CNTR Academy was one of many institutions to attempt a purely digital learning environment for the youths of the world. From the outside, their campus seemed to be a huge place that struck many with awe, but it must be remembered that the entire world around the school is still merely a digitally constructed space.

At the gate, a circle is laid down neatly, allowing avatars to transfer to the map with ease.

Then, the entire space around them is free to explore. The gardens, the yards, the playgrounds - all are available to walk on, with the only collision material being the school buildings themselves. Inside, however, worked differently.

From the outside, you could see inside the windows and the open doors and entrances, but they are always empty, devoid of any sign of life. Only when you walk through a set transfer point will you be warped to a different map, where you can then witness other users and objects.

As her first time setting foot in this digital institution, while it was still only the beginning, she felt like the people in charge definitely knew their stuff here.

The palm tree avatar with legs, code name 'PALMA', calmly walked through one of the main entrances of the buildings. As her avatar faded in preparation for teleportation, a weird feeling overtook her plant body. When she appeared at a different map, she glanced down at herself.

"...ooh, weird," the girl remarked, somewhat intrigued. She twirled around to make sure nothing was wrong with her avatar, then glanced back at the entrance, as more and more student avatars popped into existence.

An invisible smile formed, and she walked towards the entrance, warping back to the school's front yard.

Palma chuckled to herself. "Neat. I could get used to this."

Then, she warped back to the interior corridors or the institution.

"Definitely could get used to this," she said.

"Um... excuse me," another voice asked, prompting the palm tree to turn around and come face to face with another strange avatar - a human-sized soda can labeled 'SPITE'. Judging by the voice, it was another girl.

Palma blinked, or at least, she knew she did. "...uh, hi."

"...hello," the soda can avatar replied. "I, uh, I noticed that you've been... going back and forth, between the maps," she said.

I mean... yeah, like, once, Palma thought. "I... suppose you did," she replied. "Can I... help you?"

Clearly also not one for conversation, the soda can looked around nervously. "...sorry, I'm just... a bit concerned," she eventually said. "I'm... not too used to talking to people here, so... um. Sorry, am I... am I wasting your time?"

"No, no, you're fine," the palm tree replied. Eesh. Feels. "I'm also... not much of a talkative person," she said. "I just thought, uh, the teleport process felt... nice."

"Oh. Oh, I... I see." At that, the two went silent, unsure of what else they could talk about to keep a conversation going.

Ah, whatever, Palma thought. "So, um... my code name's PALMA. And... you?"

"Oh, um. I'm SODIE," the soda can replied and bowed courteously. "If, if you want, I can... bring up my profile screen."

"You can do that?" Palma asked, to which the female soda can nodded. "Well, uh, sure. I'll... try to do the same, too, maybe." Guess I should try to see what I can do in this virtual reality too. As some screens emerged from nowhere in front of her new acquaintance, Palma tapped a floating gear icon in the corner of her vision, opening her own holographic screens.

She navigated around randomly, trying to find the course of options that would lead to her opening her own profile page, but sheer curiosity led her to tap other random choices instead.

Meanwhile, Sodie eventually sighed with relief and, with her circular manifestation of hands, dragged her screen to the palm tree's... 'eyes', or 'head', or wherever the line of sight started for the girl. "Um, here. I'm SODIE, the... soda can. Nice to meet you."

(SPITE Soda Can)

Sex: F
- Sexual orientation not set -

Class: B

Birthday: Friday
May 13

Hello! I'm Sodie!

- Information not set -

"Ooh. Nice profile," Palma noted. "Kinda... empty, though, I guess."

"S, sorry," Sodie apologized. "I've, um, only discovered these things shortly after coming here, so... I didn't really have much time to, you know, work on it..."

"No, no, it's fine," the palm tree said. "I didn't even know about these things, so... in a way, you, uh, helped me. Probably?"

"Oh. Then, uh... I'm glad I'm somewhat helpful!" the soda can replied, clearly elated.

Then Palma eventually got to opening her own profile as well. "Uh, I guess here's mine. First time opening this, huh."

(Palm Tree)

Sex: F
- Sexual orientation not set -

Class: B

Birthday: - Day not set -
- Date not set -

- Information not set -

- Information not set -

"Oh, um... almost the same as me," Sodie remarked.

"Yeah, I'll, uh... probably work on filling this out more today. Later, maybe."

Sodie then tilted her head. "Oh! You're also in Class B! I guess, um, this makes us classmates!" she said.

Palma nodded. "I... guess. That's nice to know," she said. Closing her screen, she turned back to the soda can and smiled (which, again, wasn't really shown on her avatar). "Um, so... nice to meet you, Sodie?"

"Ni, nice to meet you too, Palma," Sodie replied happily.

As conversation soon faded, the two were once again left without any clues for what else they should discuss. They were now acquaintances, or perhaps, friends, but in general, they were still pretty much strangers to each other.

"So, uh... should we... go?" Palma eventually suggested.

"Ah. Yes, I guess... we should," Sodie said with frantic nods.

The two then awkwardly turned opposite of the entrance portal and stared ahead through the corridor of the main building.

"...let's walk together?" Palma suggested.

"Um, okay," Sodie replied.

And thus the two nervously made their way through the school, relieved they were probably doing well in terms of friendship (not that they were impressive in the slightest).