Zilos Chronicles Volume Three: Prototype

The world of Marvados is on the verge of falling into chaos because of the actions of the deranged members of the Iblis Corps terrorists organization and their leader the" God of War".

The man of many names, Alec Steel, Ares, Soreil, and more has only one true face, the face of a man who craves the total eradication of humanity to replace them with some new superior race. Wither Ares's plans are based in any act of reality, its clear his desire to see humanity exterminated is clear.

Richard Zilos and his order the Crimson Tengu Ravens are some of the few people on the planet even aware of the so called" God of War"s plan, but after being unaware of the nature of the Dragon Helix Emerald's power caused Richard and his ally the techno organic dragon Greymont to go berserk and cause a volcanic eruption after being possessed by the spirit that seemed to dwell in the magical gem, the world that once saw Richard's order as hero's now saw them as more terrible terrorists then the Iblis Corps.

Richard and his allies such as Dan Nicholson, Voltaire Joachim, Claire Da Lune, and his new enemy turned ally former homicide detective Roxanne Starlin barely managed to survive the cruel betrayal of former member Troy McGuire, but managed to defy the odds and fight there way out of there own base through the combined forces under the corrupt Chief of Detectives in Los Midas, Decosta Ortega,even taking down one of the elite members of the Iblis Corps, the demon with the title of Venomous Suijin, Cucuzza Meflia .

Now on the run with most of the world seeking his dead, Richard must figure out how to ensure that the rebellion he ignited does not amount to nothing.

"It's one thing to declare something, anyone can proclaim even the most outrageous tales. However, results are not so easily fabricated, it takes true resolve to see speech's made reality, to see movements realize their objectives.

-The start of the speech made from Andross Von Zilos after he became the next King of the Aurino Kingdom.

The Vengeful Inferno

Chapter One: To Rebound From the Brink of the Abyss

The island state of Dranova was known for many things across the years, but at the present time like many former war-zones across Marvados, the location where humans realized there victory over dragons, to the rest of the world its seen entirely as a " hotspot" for vacations.

Most don't even remember why it's important and just like how the photos look for their family holiday card.

One such man was currently with his family trying to get them all lined up for the camera in front of a massive pillar like tower that was taller than the clouds that had various dragon statues as decorations across its large structure.

The father thought he had his photo set before he saw his son give his sister " bunny" ears and frowned." Knock it off Kenny! You keep that up and we won't even see the dinos in that tower and that's the whole reason we booked a trip here!"

Before his son could protest the father heard someone clear a male voice clear his throat." Your mistaken sir, those are not" Dino"s but dragons."

The overweight father swerved around to see the voice came from a man behind him with neck-length blond hair.

He had somewhat of a lean look, which accented his cheekbones and underlying musculature stature. Yet a good portion of his features remained impossible to discern, as he wore a set of black sunglasses of the opaquest type, with lenses large enough to obscure quite a bit of his face. The rest of him was in a neat, clean, black business suit.

The father saw this man in shades had a pose of total confidence before he raised an eyebrow." That so? You a tour guide around these parts or something?"

The man in shades paused for a moment, before he let out a wry chuckle and readjusted his shades." Oh…I suppose do have quite a lot of fascination with the Tower of Judgment, and everything around it. You can call me Mr. Steel."

"That so? The name's Burt, Burt Samson. You one of those fancy historians Steel? To be honest long as you know what's what around these parts you sound good to me! You look like a busy fella but could you do me a solid? Can you take a picture of me and my family?"

The blond man paused for a moment, before his smiled widened." I'll be happy to, as long as you don't mind answering a question I have. Its, for a survey you see."

"Oh so you are working for the cruise eh? If it helps give me a chance at a bonus prize on the ship I'm all for it."

"Glad you're so eager. Its rather simple. You see, there was a report of a robbery on your cruise, and well, we can't have a bad apple rot the whole tree now yes? Have you seen anyone on your vacation that looked, suspicious?"

"Whoa nelly this is serious eh? Sorry, have not seen anyone that looked like a mugger or anything."

"Is that so? I know it's too much to expect you to remember every person on a venture such as this but if you seen anyone that looked like they were hiding something it would be, vital to let me know."

"Sorry man, I admit I was drunk for most of the trip but no one seemed fishy to me. Sure, people make funny faces but that's life eh?"

"Is it now? You do seem like, quite the trusting person mister Samson. Don't be modest, if you think it could be the staff feel free to come forth. We know there are some locals who still…resentful of tourists treating them lightly."

"Damn you're a hard boss eh Mister Steel? Maybe so but no one seemed fishy to me. Sure, there are bad apples in every tree but most of the people are decent. I was a cop in Articos for decades and I know all about crooks. Crooks are crooks, but people are mostly good."

"I know we like to tell are children nice stories to make them behave but you can be honest to me Burt. Surely, you're not mistrustful of the local Dranova citizens just a little? Its natural after all, they are not your kind, and its human nature to mistrust those that are different."

"Is this a trick question Mister Steel? Just saying, sure scared people can jump to conclusions, but we are civilized men and all! Long as they are not doing nothing wrong no need to judge them right? I mean that's just how people are eh?"

"Just how…people are you say? Heh…Burt…I see you're a kind man."

"Just want to set a good example to my kids so they grow up right. No one's perfect but a father does what he can for his kids you know? For now, that's giving my kids the best picture to remember it by."

"Fair enough. I suppose that's all I can ask…from a man like you. Very well, you fulfilled your part of the deal, I can only return the favor. You want your picture yes? Have everyone move, just a little more to the left."

Burt smiled as he gave Mr. Steel the camera. He then went to his family as they positioned themselves behind the hexagon skyscraper sized tower with dragon statues towering above them. The man with sunglasses glanced at the camera before his smile widened." You certainly are putting quite a lot of work into this vacation eh?"

"I take it you're not a family man? No offense, just that if you were you would know how important these kinds of things are. I mean sure this is not gonna be are only vacation, but you only get one moment, right?"

The blond man in front of him paused before he looked down." Your right, I'm not a family man Burt. Even so, I fully understand how important it is to hold on to try and capture the perfect moment. After all, you never known how soon such moments can fade, forever lost to you. Are you ready Burt? Ready to grasp the moment?"

"Hell yah buddy let's do it!"

"Very well then, let's begin."

The man in business attire snapped his fingers just as the family in front of him said cheese. A moment later an explosive noise burst out. While Burt nearly was deafened by the noise, he just let out a hearty laugh in response." God damn this tour goes all out eh kids? Told you it was worth forking over the extra cash eh hun? Huh? Can you hear me or what Carol?"

Burt noticed his wife's jaw had dropped, till she suddenly screamed. He swerved to where she was looking and realized the explosion had come from a restaurant to the right. As he saw people screaming all around him he blinked a few times to make sure his eyes were working." Wait, that's not part of the show? Did, some fuel tank go crazy or something?"

Another explosion, this time from the right snapped Burt's attention before Steel casually lowered his sunglasses to reveal his blue eyes." Your mistaken Burt, this is part of the show. Alas, it's just not the show you, or any of your fellow drunk vermin were expecting."

Burt's jaw dropped at the man in front of him's drastic shift in behavior, till a roar caused his head to swerve to the right. He saw that the roar came from a jet sized metallic bird soaring across the sky before his jaw dropped." Wait, that's one of those Saker Grizanaught's doing around these parts? The hell kind of war game is this?"

Steel was the only one in the area who was not rattled, even as the Saker Grizanaught, and others from the clouds above begun bombarding the area." Oh, I think only very select individuals see this as a game my friend. But this game has begun all the same."

Some of the local police tried to shoot back at the sudden attackers, till beams of energy burst out of the ocean and vaporized them before they even noticed. Burt saw the beams came from metallic shark like mecha, the Sakhalin Hunter type Grizanaught before he saw men in brown and green armor start to drop from the sky and cursed as he staggered back." This, this joke ain't funny anymore! Call the captain and tell them to knock it off already!"

One of the Sakhalin Hunter's swam to the port before a speaker turned on." Attention to all! The lands of Dranova are being reclaimed by their rightful owners, the proud citizens of Cratosika! We will only give one warning, any who resist will be sentenced to death with an instantaneous execution!

We of the proud Cratosika Sables refuse to submit to treaties made up by foreigners and traitors! We will not let anyone get in the way of reclaiming our honor! Submit to our justice or perish in our fury!"

Burt saw soldiers start firing on all who resisted, and as he saw the aerial and aquatic Grizanaught mecha bombard the port and blow up one building after another he turned to his family as grim panic flashed across his face as he saw the doors to one of the store's basement.

The fact that the owner of the store was bleeding to death a few feet from the door just made him look at his family with grim resolve." Quickly everyone, hide in the cellar! It, it will all blow over just like that storm last year yah hear?"

He steered his wife and kids to the wine cellar, driven entirely on desperate instinct. As he saw his family get under, he frantically got the doors and begun to close them. Before he could pull them shut he heard Steel cry out," Wait Burt, help me!"

Burt saw the thinner man looked stressed as he was heading for him, and saw Cratosika Sables were running up from the right before he turned pale." Sorry man, not enough time."

"Please Burt, if I don't get it they will kill me!"

"Nothing personal Steel." Burt spat out as he grasped the handles tightly." You seem like a decent fella, but don't have the luxury to be a good neighbor, got to see my family safe first! Good luck."

Burt saw Steel's dismay and quickly closed the door. He heard an explosion erupt a moment later before he huddled with his family." It will be ok. Things might get a bit crazy but just keep your heads down and we will get out ok. After all, we are just tourists, this has nothing to do with us!"

His wife and kids smiled, but just as he smiled back another explosion was heard right in front of them, one that sounded like a lighting bolt.

Everyone yelled in terror as all the machinery in the cellar seemed to short circuit and sparks burst out.

To Burt's horror purple glowing snakes seeped into the door, and hissed at the family before they suddenly burst, releasing acid like substance that melted the heavy metal doors.

As fragments of the door fell with large clanging noises, Steel was above Burt and his family, with a look of raw contempt." Nothing to do with us you say? I think not. Alas, you can no longer hide behind your delusional bubble."

Burt saw that Alec was unharmed, and that the commandos were around him, but looked like they were keeping their distance, nearly like they were afraid of him before his jaw dropped." The hell's this all about Steel? I, I don't get this at all."

"That's clear. I'm very busy so I'll make this quick. You were just a small game I played to past the time Burt Samson. I wanted to see if my stance on humanity should be changed since I started this, but you made it clear the nature of humanity has not changed, not one bit."

"Game? How the hell is this a game?"

"Oh, it's very easily a game, a game about the nature of man. You see this world is sick, dying of the virus that is humanity. Such an illness must be purged. Yet before the infestation is purged forever, I wanted to wage one final experiment to make sure the data to my thesis was not, faulty.

Don't feel to special, your just where the dice rolled on. Yes…Bill Samson, a man of average education who found average employment as an average member of your town's postal force.

Your wife…both of average appearance and of breeding that bore you two children. Truly, in every way, you're the representative of your nation's average. One of millions who live and die by your routine.

Normally slumming among genetic dead-ends like you who only breed, consume, and die is insufferable to me. Alas, to prove the coming reckoning is precise, I wanted to prove the true heart of man. But, in the end you proved my point precisely."

"What the hell are you ranting about? What point? All that happened is that you took a picture of my family and then stuff blew up and we ran!"

"My Burt, your memory is being quite selective. To many headbutt's over the years? You forgot the part where you shut the door on me, all but sentencing me to death?! You said you were a" civilized" man yes? Was it very civilized to leave your fellow man to die?"

Burt saw the man in front of him had a venomous look to his eyes before his confusion morphed to anger." The hell is this…some sort of prank for one of those game shows? It was nothing personal, I just had to protect my family first!"

"That's the best you can do? You had ample time to let me in to, yet you condemned me anyway."

"I, I swear it was nothing personal! I, I just reacted to protect my family! I, I just could not take no chances. It, it's not so black and white when a man has to protect his family yah hear?"

Steel paused before he snickered darkly and walked right up to Burt. While his hands where in his pockets, the fatter man and his family all were as pale as ghosts as Streel slowly approached them as his eyes grew more and more murderous by the second. "Au contraire Burt…it's so very black and white.

Any person that knows someone plans to kill his family will kill him where he stands, and then destroy his family…his family's family, and then raze there entire village to dust and scour his ashes' to the depths of the planet! But tell me Burt, what happens when one can't protect their family? What's left?"

Burt looked at his wife and gulped before he tried to mutter an answer. He was too anxious to speak coherently. Steel saw his fear and responded by cackling with delight as sparks of lighting crackled across his fingertips." The thought did not even cross your mind Burt? Then I'll share what I would do, what I will do! I would, I will make everyone related to those who took my family away from me suffer the same pain I felt, and return that feeling a thousand fold so they would understand my despair, my hatred! And if the entire world and the society in it was responsible, then the whole world simply has to burn in my vengeful inferno of hate!"

Burt saw pitch black flames were starting to dance around the blond man's fingers before he stepped back." No…you're a wizard Steel?"

"Ah, so you do have the capacity for some observation in that brain of yours eh Burt? Well, your almost right but I assure you I'm far from any mere wizard."

"You, you're some sort of demon, a monster!"

Burt raised his fist and prepared to throw a punch, before Steel waved his hand and a wall of black fire came between the two. As Burt yelled out in fear at realizing his family was suddenly surrounded by fire Steel narrowed his eyes." Sticks and stones eh Burt? People call me many things, but in the end I'm what this world shaped me into. Still…you have my sincere thanks for your, contribution to my thesis.

Even a" civilized man who lives by noble ideals quickly reverts to his savage nature as soon as your fears can't be kept under a lid. Yes…just a little fear that your neighbor's a terrorist trying to gut you, or might get you sick, and that's all it takes for civilized society to unravel into a savage that abides by the mantra of "last man standing" eh? It's simply human nature, and if that's human nature, then it's time for the nature of man to be changed, once and for all."

Burt saw Alec raise his hand and, in an instant, got on his knees to start begging." Please Mister Steel, please don't do it! No matter how mad you are at me please don't hurt my family! They are innocent, I swear to Mavlos they are innocent, so you don't got to do this!"

Steel paused for a moment before his arm dropped. Burt allowed a smug of hope to sprout as the man before him sighed." Your correct Burt, I don't have to do this."

Burt smiled, before the man in shades swerved around and snapped his fingers. The insurgents around him looked at each other and chuckled as they started walking into the cellar. Burt saw some of them have hungry looks in their eyes before he stepped back." What, what is this?"

Steel's smirk widened once more as he shrugged." Your quite right that I don't have to do anything to you Burt. Truth is I'm a very busy man and I wasted enough time with worthless vermin like you as it is.

However, if these…not so refined gentlemen have designs to do things to you and your family then well, long as they don't get in my way that's not really my problem now eh?

It does seem these locals have quite a lot of grievance with you, if not you personally then your fellow citizens looking down and exploiting them for decades. I guess all those lackluster tips did matter in the end eh Burt?"

"No…please no, my children are innocent!"

To his horror Steel just let out a cold, depraved laugh, to the point that he nearly keeled over. When he got up, he removed his shades to show the pure hate in his eyes." Oh now that's hilarious, you have some humor after all eh Burt? Oh but I assure you I know from personal experience that children can be far from innocent, and as many a teacher would gladly tell you, can be just as cruel and treacherous as those that spawned them.

Yes…there is no true innocent, there is no one that will escape damnation! And speaking of that, things I in fact care about beckon so I bid you a painful rest of your worthless existence Burt Samson."

The guerrillas then ran in and one wasted no time punching Burt in the face. As one grasped Burt's wife Steel raised an eyebrow before he made a pausing gesture. The gunmen froze instantly before Steel sighed." That's right, I never did take that photo eh? I think I'll keep it for my own scrap book though if you don't mind."

The man in the business suit took the picture of the horrified family before he snickered. He waved at the gunmen to continue and walked out. While Burt cursed him he just chucked some more, delighted at hearing the screams behind him.

As he walked out to the streets and casually kicked a person on the ground out of his way another Guerrilla soldier ran up to him." The invasion is going as planned Mister Steel. Though, some of my men want to know what to do with hostages."

"What of it Colonel Bilavsky?" The blond man responded casually." I don't recall we needed hostages for this operation. Just inform your men to not get distracted with personal desires."

Bilavsky nodded before he issued orders to his men. Steel smirked as he saw that the various Grizanaught mecha were bombarding the cruise ships with lasers and missiles and aside from the Tower of Judgment, most of the area in front of him was in flames.

The sight caused Steel to look amused as he crossed his arms." I had my doubts, but it seems theses sables really are hungry for glory. It is nice when a plan unfolds smoothly, though, it's all too easy for things to unravel. Yes, speaking of that, Morgana, mind a status update on how anyone's reacting?"

He pressed into his ear, before a woman gave out a sultry giggle over the comm-link in his ear." Don't be doubting your self Soreil, you caught everyone with their pants down! The fleets are just starting to mobilize but these boys will be able to dig in deep all over Dranova by the time they arrive.

Zandoris and Deacon both are being antsy and want to smack them around. Honestly my Fireflies want some action to, sure you won't want us to fry some pigs to make sure they don't muck things up?"

"I always appreciate the zeal you and the other Jinn Cadre have my dear." Steel replied." Alas, for the moment such fury would hinder my plans, not help them. We don't want to tip anyone off just yet that this is our doing, we want everyone confused, sluggish.

After all, what better way to spread further chaos then a multi-sided civil war with all the perks such as refugee crises and political power plays to keep everyone nice and distracted.

Most importantly, it will keep everyone away from the Tower Of Judgment, so that when the time is right we will just swoop in and purge everyone for when we are ready, so that humanity can at last be given its final verdict."

"Sounds like a master plan fit for a Master-lord honey. So that means your big plan to get the last Dragon Helix Emerald out of those prissy royal's castle's ready to take off?"

"Soon my dear. Just a few more adjustments, a few final preparations and we will no longer have to wait. All that we endured is about to pay off Morgana, no one will deny us our new age! After all, the defenders of the "status quo" have proven how hollow, how rotten there ideals truly are.

The "hero's", the champions of peace have all crumbled under there hypocrisy. Those that remain, are either immobilized by their own delusions or are to desperate to just stay alive to even have the hope of stopping us. The pretenders…the imposters…they have fooled this world for far too long about what a revolution means. But, the time is fast approach when humanity will see its true requiem."

He was about to laugh again when a plasma bolt shot past his face and vaporized a guerrilla fighter's heart.

Steel then sighed before flicking back his hair. Almost there but can't let my pride cause things to unravel now. Almost there, all that I endured, won't be lost because of some careless error now.

Those who could oppose me are too busy staying afloat to stop me, long as I don't get lax like some savage like Bolton Steiner, I will at last have my vengeance. Now, let's take a look at the stage, before the final act begins.

Steel had lighting crackle around his fingertips as he saw all the people already dead around him and merely had his eyes widen with raw disgust." That's right, at last me, and all those like me won't be held back by you inferior scum anymore. Every last one of you will be forced to submit to what you really are, stepping stones for my glory, for the ascension of the new race! Yes, you will truly be the only thing your fit for, stepping stones to my ascension. Nero Vein!"

A aura of raw dark energy surged around the man, before it seeped into the ground. Said ground rippled for a few moments, before spikes shout out and impaled all the corpses around him. Steel cackled madly as he waved his hand like a puppeteer to hurl the bodies to become steps to the Tower of Judgment.

Steel swept some dust off his coat as he casually walked on the corpse stairway leading to the tower. The screams from those still alive just made him step on them harder." Finally, after all these years being denied because of such inferior beings, this world will at last evolve to what it should be."

The sparks of lighting around his finger tips grew more intense before flames of darkness consumed him, forming a tornado. With his presence concealed the magician of black chaos walked up to the Tower of Judgment as the chaotic invasion escalated around him.

And yet, as dire as things were on Dranova, it was hardly the only place in Marvados that was in a dire spot.

Nearly halfway across the world a different set of people were currently wondering if they were about to die, albeit under slightly different circumstances.

The Beinfeld Farm was one of the oldest family farms in the entire Aurino Kingdom, The Beinfeld family had been so successful with their products that there commercials are some of the most seen adds per year, chiefly because they have a lot of adds in the movie theaters.

Kelly Beinfeld was just as successful at running the family business as her father, even after her father died. But while she was good at dealing with people, at the moment the blond haired woman with pigtails had found herself with people she could not deal with at all, primarily because they had guns to her face.

Kelly saw five men in business suits with plasma pistols drawn on her and her family, and the ranch workers in the area, before the part time rancher part time businesswoman glowered at her uninvited guests." I'm telling you your all making a big mistake! I don't care how big a deal you thug think you are! You mess with my ranch and you're going to pay! Even if you rob me now, I swear you're going to sure be sorry later!"

Some of the gunmen looked amused before an older voice cut in with a brisk," Your as hotblooded as your father Miss Beinfeld. But you better settle down because your gravely mistaken. You're the one who wronged us, and if you want this to end as smoothly for you as you can its time you get off your high horse and do as your told."

A man stepped out of the armored shuttle craft that had landed outside Kelly's personal ranch. The man was taller than most of the others, bearded, taller, bald, and wearing a tuxedo as well as shades.

To his left was a much younger, muscular man with tanned skin, a tattoo of a buffalo on his face and his hair having a finger sized ponytail with a armored jacket covering his entire arms.

While the younger man had a wild look to his face it was the older man's stone-cold expression that unnerved Kelly.

As the man eyed her carefully her eyes widened as she realized she seen this face before." Hold the phone, I saw you at daddy's funeral! You, you were driving somebody from the funeral. That's right, it was Mister Strickland! You, you were Sam…Sim…"

"Mr. S will suffice Miss." Mr. S calmly retorted." Good, you remember me. Then we can cut to the chase. Mister Strickland is not pleased that we have to resort to this…but you been so arrogant that you must be humbled."

"Arrogant? About what? This all because I did not want to do business with him? It's nothing personal, I just did not want to do what daddy did! Its business!"

Mr.S glanced around to look at the wide open planes around him, the large home in front of him, and the various farm machines and factory gear working around the farm before he cracked his neck." Its more than just business, and if your father did not make you aware of that then I am sorry you're paying for the sins of the father.

But it is what it is. Your father gave Mister Strickland a contract for years to ensure we would be supplied a very precise amount of ingredients."

"That so? Well I'm sorry but I seek different kind of deals then my pappy. I'm sure Mister Strickland can get his ingredients from all kinds of people across the world though!"

"You, are a businesswoman yes?" Mr. S grit out sourly." Because if you are, you would know how success depends on, very precise, high quality tools at times. Your father supplied to Mister Strickland the precise quality…ingredients…at a premium cost. Maintaining that quality is ideal so that Mister Strickland's profits don't change."

Kelly saw some of the smug looks from the men around her before she grit her teeth." If you're talking about something that fancy then I know you either mean fancy outfits, or drugs. Sorry, we farm a lot of things in our ranch here, but drugs are not one of them!"

The man with the ponytail next to Mr. S chuckled as he cracked his neck."Your papa kept you in the dark for way to long chica! Senior Beinfeld and Mister Strickland had an understanding, and that was an important understanding that made Mister Strickland a lot of money.

And maybe you did not realize it when you dismissed him politely instructing you how important it was for you to keep your contract with him but it's not an exchange he's going to give up so easily yah hear?

"So now you're just threatening to kill me?" Kelly snapped out." If you kill me you won't get nothing!"

"Don't jump to conclusions miss." Mr.S uttered calmly as he crossed his arms. "Now I don't know what kind of stories you've grow up on, but even in the real world, we don't kill entire families as prophylactic measures.

We are no savages. It's still in your best interests to get in line or things are going to look extremely bad for you, your family, and everyone associated with you. Because when it comes down to it, your father was not as good a businessman as you like to think girl.

Fact is, he made some bad choices, choices that resulted in him needing Mister Strickland to bail him out before people realized the extent of his failures. And in exchange for those loans, deals were made. The promise of ingredients that Mister Strickland needs for his…products was part of that.

So, you can get in line now, or you get inline later as things get much, much worst for you. So, are you going to give us your Moffalo now or are we going to do this the hard way?"

Kelly froze, before she heard a low grunt. She glanced to the right and saw the Moffalo she had at her ranch looking agitated at the unexpected guests getting in the way of their feeding time.

She saw one of the large and heavy-set hooved creature with the large rounded snout and thick, broad, branched horns of a moose, and the rest of its body having the stocky and compacted features of a bison look at her with troubled eyes before she felt a lump in her throat." What, why you want my prized Moffalo?"

"Did I stutter?" Mr.S bluntly retorted." The Moffalo are part of the ingredients Mister Strickland requires for his…products."

"I don't remember pops just handing over are livestock to be chopped up to help some mobster!"

"Watch your tongue chica!" The tan skinned man spat out as he cracked his knuckles." Mister Strickland is more than just some thug yah hear? If he was the thug you thought he was you already would be dead!

Since we are behind schedule, we are going to need the Moffalo meat be raw to make up for lost time! So sit down and know your damn place already before things get messy!"

"What makes you think I'm so powerless bastard?" Kelly uttered as she got closer to the gate keeping the Muffalo locked up. Mr.S saw Kelly's fingers shaking before he sighed." I would advise not doing anything rash, or my associate Mr.B here might have to give a more, primal reason to comply."

"Got that right Mr.S" Mr.B spat out as he wound up his fist." I always did want to give it a go with a raw punching bag! What you looking at mutt!?"

Mr.B's insult caused the Muffalo to roar in outrage. As the beast let steam come out of its large nostrils Mr.B just smirked." Yah I'm talking to you freak! Least you're not dumb enough when your boss is calling yah!"

"That's enough!" Kelly roared out." Muffalo are smarter than two-bit muscle like you, and are kinder to!"

"Oh man, had to be one of those kinds of gals eh?" Mr.B spat out as he looked at the owner of the ranch." Beasts like your pet here are just meant to be meat one way or another! So hand over the meat already before we have to do a whole lot more tenderizing around here!"

Mr.B saw the Muffalo roar before he spat on the ground." Yah I'm yelling at you! What are you going to do about it!?"

The Muffalo roared again before it stood all the way up, and prepared to jump on the man insulting him. But while some of the other men tensed up, Mr.B smirked before his hand suddenly twitched." You think I'm scared of a beast? Fuggedaboutit!"

Kelly was shocked to see the mobster's arm, shoulder, and back twitch, before in a moment his coat transformed into parts around his arms. Said arm suddenly transformed into twice its size and looking more like a twisted spiked boxing glove with a piston like feature attached to the back of his arm.

Just as his arm finished transforming Mr.B had a wild look in his eye before he slugged the charging Muffalo with his transformed fist.

As the fist connected with the beast's head, it rotated, before the back of his arm extended, and slammed out like an arrow was fired.

A flash of light was see as the transformed fist shot out and connected with the Muffalo's head. A explosion like noise was heard as the Muffalo went flying, with a large dent in its skull.

Kelly saw the beast go flying so fat that it crashed into its fellow Muffalo behind him and caused the whole pack to call over.

Mr.B heard the moans and laughed gleefully at the reaction before he shattered the fence with his enhanced fist." What was that about being a two-bit thug? I'm one of Mister Strickland's top enforcers so you better show me respect yah hear!? This is the last time we are going to be nice!"

Kelly stepped back in fear as she frantically looked around." You, you can't get away with this! You think you can just march into my home and wreck my stuff and get away with it?"

"That's precisely what I think miss." Mr.S calmly answered." Don't do anything rash like calling the police. You made a poor choice making your personal ranch so far away from town, no one that gives a damn can get here in time.

Plus being difficult will just mean Mister Strickland will release proof that your father was not being honest with the public. So, do we have an understanding or not? Big doings today. The order of the day is 'eyes open, mouth shut. Capisce?"

Kelly saw her family and coworkers give pleading looks at her before she got to her knees." You, you can't get away with this, someone, someone will stop you."

"You clearly been naïve about how things work girl, but wise up fast if you want to keep what you have. Those who can't read the room, are going to sleep with the fish's. So its high time we get back on track.

I'd say it's been a pleasure…but with your mouth it hasn't. Still, hope you got a taste of how real business works so that are next encounters will be filled with less…complications."

Mr.S saw Kelly looked defiant before he cracked his neck." Then again…maybe so you get a good education you need for this to have a lasting impression, so you don't ever forget the price of being disrespectful to my boss."

Kelly turned pale as the enforcer's right hand glowed red, and in moments in transformed into a fully operational chainsaw. For a moment the owner of the ranch thought the bald man was going to rip her or her family or coworkers apart, only to see he was heading for the Muffalo Mr.B smashed.

The beast was still too weak to get up, and as its eyes widened in fear Kelly shirked out. Mr.S turned to her and shrugged." So, you care about your cattle eh? You need to stiffen up if you want to hold on to your business girl. Bleeding hearts that cry over everything that breaths till they give their hearts out over nothing.

But this is no country, no world for bleeding heart hero's Kelly. Hero's…just make a scene before they get what they got coming. So, let your pet's head be a reminder about how things work."

Mr.S prepared to slice into the wounded beast's neck before he saw some of the ranch workers looking agitated. As some of them raised their fists the other mobsters promptly aimed their guns at them.

Mr.B saw the many angry faces and just responded with a wild laugh." You got some loco workers eh chica? Looks like they are almost dumb enough to want to be a hero!"

Mr.S saw those in front of him back down before he snickered." Figured as much. After all that's happened the past few months…only a moron would still want to be a hero. Its proven to be quite…unprofitable. And now its time to…huh?"

The bald mobster prepared to cleave the Muffalo 's head off, till something caught his augmented arm. He had heard a rustling sound before but figured it was a mouse moving in the nearby haystack.

Yet he realized he was gravely mistaken as a hand had caught his chainsaw, a hand that was durable enough to catch the chainsaw right in between its small blades, and firm enough to keep it in its place.

Mr.S could not help but curse as he saw the sudden figure was a man in a black cloak that seemed to have jumped out of the haystack to intercept him.

He realized the hand was sliver before the owner of the hand let out a voice that was altered to have a metallic sound." Heroism may not be the most profitable profession scum, but I promise you, its not one without worth."

Mr.S froze as he saw the dragonic demon mask peering through the hood before he grit his teeth." You hire some mook to be an imposter Kelly? This joke's in poor taste…we are in some of the most rural parts in the whole damn country! These are not even are usual truff, no way this is legit!"

"Its true, this is not the usual territory for ravens. But they do say the weather has made some climate changes as of late, so one has had to adapt to the changes. Especially when hunting for its prey!Mr.S…its time you at last answer for your sins…at last you will have your requiem!"

Mr.B saw the man in the cloak throw said garment off before he saw the man was entirely covered in sliver metallic armor, and raised a eyebrow." The hell that's Requiem!? Everyone in the planet wants you dead and you have the nerve to still act like your hero's and get in our way?! You gone made your last mistake you so, GUH!"

Before the tan mobster could go on one of the ranch workers suddenly burst forward with speed he did not expect and unleashed a right hook that hit him square in the jaw.

As the mobster slammed into the fence and fell to the ground the man threw off his cap to reveal his blond hair before he flashed a half-lobbed smile." Yah…hell no. We just met but you already grinding my gears with that mouth dude. They say the weakest dogs bark the loudest but its pissing me off."

Kelly was shocked to see some of the other people she thought worked for her ranch suddenly slip on masks before a tanner man chuckled." Man you owned that sucker Dan!"

Dan rolled his eyes as he pulled his own mask." C'mon dude even I remember the code names by now! Whatever, none of these suckers are walking away from here! Damn, felt like I was holding that punch in for months or years or whatever. Time flies when you're on the run I guess, but time to make up for lost time!"

Mr.S heard Mr.B moan and saw people in raven mask's seem to come out of no where before he grit his teeth." This some sort of joke? After how badly things fell apart for you mooks, you still come all the way out here just to get in our way?"

He tried to swing his chainsaw back only to realize he could not break out of Requiem's grasp. The metal man's hand suddenly glowed with light, before it emitted enough heat so that the hand shattered the chainsaw, and grasped Mr.S by the head.

As the mobster struggled to break out of the sudden blazing grip, the man with red glowing eyes glared at him as he squeezed hard enough to cause burn marks while holding back to not break his head." Why would we give up? After all, you and your boss own us a great debt, and this hand of mine is burning to grasp vengeance. For your part in the ambush that killed so many of my allies, among all of your other sins your judgment will be."

In an instant Mr.S pressed his hand into the one that got severed, before the destroyed chainsaw pieces fell off. The metal hand underneath it came back out, and unleashed a powerful taser like voltage to break out and cut the masked man off.

Mr.S wasted no time having his other hand transform into a shotgun like shape before blasting Requiem in the chest.

The bald man saw his target go flying through a barn door before he sneered." All this time and you still run your mouth like a mook. God damn it…you want to make this personal? This will be your last mistake Requiem. Boys, but these crimson ravens in the grave where they belong!"

His men opened fire, but Requiem's men showed how prepared they were as most of the mobsters got taken down within seconds.

Dan quickly had his right arm transform into a shield like state using the Shield Arm spell to block a salvo of energy bullets before he smirked." What…thought we were leaving anything to chance baldly? Hell no…you guys are not taking any more of us again yah hear!"

As Mr.S gave Dan a death glare Mr.B suddenly chuckled as he got back up. The tan mobster saw Dan's look and spat blood out before grinning." You Ravens really think highly of yourselves eh smartass? Figured by now you punks would realize how full of crap you really are! Thought you were gonna change the world? You just changed my sport bets you punks!"

Dan paused before he chuckled and cracked his neck." I'm more of a doer then a thinker dude. But in the end, I know we are better then whupped dogs like you! Though, being real here I figured you were not going to get back up so your more stubborn then I thought."

"You think you can talk smack to me punk?" Mr.B spat out as his eyes narrowed." They call me Mr.B for Mister Bash, because I bash anything that gets in the way of the Diamond Don's profits! I'm going to enjoy ripping you apart wiseass!"

Mr.B once more had his arms transform to larger boxing glove like states before he charged at Dan like a wild bear. Dan easily evaded his opponent's wild swing, and while the punch was strong enough to shatter the ground, the blond man's expression was still easy going as he evaded the blows.

He laughed as Mr.B kept grunting." Yah know we never met but I swear I saw you before dude! Oh that's right, your that boxer that got kicked out of the league after you were a sore loser and bit Joey Bambio's nose off! Man no wonder you work for the Diamond Don, no one else would want a sore losers like you on there team!"

"Shut up!" Mr.B roared out as his assault got more ferocious by the second." All those pansies were jealous of how much better I was then them and came together to screw me over! The Diamond Don gave me the perks I deserve, ripping apart losers is sure as hell worth the price."

Dan kept evading the blows, till he realized his back was to the fence. As Mr.B grinned, Dan's eyes narrowed." Man, sick of dealing with jackass's who think they are all that. Your just some glorified show dog that thinks he's all that after his master gave him a few treats! But you don't know nothing about real all or nothing fights" Champ". Don't worry…I'll pound a lesson into your skull on the house! Turbo Knuckle!"

Dan's right arm glowed with light, before the spell he uttered transformed the limb into one five times larger with the shape of a large piston.

Mr.B raised an eyebrow at the sudden transformation, but just gave a battle cry and charged to greet Dan head on to intercept the blow. The clash pushed Mr.B back a few feet before he snarled with rage." So, you're the Raven who Mr.S said had all the fancy body mod magic eh? Not a bad punch for a schnook, but if you think that's a champ caliber knockout blow then your gonna die a dumbass! I would not be called Mister Bash if I could not bash down any thing in my way!"

Dan just snorted and pushed harder, only to see Mr.B's augmented arm glow. It suddenly rotated and glowed, suddenly bursting out like a spring. Dan just had time to raise an eyebrow before he felt an explosion erupt right in his fist. The force shattered part of his transformed arm, and smashed him right through the fence before he could blink.

The blond brawler coughed up blood but still was able to get back up. Some of his comrades ran up to him but Dan just gave a thumbs up gesture as his damaged transformed arm turned back to normal. As he shook his arm he looked at Mr.B." Damn, that's one crazy punch alright. Even Troy, Yuen and everyone else I fought did not make a punch feel like an explosion."

"Still think I'm all talk wise-ass?" Mr.B spat out as he cracked his neck." Thanks to having top of the line augmentation my special "dynamo" punch can belch out explosions! Your dinky body mod magic only lasts a little while, but my babies are always locked and loaded!"

Dan saw that steam was coming out of Mr.B's arms, and that his opponent looked a lot sweater after the punch before he cracked his neck." That's one nasty hook alright. Too bad any fighter that only has one ace up his sleeve's a poser! Your only number one when it comes to half-wits, chump! Sure, those augmented arms let you smash through a lot, but I reckon you don't even know how to handle someone who can get past it eh?"

"And you think your fast enough to get out of the way of my fists? Your loco if you think I'm just gonna let you run after making me look bad!"

"Who the hell said anything about running? I've ran away enough as it is, and I don't back down from guys I'm not scared of! I'll show you what I think of you! Jackhammer Grind!"

Both of Dan's fists transformed into even more elaborate pistons before he charged at Mr.B and unleashed a barrage of blows as rapid as a jackhammer. The mobster was shocked for a moment but chuckled as he parried punch after punch with his own metal limbs.

The mobster chuckled as he kept up with every punch Dan unleashed, and as his target looked more worked up his eyes widened." You're not going to out punch a champ chump! The specs on these arms mean nothing alive can out punch me! You're not gonna stop me from smashing your head off asshole! Enough of your lip, your roadkill!"

Mr.B unleashed a sudden headbutt to knock Dan back, before he wound up his right fist. Dan saw his enemies arm glow again and swore. He saw Mr.B unleash another" Dynamo" punch, and collided his transformed arms into the sides of his enemies glove like appendage just as the fist sprung for him.

Dan's maneuver succeeded in stopping the fist from rocketing into his face, but he was still pushed back every second. Mr.B saw Dan slam his feet into a rock behind him to try and keep the Dynamo Punch back before he snickered." Man you really are loco if you think you can overpower my fist just because you use two hands! Its unstoppable!"

"Heard that before and it turned out to be full of crap! Besides, even if that fist is, that goes for the rest of yah dude? Guess we are going to find out, and I'm betting on hell no!"

Mr.B grit his teeth and was about to respond till he felt a surge of pain in his right knee. He realized his legs were wobbling before he widened his eyes." The hell? No way am I going to buckle to someone who's not even in the same weight class as me!"

"Maybe not "champ", but if that explosion can't be unleashed then it's got to go somewhere. And seems to me its going back through your thick skull!"

"No…this some sort of joke? No way, no way is you going to stop me! If you can't match my fist, you can't stop it!"

"I'm betting everything that I can. Because I'm betting your so use to one shot everything you never tested all the angles because you're a pampered bastard! Time to pay the price for not reading the instructions dude!"

Mr.B was horrified to find his knees were buckling even more, and realizing he was feeling more and more pain before he grit his teeth so hard one of them cracked." No…this is some sort of trick! If I lose to you, I won't get a bonus all year! I'm the champ, I'M THE…CHAM...GUAHH!"

Mr.B tried to will himself to smash Dan through, but his neglect of reality cost him as his right leg suddenly snapped. As he toppled over his Dynamo Punch went off course. Dan smirked at the sight of his gambit paying off, before grasping his enemies' hand with his left hand.

With its owner now losing control Dan redirected the arm to swerve around back at its owner. Mr.B saw his own fist coming for him, with Dan re-positioned his own right arm and could only yell before Dan collided into him.

With twice the momentum he had before, Dan hit Mr.B so hard that a cracking noise was heard before the mob enforcer was rocketed across the area.

Dan saw Mr.B go flying all the way into a bell that was meant for the Muffalo to know it was feeding time. As the bell ringed loudly Dan pumped his fist into the air." Booyah, knock out baby! Guess it was worth going over those Yu Han Go refreshers with the geezer after all. Alright, any other thug wants to get some sense beaten into them? Step right up I'm having a two for one sale on the house!"

His response was a barrage of blaster bolts heading for him. As the blond man dodged Mr.S was firing on the others, and saw Mr.B had a dent in his chest, and his augmented arms looked broken. This caused the enforcer to the Diamond Don to turn beet red." Damn it, I knew the Don was being lax with who he promoted!"

"Who's smug now? Its time you face that the lot of you are not nearly as elite as you think you are."

Mr.S cringed as he saw Requiem casually walk back up from where he fell, looking unphased from the point blank plasma shotgun blast. The masked man took out his bandaged blade from his sheath to point it directly at the mobsters head." You thought you were untouchable long as you preyed on the weak. But now, at long last, your crimes are going to catch up to you."

"God damn freak!" Mr.S spat out as his composure started to crack." Don't you get it by now? The justice you never shut up about don't even really exist!"

Requiem was motionless for a moment before he grasped his blade tightly." I assure you…I'm well aware of what reality is. But the only way to change things is one step at a time. So, for now, I'll change the world by making you answer for your crimes so your boss realizes there are consequences for stabbing us in the back!"

"Tsc, so I'm just your scapegoat because everyone else is out of reach eh? Like hell!"

The mob enforcer threw a sphere at his target, and upon realizing it looked like a grenade the masked man grasped his free hand tightly." No you don't, Mana Fist!"

The leader of the Crimson Tengu Ravens made a quick hand gesture before unleashing a fist shaped projectile of raw mana energy to intercept the attack. The blast exploded anyway, unleashing pure blinding light. As Requiem covered his eyes, he grimaced at hearing footsteps.

He prepared to burst forward only to feel a painful burning sensation smash into his chest, and realize the remaining mobsters were giving their boss cover fire. He saw Mr.S hijack a transport craft before his eyes narrowed." " No…not again, you're not getting away again. Aura Edge!"

The man in metal cast another spell he knew by heart, and in an instant his blade Auro Solis coursed with energy. He then dashed forward, batting away energy blasts with his enhanced blade. Some got hit by redirected blasts, and some tried to get in his way, only to get their arms sliced off as a result.

Kelly saw Requiem chase Mr.S into one of her ranch's meat processing plants before she saw all the people moaning on the ground and cringed." No…this is a nightmare! I, I don't want my home to turn into another Nilock! I, I have to, huh?"

She saw another masked individual welding tonfas come up to her, one that showed some red hair was sticking out before a female voice put out a diplomatic," I know this is scary miss Kelly, but I promise you this is going to be ok. I know it's hard to believe but Requiem's the last person that wants what happened at Nilock Park to ever happen again. The reason we are hear tonight is to make sure that tragedy does not have a chance to repeat itself. Please, we must know, is there any other non-magical ways out of your estate?"

Kelly saw the masked woman looked friendly before she took a deep breath." Well, its smelly but we do have a sewer system that leads to town."

"That's got to be it. Requiem, he's going to try and escape to the sewers."

"Understood Onix Raven. Even if it's a far cry from Los Midas, I know the layouts enough to ensure he won't squirm away this time."

Requiem muttered as he saw Mr.B fly right through the barn doors. He ran in, and saw that the transport was already discarded. As it crashed into a large grinding machine the masked man had his sword ready as he looked around for any sigh of the mobster." You can't run any longer Mr.S! Surrender now and I promise this will end as good as it can for you, at the very least it will be a more honorable deal then the one your Don made!"

To his shock he heard a snicker in the distance before Mr.S hissed out," You can only blame yourself for that Requiem! The Don sticks to his word, but you all because radioactive assets the moment you caused a volcano to erupt over thousands! You think you still can be a hero? No one will ever trust you again!"

"Even so…there are things I must see through no matter what. No matter the odds, no matter what happens, at the very least I will not betray my ideals. That means, taking you down."

Requiem heard a few noises before he saw some of the processing machines were turning on. As the area became a lot nosier the masked man grit his teeth. Before he could lose his composure, his armor rippled and a new voice spoke to his ear." Don't worry boss, its nosy but the noise can't hide his scent from me! Lucky for you I still remember the smell of that nasty aftershave from last time! He's to the right!"

Requiem took a deep breath as he looked at the pipes in the area." Thanks, Greymont. All right…lets finish this. Metal-Morph."

The leader of the Crimson Tengu Ravens slammed the ground. The ground rippled, and spikes of metal shot out all over the area. The masked man heard curse to the right and took an enhanced leap to jump to the top of the machines.

He saw his target in front of a metal spike he just created. Mr.S saw Requiem above him and had his right hand transform into a kind of plasma gatling gun.

The masked man cracked his neck before his own hand turned into a Gunbarrel." You should know by now, that level of fire power is not going to be enough to get you out of this…not this time."

"Heh, you're really going to go postal and nuke these rancher mooks just for a professional enforcer like me? Guess Mister Strickland is right, and revenge is all you really care about."

Requiem had a flashback to the nightmares he had been having for days as he tried to block out the screams in his head." That's not true. Things, just spiraled out of control."

"Of course they did…because you're a idiot who has no idea what he's doing! How about backing off till these poor farmers all burn to death cause you're a short-sited idiot?"

Requiem saw Mr.S was pointing his gun at machines behind him, machines that could explode with enough force to set the entire ranch ablaze before his expression hardened." There is another option, I shoot you before you can hit your target."

"Think because I don't have your teammate in front of me you can make the shot? You may not be a novice by now, but this has been my profession for decades.

And I been doing my job long enough to know who will get hit first in the right distance. Don't think I'm going to just stand and get shot!"

"Thanks for the advice, but you're not going to talk yourself out of this! For all the mistakes that have been made, for all the ways that things can go wrong, if I give up because of fear of failure then I'll be dead already! So Mr.S…face your requiem! Flare-Burst!"

The man known as the Demonic Avenger had blue light surge across his gun hand before he unleashed a barrage of blue energy blasts at his target in a scatter shot formation to try and ensure one of the blasts hit home.

Mr.S swerved to the right, and while his suit got burned he evaded most of the salvo. He smirked and prepared to fire his cannon, till suddenly an arrow composed of lighting shot to the right of the machine next to him, and ricochet right into his gun barrel.

The bald man only had time to widen his eyes before the shot he prepared to fire misfired, causing his entire gun arm to blow up.

The mobster was blown into the wall, and as he recoiled in pain a new male walked up from the roof with a hand crossbow on his right arm.

The man had a fancier trench coat then the others, and as Requiem looked at him he nodded before throwing out a dramatic wave." The odds may have been to slim for my masked friend here, but thankfully for him trick shots are my specialty. I may have had to practice the shot a few times, but helps to be the decoy eh old bean? Sorry, I doubt your warranty is going to cover that."

Requiem saw Mr.S yell in frustration before he nodded." Great work Jade Hawk. At last, this is over."

Mr.S tried to craw up with his remaining hand as he coughed up blood." God damn hero, you think this is the end? The Don told you that crime does not just roll over because you take down a bigshot. This, GUH!"

Requiem jumped to get right in front of him before he pointed his blade at the mobster's neck. His target spat more blood out before throwing out a defiant glare." Feeling big freak? You already were on the ropes, and now you just assured this ends badly for every last one of you."

"I'm already hunted by both the Iblis Corps and the Magna Centurions." Requiem dryly retorted." I think one more group after me won't change much. Besides…it's you lot who are overestimating your limits. This ranch is a far cry from Los Midas, and while some would say you coming all the way hear is a sigh of the Diamond Don's strength, we observed it as a sigh of weakness, desperation.

After all, ever since Orion Zilos declared marshal law on Los Midas its not been a very good environment for a mobster yes? Let me guess, you thought you could manipulate Orion only to find out the first son of Andross Zilos lives up to his reputation?

We were able to hack some of your transmissions…and here we are. Despite how much you deserve judgment, I'm willing to me merciful, for a price. Tell me all you know about the Diamond Don and the Iblis Corps' operations, and I'll use my remaining contacts to ensure the rest of your life is, bearable."

Mr.S paused for a moment, before he suddenly burst out laughing." You think I'm going to be a snitch like that rat Blackberry?"

"Think of it as a way to atone for all the crimes you done, and do some good in your life."

The bald man paused, before he closed his eyes." You want me to squeal eh? Fine, I got something for you."

Mr.S coughed a bit before he looked like he was going to take a deep breath. Requiem wondered if the mobster was going to be sincere, before Mr.S suddenly threw a grenade out of his pocket.

Requiem cursed as he roundhouse kicked it away. He saw Jade Hawk freeze the projectile with a "Frost Arrow" spell, but as he was distracted Mr.S rolled off the plank, and right into a meat grinding machine.

Requiem saw his target was about to fall in before he ran up with a tense look." No wait, don't throw your life away! We do have the power to protect you if you just listen!"

"Tsc, like how you protected everyone in Nilock Park? I'll pass on that. I have a code of my own, and despite what you think the Diamond Don is, he has my loyalty, to the point that I rather die then live on as a snitch! Guess I'll get your spot in hell ready Requiem, make no mistake, no matter what you do from here on out, after what you did that's the only place your going to end up!"

Mr.S showed the extent of his resolve by willingly throwing himself into the meat grinder below, only giving a few grunts as his body was ripped apart as it went through the machine that was made to rip apart Moffalo bodies into sandwich sized chunks.

Jade Hawk saw the remains of the broken shades come out on the other side of the machine before he winced and went up to his teammate." Sorry we got the one mobster who in fact still has honor among thieves, only very loyal chaps would rather throw themselves down a meat grinder then spill the beans."

Requiem paused for a moment, before he sighed while putting his sword away." Its ok, extracting information was always the secondary objective. As long as we got the job done. Cypher Raven, are we in the clear?"

The masked man paused, before vie his commlink a witty female voice answered with," Its all good on this end Requiem. The jamming held up so none of the crooks could call for back up. Course, if these farmers call the cops then everything goes down the drain."

"Good work. Don't worry…leave that to us."

Jade Hawk gave him the all clear and after seeing there were no other hostiles the two left the processing plant and went back outside. The masked man saw the rest of the mobsters were either dead or otherwise incapacitated, and after seeing Dan give a thumbs up to show he and the others were fine he nodded back.

He saw Kelly, her family, and the other true ranch workers all looking horrified before he cleared his throat." I am sorry for the trauma you just witnessed, I'm just glad we could find out about this before it was to late."

Kelly saw the rest of the masked men looked unguard before she tensed up." What is all of this? Why, why did the Crimson Tengu Ravens come all the way to my ranch?"

"To help you Miss and see that those who wronged you answer for there crimes."

"You, you killed a whole lot of these guys though."

"It was my men or them, it's no different then a shoot out with the cops."

"And now what…you want to use my ranch as some base for you to do something crazy? No way, I'm not trading one devil for another! I thought you were a real hero for a minute before you killed all of those people and caused that volcano to erupt! I knew people that died there!"

The masked man looked remorseful as he looked at his hands." I assure you, despite what it seems, that was not me, not my mind at least. But I know its nearly impossible to prove that to you. That's why, I have to keep going to atone for the pain my mistake caused."

Kelly saw the man in front of her seemed remorseful before she raised an eyebrow." How…by making my ranch the next warzone?

Requiem sighed as he looked down." I have no intention of using your property as our base. Now that the threat is gone, we will be on our way. The Diamond Don won't dare come after you now without it looking rather horrible for him. We will take all the bodies with us, as far as the Don will know his men will have never even arrived here to talk to you.

Also, I would recommend, if not plead with you not to call the cops, it would make things simpler for both of us. "

"I still don't see how trading one bunch of crooks for another helps me! One way or another you just want to use me!"

"Maybe he has no personal stake in your well being Kelly, but I do. After all, I always did love your dances."

Kelly saw Jade Hawk walk up, and take off his mask. As she glanced at the elegant face and ginger hair beneath it her jaw dropped." Voltaire Joachim, that's you? My god, this Requiem fella really did nab yah?"

"Not quite Kelly. I joined him of my own free will, to step up and do what needed to be done to protect my family, my nation, and even the world."

"Oh hell he brainwashed you good."

"Now Kelly, if I did not get hypnotized at your party you think I would be that easily hustled? Seriously…I know how bad it seems but please trust me, the gist of it is we are trying to do the right thing to make sure the bad guys don't do something truly horrible."

Kelly saw Voltaire dropped his usual playboy act to look sincere before she grasped her fist tightly." Well you always seemed like a guy who would never let others tell you what to do Voltaire. And, its true if you wanted to rob me or something you easily could have done it by now. But then, what the hell are you really after!?"

"To take down the people who are truly threatening this world." Requiem uttered bluntly." So, while I know you have no reason to do so, I beg you to not let the authorities know what happened here."

"What…this the part where I pay you off?"

"No, though I do request one thing from you. Your…balloon."

Kelly blinked before she made sure she had nothing in her ear." Come again? Wait, you mean are balloon for the Aurino Bountiful Acknowledgment festival parade? But, it's just a normal mascot balloon!"

"Be that as it may, I ask if we could, borrow it.

As unlikely as it may seem, the fate of the world depends on your answer."

Authors Notes: So yah...a bit of a while eh? My plan for so long was to wait till the first book got published, and things were SO close to at last taking off, but then the world had to go and fall apart eh? With virtually everything frozen, and who knows how long most of life will be trapped unable to even seen anyone or really do anything, I had to do something to have some structure to a shutdown life, so here we are.

Well, if I suddenly hear from a book agent and I have to change things I'll let you know but, my plan is to see this book through...hopefully at least some people are excited for that.

Well, if you like what you see I would be most grateful if you leave a review. Well, that's the gist of it, so hopefully till next time people. With how things are updates for now should be frequent, long as this site is not another causality to the god damn Corona Virus.

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