A well-rounded professional, Phil Lovin has worked with REAP NYC as the Chief Chaplin and Volunteer Coordinator for the past three years, and in various other fields, including animal advocacy, addiction recovery, retail, business sector, and more. Despite always making great strides at different points in his career, he has made sure that his personal life never takes a back seat to work. When not occupied with professional commitments, he enjoys cooking, traveling, hiking, and exploring historical areas.

Phil Lovin is also a great admirer of the National Park Service and appreciates how brilliantly they have been managing the conservation and historical properties across the country since 1961. The National Park (NPS) is a United States Federal Government's agency responsible for managing the country's national monuments, national parks, conservation and historical properties. Two of the National Parks that he has been actively supporting are – The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and The Blue Ridge Parkway.

About Phil Lovin

Phil Lovin has worked with REAP NYC for the last 3 years as Chief Chaplin and Volunteer Coordinator. Talking about his educational background, Phil has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree in Psychology. He also has a doctorate degree in theology and in ministry (seminary). In addition to that, he has received special education in counseling as well.

He is quite passionate about helping others overcome addiction and put their lives back on track. In that order, he volunteers for a number of organizations in NYC that share the same vision. He loves to cook and go hiking with his friends. Whenever he gets some time away from work, Phil prefers spending it exploring historical places.