Designing the residential and commercial structures, architects perform tasks much beyond it. They always take into account the style, safety, and sustainability of the building in order to ensure that it meets the needs of its occupants as well as the requirements of the state and federal regulators. These architects work closely with the clients and meet them several times to learn their objectives, budget, and any specific requirements for the project. They also work with other related professionals and have the excellent oral and written communication skills.

Considering designing, planning, and developing as his daily routine, David Hezkial works to provide pre design figures such as environmental impact, cost analysis, and land-use study. He creates the final construction plans which are then used by the builders as a guide on how the look and details of the building will play out, including plumbing, communication and heating, electrical, ventilation, and structural systems,

As a licensed architect, David always follows the building codes, fire regulations, zoning laws, and city ordinances when creating their plans. He always stays up-to-date on policy, zoning, and regulation changes. He is always in on the latest energy-efficient products, building styles, and must research the area they are building to ensure their design matches current building structures. Making use of a lot of technology, David Hezkial is highly trained and familiar with the computer aided drafting systems, building modeling, and other relevant technologies. He conceptualizes and experiments with different construction approaches through software and is familiar with the basic office software.

About David Hezkial

David loves to design, and is specifically trained and licensed to work in the planning and design of buildings. His role is quite varied and fascinating who leads the process of creating functional spaces, from concept to design to a full realization of those designs. He believes that he is not just responsible for the design of a building, but also ensures the public safety and overseeing of projects. David Hezkial is an artistic individual who is creative, intuitive, sensitive, articulate, and expressive.