Break the Silver Pool

As I sit looking in this mirror, like so many times before.

There you are looking back at me with hollow eyes that are trying so hard to find something.

Now I fallen through the fake glass of life; and tumbled down the reflective path of the past.

I see me as someone else, someone lost trying to find them self.

I wish I could help her, him…I am not sure. Break the silver pool and let me out.

I look in another day, and find the girl everyone says is there…I sit and stare as she disappears. Why can't they see who is really looking through these eyes? I have fallen once again, and now I wade through the lies. I know I am in the wrong place and have the wrong face, but how do I get them to see the real me. Break the silver pool and let me out.

Trapped in this perception of what everyone believes, I try to let go and float. Wave upon endless wave it beats at what I try to hide, I let the ride go too far. Now I am surrounded by a sea of doubt…how do I get back, find what I need. I have spent so much energy on hiding the real me, I don't know if I can. Break the silver pool and let me out.

I have finally let some in to see me for the one I truly am; with some I have let walk in the mechanics of my core, and here they have learned to take a piece of what I feel. I am not so sure this was the best thing to do. Some are different now, but maybe this will let them see what I believe. No matter the life you live, or the time in which you live it…the reflection is up to you so give the one you want given. Break the silver pool and let me out.

If they take me for who I truly am, then everything I have let out is for anyone to use to grow to get to know their own soul. I won't feel as naked as I do right now. I hope this will help someone reflect on the path of the past, let them get out of life's fake glass. Break the silver pool and let me out.

I stand here and look at what I have become deep inside I am balanced. The lies unravel fast now and in a small way I miss the old me; I know this is absurd, but the silver pool has been broken and my truth it has been heard.

By: Sylvia Blankinship