To the boy who could never love me

Gentle, sweet and funny,
beyond genuine and true
I think these are the reasons
I sort of fell for you

It happened without warning
your smile made me catch my breath
Suddenly your eyes held meaning
And I was scared to death

What if I'm not good enough?
What if you don't feel the same?
What if you leave me alone
to walk back the way I came?

I am not the kind of girl to make the first move,
but with you, I took a chance
Hoping you might be on board
Hoping you and I could have this dance

I made the leap right off the edge
but hit the solid ground
You said that there was someone else
It was true love you may have found

Those words hit me like a ton of bricks
solidly to my heart
I was about four months too late
I was far behind her from the very start

And of course I will back off
I would never step between
two people who are falling in love
I'm not the kind to cause a scene

I am sorry I said anything
but I'll never let you see
All the tears I've shed for you
How much you're hurting me.

Each time I think I'm past this
I've gotten over you
I see you out and about somewhere
And each time, I know the truth

Those eyes of yours still get to me
your smile is even worse
I just wish I had noticed my feelings
I just wish I had gotten to you first

Each time I see you now
it's like opening the wound again
I silently scream inside my head
I don't know how to just be your friend

I am a strong woman
so I'll just take it all in stride
push the thought of you out of mind
And pretend everything is fine

Deep down, I still want you
but I know we will never be
I really like who I am around you
you brought out the best of me.

I do not expect a thing from you
I understand you don't feel the same
It's probably best I just move on
And lock my heart back in its cage.