only be one champion. The referee tells them he wants a clean fight; no chair shots, low blows, etc. The bell rings signaling the start of the match. Immediately, the two goliaths lock arms in a test of strength. Of course, no one can match the awesome strength and stamina of Joey The Great. He easily overpowers Kill-Joy and throws him into the ropes. As Kill-Joy ricochets off the ropes, he comes into contact with Joey's right foot. He hits the floor hard. The crowd roars with excitement and adulation, but Joey does not let this distract him. He waste no time in capitalizing on his advantage. He follows up with a power bomb, a face buster and a ddt. He is dominating his opponent and it is wiping the crowd into a frenzy. It is time to finish it. Joey climbs the turn buckle to the top rope and raises his fist high in the air. His millions of fans in attendance, as well as the billions watching at home, know exactly what coming. Just as he is about to take to the air to perform his world famous five star frog splash, the door to his bedroom swings wide open. There stands his mother with a disapproving scowl on her face. The fantasy is over, he is no longer Joey The Great. He is simply Joey, a small seven year old boy playing in his tighty whities. The dastardly Nathan Kill-Joy returns to being a simple stuffed teddy bear.

"Joesph Lee!" his mother begins to scold him. "What in the world are you doing? Making all this racket! Get off that bed this instant young man!"

Of course, young Joey complies with his mother's demand, slightly embarrassed to be caught playing such childish make believe. After all, he was almost eight years old and in his mind he was fast approaching adulthood.

"Now" his mother continues, " I told you half an hour ago to have this room in tip-top shape."

Joey hang his head in shame, avoiding eye contact. "When I come back up here this room better be as clean as a whistle, got it?"

"Yes, Mother," Joey replies still looking downcast. With that his mother departed. Later that night, after having cleaned his room to his mother's satisfaction he laid peacefully asleep in bed dreaming of stardom and championship belts. As well as a giant eye tentacle monster, but mostly he dreamed of wrestling.