Chapter 16: The Strongest Undaunted Passion of those who Seek Victory.

As focused as Ares was on seeing his goals realized, he was not focused enough to be oblivious to outside events. Zandoris noticed Ares looked distracted before he grasped his sword tightly." Is there a problem, master?"

Ares looked down before his eyes narrowed." Deacon and Morgana, I can sense they are fighting the intruders this very moment. I have no doubts they can win at this point, but if Andross and the rest break through, things could change. Tsc, originally Cucuzza and Gargan's power would have evened the odds but no plan comes out of the gate without a few setbacks eh?"

Zandoris saw Ares's eyes kept looking down below before he narrowed his own." You fear our enemies will arrive before you can revive Xorgoth?"

"It's too late to stop the revival now, it's only a matter of time. Still, the cost of victory could be, higher than I'd hoped."

"Unsealing Xorgoth and putting an end to humanity is all that matters yes Master?"

As Ares looked conflicted Zandoris looked below and grasped his blade." I know full well how long we longed for this moment. If you have any doubts, I'll go to assist the others in keeping any intruder out."

"How thoughtful of you Zandoris. Morgana might throw a fit but, I'm sure she would rather be alive to see the new world."

"Fear not my lord, I'll see to it that all obstacles to are goals are destroyed, that is my purpose after all."

Zandoris leapt down the tower not a second later, and Ares glanced at his departure before explosions around the Tower of Judgment caused him to look back at the Dragon Helix Emeralds.

As he saw the massive energy pentagram sink below the ocean, he narrowed his eyes." Before the day is over…all will get what they deserve, and with any luck, only the ones who deserve their fate will get it."

While Richard and the rest of his friends were fighting for their lives, time was not standing still outside the Tower of Judgment. Andross was proving to the entire world his time sealed away by Gargan did not cause either his mind or his body to decay.

But while his tactic did seem like the best available plan at the time, even the best plans cannot last forever. For no matter how well timed the barrage was, enough Dragon Zoma endured the barrage to fire back and kill more and more soldiers.

Andross saw one of his own Surge Zeppelins get hit so hard by a bolt of lightning that it was crashing to the ground, while also seeing another Rakthia warship blow up before he grit his teeth. "These wraiths don't seem to tire at all. A perk of being undead I suppose. Still, for all the relentlessness, they are proving to be rather repetitive. My divine eye can see every move before these Zoma make it.

Thus, unless Ares unleash's a different round of minions, it's just a matter of keeping my pacing up. Heh, I suppose it's nothing worst then that time I fought through the Jiodisan monster breeding grounds."

Andross kneeled down and prepared to advance once more, till he saw the Zoma composed of boulders prepare to charge him, before suddenly a dragon of magma from the right was knocked into him after being smashed by Gifford, while a dragon of poison was blasted down after Raphael fired a missile into it.

To the king's shock, as the trio of dragon's collided into each other, instead of canceling each other out, after a few moments they merged into one larger three headed dragon composed of all three of the elements.

Richard's father saw his transformed foe shake its new heads, before roaring once more, and raised an eyebrow in response." Well, I stand corrected. Ares clearly did not pick shabby pawns. Alas, his King is still inferior."

The dragon roared and fired a blast of acid from its leftmost mouth. Andross dashed out of the way of the projectile, but saw the dragon's rightmost head exhale a burst of lighting from it.

Andross caught the burst with Deus Edge, only for it to raise its tail, and try and smash the ruler of the Aurino Kingdom while he was still keeping the lighting at bay. Andross winced, but before he could move a wooden blade the size of the tail intercepted it.

Andross glanced to the right and smirked as he saw the Gladiator Aurorant hurl the three headed wraith into the air, before the Quantum Raven, the Typhoon, and one of the Rakthia Cruisers all fired there most powerful weapons to fry the Zoma.

As Andross cracked his neck Nathan chuckled across the codec." Careful Andross, you might not be as recovered as you thought if I had to bail you out. I did want to rack a higher kill count then you in a battle one last time, but the victory would be a tad sour if you died during it."

"Heh, don't get to ahead of yourself brother." Andross dryly replied as he dove at another dragon in an instant." That still only counts as one, remember that one time that judge decreed that a monster only counts as one monster regardless of how many smaller monsters fused to become said monster?

I know I made that ruling but, it still stands. Besides, while I'm grateful for the backup Nathan, winning the battle won't matter if we lose the war. Any word from Richard or his comrades?"

"No, just that they successfully departed from the Quantum Raven. They could be too busy responding, or unable to respond because of more, morbid reasons."

"Come now Nathan, let's try and not let our confidence erode at the tip of the hat eh?"

Andross glanced at the Tower of Judgment, before narrowing his Divine Eye. The golden eye focused for a few moments before its owner noticed several aura's in the lower section of the tower." Because of the barrier I can't see as much as I would like, but I do see mana aura's colliding at the moment Nathan. That likely means Richard and the rest of the Crimson Dragoons are currently engaging the Iblis Corps inside."

"Well, that's what we expected but, hopefully it's not more than they can handle."

"I seen how hard Richard and his friends have pushed themselves, I'm confident that with all that's on the line no one Ares sends at them will be enough to stop them. That being said, it's my duty as King to not rely on faith alone so just in case, let's see about doing something about ensuring the odds are in our favor. Orion, can you create enough breathing room to join your brother in the tower?"

While he expected a reply vie the codec, after hearing only static for a few moments he heard a roar and saw an ice dragon coming at him from the upper right. Before he finished turning around Orion suddenly came down from above and impale the spectral monster with Tenebrous in its lance shape in its head.

As the beast was slammed to the ground so hard that it shattered upon hitting the ground, Andross saw his son sweep some dust off his armor before he nodded." I can father, though it will take me some time to effectively break through the enemies ranks."

"Don't worry Orion, I've become quite good at attracting an enemy's attention, it should be enough for you to lead a few to reinforce your brother."

"Understood, by giving it our all, we will make an opening."

Andross paused before he smirked." I know you will give it one hundred percent my son, but, I believe your about to all have a little more, wiggle room."

Orion paused, but before he could answer he saw explosions consume some of the Zoma in the distance.

The first prince glanced up to see that the explosions came from a new craft in the sky.

The entire structure was about ten kilometers in diameter, easily dwarfing not only most grounded fortresses but easily every ship that was publicly known, from the Aurino Republic or any other nation.

Orion saw the flying fortress unleash so many lasers and missiles that it looked like it was down-pouring projectiles before he raised an eyebrow." The Magna Obelisk was redeployed?"

"I assure you that is no hologram Orion. Raphael told me the Myers Electronic Aviation Corporation repaired it for some time, but after Steiner's disastrous use of it we kept it out of the public's eye in a place where it would not fall into enemy hands.

Alas, now seemed like the time to show the world how it can fulfill its proper function. While it was a bit sluggish in catching up with the fleet, with its fire power it can give us the breathing room we need. So, get ready Orion."

"Of course. Waiting for your command."

Andross nodded before he glanced at the Tower of Judgment and grasped his blade tightly." Richard…you come so far, and I hope you can go even further. Your skills have improved, but this is more than a test of combat skill or magic, it's a test of resolve. I know you had to do some, unsavory things to survive, I just hope for all of our sakes, you won't back down from doing what must be done.

Leadership, duty, such things are not for the weak willed, but for all that it costs us, it's the cost required to insure prosperity. Stand strong my son, I know you can bear that weight as long as you and your allies don't lose sight of things. Just, remember what you're fighting for, no matter how vicious and desperate the enemies get."

Andross felt the ground shake before he glanced at the Tower of Judgment, narrowed his eyes, and moved so fast he cut down another dragon zoma before it even knew what happened.

As the ruler of the Aurino Kingdom ruthlessly cut through every obstacle in his way, some of the people that he was counting on to see things through were fighting an enemy even faster than him, Dan, Roxanne, and Voltaire.

Richard's comrades were quickly finding out the hard way that Deacon's demonic transformation was not just for show.

Voltaire looked at the extent of his enemy's new transformation, then looked at the size of Dan's wound before he winced." Dandy, not like we were already having trouble before he decided to ramp up the demon act to an extreme degree."

"Don't let his mind games work Voltaire." Roxanne answered bluntly as she aimed at Deacon." Sure, he might be able to hit harder, but that did not help Troy either. And this time, we got a target we don't have to hold back on."

"True enough. I guess as long as there is one target there is ways around speed. V, GUH!"

Just as Voltaire raised his crossbow Deacon was in front of him in the blink of an eye, and grasped his arm before he could react. As the member of the Joachim industries yelled in pain at the sudden crushing feeling in his arms his transformed enemy snickered." Someone call a timeout slug head? Your magic ricks are worthless when you're too slow to cast them! Games are over ravens, you're going to, huh?"

Deacon saw Roxanne was taking his words to heart as the moment he swerved his head he saw a red energy orb coming for him. The Jinn Cadre snarled before swatting the projectile, only for it to unleash a blinding light.

Before the light faded everyone heard a groan, and a large cracking sound. When they could see again, they saw that Dan was now smashed through one of the pillars in the room.

The blond brawer coughed up blood before he moaned out," God damn it, I know I charged at his blind spot! Unless he grew eyes in the back of his head that should have worked!"

"Heh, face it Nicholson, your just no match for a real demon! I don't need extra eyes, when the Slogra Metamorphosis stimulates my nervous system, enhancing my speed and reaction time to the point where I could sense the vibrations in the air before your fist even came close to landing!

You were so damn impressed with your reflex's, but now even if the prince comes back, no matter how many things you throw at me, it won't be enough to get the jump on me!"

Roxanne saw all the lighting crackling around her enemy, and took a small sigh of relief that hitting Dan allowed Voltaire to get out of the demonic man's grasp." Damn, unlike Troy this crook's clearly trained with this beforehand. Still…if he's too fast to sneak up on, then we just have to take away that speed from him."

The former detective whispered a few words before unleashing a dozen purple orbs at her target. Deacon snickered as he batted the orb away, only to see it explode and consume him in a field of purple energy. The man with the title of Voltaic Kazejin tried to move only to find him rotate around.

As he snarled with rage Roxanne let out a relived smirk." Speed can't help you when you're stuck in a place with no gravity or momentum."

Voltaire nodded as he aimed his bow." Your gambling quite a lot chap, but your out of luck. Zio-Bolt!"

Deacon saw Richard's friend launch the large projectile at him and widened his eyes." Says who? Don't think you can keep an ace like me down! Valvalis Typhoon!"

The mutated man's entire body crackled with blood red lighting before he started spinning around, becoming a miniature tornado. To the Crimson Dragoon's dismay the Zio-Bolt got absorbed by the twister, before Richard's three friends suddenly felt an intense pressure nearly blowing them off their feet.

As Voltaire attempted to aim again, Deacon crackled with even more lighting, before voltage surged across the ground, zapping all around Deacon.

As they all yelled in pain Deacon laughed loudly as he saw Roxanne and Voltaire fall to their knees." To slow for the last time slugheads! You thought you had me cornered, but there is no were to run and no were to hide from this demon! Last stop before the end of humanity, so its time you get the hell off our train!"

Dan grunted in pain as he was being zapped before he punched the ground." Like hell am I jumping off Cortez! If you want to stop being on the same place as humans, then I'll knock you the hell off our damn planet!"

The former gangster unleashed the Turbo Knuckle spell on the ground to punch himself into the air before he then burst at Deacon. While he seemed to hit the miniature twister, the moment his fist connected he saw his target's image flicker. Before his eyes could even widen, he felt a force smash into his jaw. Before he could even yell out, another hammer like force collided into his back.

As Dan was knocked around like a pinball he heard Deacon laugh all around him as the Jinn Cadre moved fast enough to appear like he was all around him as he laughed again." And they say I'm to gun ho eh dude? Too bad when you move before you act against a superior being you just get wrecked!"

Deacon smashed Dan's right leg while looking like a living lightning bolt, hitting Dan so hard that he bounced off the floor before slamming into the right wall hard enough to dent it.

Deacon saw Dan yell out in pain before he flew to the top of the room." Your stubborn alright, but denying your place won't stop the fact that I'm a predator and you're the prey! Those that don't know their place, get what they deserve!"

Dan saw Deacon grasping his fists before he grasped his own." That so jackass? Dan Nicholson, is no one's prey! You and your Iblis buddies have been making things hell for everyone because you think your demons when your just fanatics who hustled yourselves! But, if you think you're really untouchable then think again! Cause no matter what I'm going to prove you wrong! Hado...Synthesis...Full...Throttle!"

Deacon snickered before preparing to divebomb Dan, only for Dan to unleash an explosion of aura that was powerful enough to knock Dan back.

As the Jinn Cadre stabilized himself he saw Dan emerged in his transformed metallic beast state before he raised an eyebrow." The hell is this? You, you went through the same process we went through!? No, impossible, only the chosen ones can evolve!"

"To bad for you I don't need your approval rooster head!" Dan snarled out as he got on the ground and had blue flames come out of his transformed body." I don't know whatever cultist magic turned you into a walking movie add but I got to this point my own way! Still don't know everything but I know it's enough to shut down a freak like you!"

"Damn it, insulting my art to the bitter end eh?" Deacon hissed out as he narrowed his eyes." I don't know what kind of shabby spell you stumbled on, but a counterfeit has nothing on the real deal! Nice try but your, GUH!"

Deacon attempted to slice Dan's head off as he taunted him, only to be shocked to see Dan dash at him with such speed, that to his horror he was able to swerve around his kick, and smash Deacon in the jaw. The Jinn Cadre was smashed hard enough to be bounced off the roof, and by the time he stabilized he felt a tooth fall out.

Deacon's jaw widened in horror at the sight of the damage before he saw his transformed opponent growl at him. "The hell is this? No way, no way some damn thug like you can match my speed after all this!"

"Guess what jackass?" Dan snarled out." I guess I just rewrote the rule book! To damn bad, if you thought you were to much of a genius to ever be dethroned then your even more of a dumbass then I figured!"

"No, NO!" Deacon howled out as he smashed the ground and unleashed a roar like a thunderbolt. "You have no idea what I went through to master this speed, I'm not going to let some worthless punk make a fool out of me!"

"Well maybe I'm not just some punk eh? I busted my ass to not be a pushover myself. And it was not just to break a record, it was so I could live past the next day! You conned yourself into thinking you were the badass that pushed yourself harder than anyone else, but you're just a dumbass."

"Dan Nicholson…you're not going to get away with this yah hear!? When I'm done with you, your corpse will be my new masterpiece! I can go faster, I'm not at my limit!"

The two burst at each other like living pillars of energy, and Voltaire and Roxanne could only see there comrade move around as a blazing blue flame colliding around a lightning bolt that was in a different part of the room each second.

Voltaire saw Dan and Deacon exchange punch's, and saw they both looked more frenzied with each blow before Richard's childhood friend let out an anxious chuckle." Well, I'm glad Nicholson decided to train seriously for once, with a speedy beast of our own in the deck, we might be able to trump the enemy's hand yet."

"For now…but Dan could not hold this state long enough against Troy right?"

"Astute observation, but he seemed to train more in the state since he was able to keep it together to beat Gifford. Guess we will see which half beast mastered there transformation best eh detective?"

"Tsc, I think I'd rather see how we can tilt the odds in our favor. Get ready, with how fast things are going are window of opportunity might only be open for a moment."

"True, good thing I have very good trigger fingers."

The two slowly maneuvered around the room as the two fighters above kept clashing like miniature spheres of raw energy. After a few more blitz assaults, Deacon slowed down close enough to fire a bolt of lightning at Dan, only for his target to block the projectile with his arm transformed into a shield, and unleash a swift roundhouse kick, all in the span of a second to blaze through Deacon's assault, and smash the winged enemy in the neck with the force of a sonic boom.

As Deacon moaned, Dan snarled before he cracked his neck." A damn shame you're such a tool, almost kind of fun slugging it out at this speed once you get down pat how to do it without breaking your body and all.

Still, got places to be so since you show all you got is not going to trip me up, you're going down. Wither you still want to breath by the time you go down its on you!"

Deacon just howled with even greater fury as he hunched over." Oh no…I'm not done yet! I was saving this move for your buddy and the King…but if I kill yah all, not like you're going to ruin the surprise! Die in the face of the ultimate testament to voltaic speed!"

Dan noticed his enemy had a gust of wind encircle him, before even more blood red lighting crackled around the wind. More and more lighting crackled around him till Deacon's entire body was covered with lighting, before crackles of electricity burst out all around the area.

As the lighting took the shape of either a talon or a spear Dan braced himself." Want to end this in style? Ending this clean works for me!"

As Dan charged at his target and had blue flames encircle his fist Deacon laughed madly." You're such a pain in the ass that I'll remember your name when your dead Dan Nicholson! But in the end, all your life amounted to was being an obstacle to the new world! Let you and your entire damn race vanish in the howl of thunder! Rasca...Crusher...Bolt!"

Dan braced himself and prepared his own attack, only to feel the temperature in the room drop like he was thrown in a frozen lake. On instinct Dan tensed up, but before he could move another muscle he felt a piercing feeling jet into his gut, before he was slammed so hard into the wall that he nearly felt like he was shot out of a cannon.

As Dan howled in pain a thunderclap was heard, before he realized Deacon had attacked him before he could even react, and stabbed him through the right side of his gut, and was knocked all the way into the wall, with enough force to shatter it.

Deacon looked up, and saw where his hand was before he chuckled darkly." You have some damn fine instincts slug head! I was aiming to rip your heart out but you reacted just fast enough to move your body out of the way of a lethal hit! Course, since I already got my talons in yah it's just dragging this out enough to hear yah squeal eh raven?"

"That's what I was saying, you god damn cockwomble." Dan spat out bitterly as spat in his attacker's eye. Deacon winced, before he had lighting discharge into Dan to make him grunt in pain." What, I fried you so hard your making up words now?"

"Tsc, it means a dumbass who keeps making outrageously dumb statements that have a higher ego of themselves that they deserve! Heard if from my uncle who was part Locknese, you can catch up on it in hell real soon!"

"Nah, not on my tour list in the new world punk. You put up more of a fight then I thought any common gangster would give me Dan Nicholson, but however hardcore you are about your skills, your just one slug headed human in the end! And today's the day demons put you humans in your place once and for all!"

Deacon was about to stab Dan with his other claw before Roxanne and Voltaire could intervene, till suddenly he felt the ground around him get soft. He saw his feet were sinking into the ground, and also saw ash was flying around him before he dashed back, just as Turok and Branko burst in, for by chance where Deacon struck was where the two Wrynis natives were trying to reopen the barrier, before there enemy helped them along by striking the barrier hard enough to widened the hole.

Branko glanced at Deacon before he snarled and had blades come out of his arms." Rookie, trust me, you're not nearly as on top of the food chain as your boss made you think. However jacked up you are, it's not going to be enough."

Deacon hissed out as he flew back into the air." You losers want a rematch to eh? Get with the times dude, we evolved way past you old types! I'll rip you both apart before you can finish huffing and puffing!"

"Your speed is no façade fiend." Turok uttered as he slammed his Tomahawk into the ground." But there is more of us to get through then you might think. Terra Shadow Mud!!"

The tall man slammed the ground, before a puff of smoke burst out around him, Branko and Dan. Deacon was about to strike, till he noticed a dozen people looking just like Turok charging at him.

The Jinn Cadre saw all of his new enemies coming at him before he widened his eyes." Seriously dude? I can create after images way faster than that! Guess we are bowling then!"

Deacon casually slashed through all five of the incoming attackers in the blink of an eye, but to the avian demon's shock mud, not blood gush out and cover the Iblis Corps member, causing Deacon to snicker with disgust." Trying to get me to slip up by grossing me out? Please, I've sinned in all kinds of ways to get to this point. Getting my hands, a little bloodier is just fine with, huh?"

Deacon suddenly felt heavier as the mud on his body started to grow, before he saw the ash start to cling to his body as well, causing him to burn more and more per second. Branko saw Deacon yell in pain before he took to the air again before he snickered." Yah may mind if the mud puts an end to your flying eh? Tsc, these cultists really went all out in their obsession. Bah, at least he was so drunk on power he got careless enough for us to get back in. Still, what's your excuse kid? Wanted to even the playing field and took something from them?"

"Come off your high horse assuming things dude." Dan snarled out in disgust as he quickly chugged one of the gel potions he brought to mend the wound Deacon gave him." I did not take anything to pull this spell off, just pushed my body modification magic as hard as it could go. What, you and Turok about to morph into real dragons to show all the posers how it's done?"

"Oh it's been tempting but, causing the Tower to collapse might cause Xorgoth to get out quicker or blow us all up so rather avoid that kid. Still, you said you came up with this spell on your own eh? These days only a handful of humans have any real talent with the liger style beast metamorphoses."

"What can I say? Not like I grew up in a family of werewolves, just deadbeats. Damn it Branko now's not the time for twenty questions, I don't know my past, just my who I am now!"

"Heh, I can respect that. Dan, the point is, you got the right instincts, just got to keep those instincts on track when things get messy."

"Well, since I'm keeping this state up even after being gutted like a fish I'd say that's progress." The former leader of the Hammer Wolves spat out as he got back on his feet." So, if we can keep the world from ending I might make enough progress so everyone will stop calling me a slacker! So, to get that done, long past due rooster head gets deep fried! That last attack of his is no joke though. For all the lighting he says he throws around that one all but is the real deal and sadly still not that fast!"

"Glad you're not as blind as the bird man. Your right, but there are ways to get around a lightning bolt, if you have the right tools. Thankfully with us, you just might have those tools bub. Course, still need to have the right instincts to act in time."

Dan saw Deacon flying around trying to smash the mud and ash off him before he shrugged." Have you watched me at all Branko? Like hell is Dan Nicholson a choker!"

"Bah, we will see soon enough pup, just get ready cause we only are going to have a chance to pull this off once!"

Dan felt the ground shake, then saw lighting blast out above before he cracked his neck and nodded. Before he could say anything Deacon had the lighting crackle around his body to zap off all the mud and ash on him, before he glared at Turok." You freaks think your such hot stuff? You may know a few hardcore old school spells and tricks, but Master lord Ares already has proved he can surpass what you freaks have been hiding in that dump of yours for centuries! My ultimate work of art can blow through everything you got!"

"That's rich." Dan snorted out as he wound up his fist." Your ultimate attack can't even keep a "thug" like me down dude! Then again guess a "slughead" cockwomble just is to slow to put that together."

"For real!?" Deacon spat out with raw outrage." You think you can mock me after I nearly ripped you apart? You only survived cause of a fluke, and I'm on to your trick now so you're a dead man walking!"

"Hey that's my line jackass!" Dan retorted as he grasped his fists tightly. Deacon saw blue fire come out of Dan's augmented body before he grit his teeth." You're really one stupid slug Dan Nicholson, but you mocked your superior for the last time! Not only are you going to die as a dumbass, but all your buddies are going to die before you finish falling to the ground! Your deaths are going to be a message to all who stand in the way of the Iblis Corps, of all who dare get in the way of the dawn of the new world!"

Voltaire saw lighting crackle around the Jinn Cadre once more before he cleared his throat." Um, you do know what you're doing with this eh Dan? Good chance we are putting all the cards on the table here."

"It's cool dude, I'm on to his game. Still, might help if yah can aim to tag an oversized turkey as I go at it. Between that and our detective pal working her magic to slow things down a bit, we got this!"

Roxanne saw the seriousness in the beast like man's eyes before she nodded." So, sure eh? Well, I think I get your logic, and it might work. Just, don't miss."

"Easy dame, I may not have rich boy's aim but I do make sure I land my shot no matter what! Yah hear that rooster head? No matter how fast yah are you can't get away from the ass kicking you deserve!"

"ENOUGH!" Deacon roared out as his hair spiked up." You can't talk yourself out of this raven! Rasca..."

Dan instantly burst at Deacon while roaring out," Time's up turkey! Hado!"

Deacon saw Dan preparing his own attack before he narrowed his eyes." Trying to jump the gun? To slow…TO SLOW! CRUSHER BOLT!"

The man with the title of Voltic Kazejin once more unleashed his ultimate attack, and in a flash grinned as he felt the sensation of slicing through flesh. However, to his shock, while he slashed through Dan, it was not the heart he struck.

As he saw Dan go past him, he felt a force tug him, and realized an arrow was behind Dan, an arrow that was mixed with Turok's mud and Branko's ash. The arrow knocked Deacon off course, right into a purple sphere that Roxanne unleashed.

The former Los Midas police officer's spell slowed down Deacon's charge, causing him to slowly see Dan swerve around and plant his feet on the wall before he glared at Deacon." You may have a faster thrust Deacon Cortez, but let me show you how mean a reversal I dish out! Your tour is canceled!"

Dan burst off the wall to charge at Deacon before the winged man could finish swerving around. Thanks to the force of Voltaire's enhanced anchor arrow and Roxanne's spell, Deacon locked back on to Dan just as his target reached him, while yelling out," CRUSHING FURY!"

The member of the Crimson Dragoon's slammed down his right fist, infused with blue flames, right into Deacon's chest. The collision frozen Deacon in his tracks, causing the winged man to gasp out, before Dan slammed both of his fists into his target's chest, going right through the man's chest. Shock-wave of blue energy burst out in all directions, as Deacon coughed up blood.

The elite member of the Iblis Corps kept yelling as he glanced at Dan." You…you…were faster than me?"

"All it took was speeding up for one moment to throw you off course enough to not get owned, then let my pals tie you up to knock you down."

To Richard's pals shock, Deacon chuckled bitterly." That was wild…like a work of art. Even if it….took away my dream…I can respect a true masterpiece from someone that's pretty good. Your all…still going to die…but if you made it this far…you better die with style. You have to...Deacon Cortez's career can't just be some loser who got killed by another loser. It...can't be."

Dan saw Deacon had a frantic look in his eyes before he chuckled bitterly." Lucky for you I don't feel like dying today Deacon. But, I can promise you that when I do die, it won't be like a wuss, it will be like a man."

"Heh, in the end only the winners get to decide how people judge them. You…may not be a slug head…but this whole world's going to see where they stand soon enough. It will be a work of"

Deacon gasped one last time, before the light faded from his eyes and his head fell. Dan withdrew his fist, and saw the corpse of his enemy fall to the ground before he snickered." Oh, it will be a kickass enough to make one epic movie alright Deacon Cortez...and that's why I'm dead set on living long enough to make sure they cast my actor right!

Tsc, you were a dumbass cultist, but at least you were honest about what you were, which is more than I could say about some of the pricks I had to get past like Dick and Troy. So, I'll make sure they cast your role right to. Sayonara rooster head."

Roxanne saw Deacon's corpse still have small sparks of lighting break out before she grasped her weapons tightly." Dan, that was well done but don't let your guard down. We saw how hard it was for the other Jinn Cadre to sure he's not faking it and getting us to lower our guards down?"

Dan's transformation came undone as he glanced at Deacon. He gave the dead birdman a kick to kick him over before he spat on the ground." I'm a fan of the double tap role myself dame, but chill. Those other punks could move their organs around, but Deacon seemed to put all his skills on his speed, and he made the wrong call. I felt his heart stop, I'd say he's down for the count.

Cliche as the whole fighters speaking through their fist's thing can be, I felt it in his punch's that unlike the others he was a straightforward punk. Man did he have more than a few bad judgment calls, but sometimes people don't have the cards they need to make the right play. Sucks, but that's life. Now, time to show his boss how much of a joke this whole becoming superior demons really is!"

Turok glanced at Deacon's corpse before he sighed." I don't know what drove this Ares to thinking this path of his was correct, but his obsession with thinking demons, or even dragons are the superior race is misguided.

True, in the genesis of Marvados demons brought the world into a darkness that was only lifted by Mavos's salvation, but that power was not naturally superior as man was able to defy it.

The path brought by dark magic might be" faster and easier", but to those that can resist the temptation to have instant gratification, they can ascend to even further heights."

Dan saw Turok was serious before he shrugged." Thanks for the props I guess Turok. Guess this guy learned the hard way rushing does not always pay off eh?"

The blond man was about to say more before the ground shook again.

As Voltaire nearly fell over he grimaced." Sound as that idea might be my good man, does seem like we don't have much time to dawdle. If we win the battle only to lose the war, Deacon might get the last laugh after all."

Branko looked around before he snarled." Don't throw in the towel just yet, if Xorgoth was unsealed it would cause a lot more then that one tremor whelp."

Roxanne tugged her collar as she swept some sweat off her brow and glanced up." Still, it's clearly getting worst, the heat in this room nearly feels like a sauna, and if it's not from what Deacon did then it must be from someone else above."

"Sounds about right."

Dan spat out as he looked up." Did tell Richard we would catch up when we were done and now's not a good time to leave a bro hanging right? Day's been one pain in the ass but just got to push through till, ugh."

Dan winced and nearly fell to his knees as he grasped where Deacon hit him. Voltaire saw the extent of his comrade's injuries before he grimaced." Don't forget your own advice Dan. I want to help Richard as quickly as you do but if we rush in before we are ready could just make things worst eh? Time is short, but not short enough that we can't catch our breath."

Dan saw Roxanne and Turok nod before he shrugged." Guess would come off as the dumbass if I did not follow my own advice. Thankfully, Greg should keep Richard alive long enough for us to catch our breath eh? After all they pulled through enough for us to have a little faith in them, just a little."

Dan took the potion Roxanne offered to rebound as quickly as he could, though little did he know that the heat was on his friend in a far greater way then he and the others realized.

For just as matters with Deacon came to thunderous conclusion, Richard was seeing just how extreme Morgana's volcanic passion truly was. It took less than a minute after the battle started in earnest for the fiend of fire to have unleashed enough flames to have Richard realize every step he could take would mean crossing lava.

The third prince saw Morgana give out a mocking giggle as she waved her fan, and swung it down hard, blowing the flames in Richard's direction. Richard winced, before he grasped his fist tightly and decided to throw off his enemies' momentum by unleashing his Erupting Flare Burst attack to blaze through the spell.

Morgana was caught off guard to see Richard charge into the wave of lava, only to see her target suddenly burst out of the flames with his free hand glowing with energy. The woman of lava caught Richard's fist, and saw the heat coming from his free hand before she giggled darkly." Sugah, you really think your gonna beat me in heat? Don't matter if yah have a dragon with yah honey, no one in the entire god dang world can crack up the heat higher then little old me!"

Morgana grasped Richard's hand tightly, before it became a claw of magma. The man merged with a dragon saw magma drip down his hand as he started to burn even with Greymont covering him, and started to have images of how Michael died flash across his mind before he grunted, and quickly swung Auro Solis down on his enemies hang.

The fiery female fatale easily parried the strike with her own blade before she narrowed her eyes." Armature hour is not going to cut it with me "hero!" What, yah thought I slept my way into being a Jinn Cadre? I got this spot because I'm one of the best fighters in the whole Iblis Corps! No weak-willed prince is going to stop me!"

Richard saw the passion in Morgana's eyes, and the rising burning sensation in his limb before he glared back." I don't doubt your worthiness Morgana…but no matter how skilled or strong you are, I'm not losing to you! If I can't trump your heat, I'll just find another way!"

Richard dashed back and cut off his Flare Burst attack, throwing Morgana off balance as his hand suddenly withdrew from his limb.

She saw Richard move his hand and thought he was going to attempt to fire another energy blast and raised her katana.

But to her shock Richard cast the Metal-Morph spell to have his arm extend and shoot out like a spike fired out like a harpoon. The harpoon through Morgana's shoulder, and hit the edge of the right room to bind her arm.

The Jinn Cadre saw Morgana grunt in pain, as the fire around the struck limb went erratically for a few moments.

As Richard noticed the fire around her limb seemed erratic after being hit before his opponent glanced behind her, narrowed her eyes and grasped the metal, causing it to melt in moments.

As it did Richard jumped back and slammed the ground around him while chanting Metal-Morph again.

Morgana had the harpoon around her shoulder melt to slag in moments before she gave Richard a dismissive chuckle. She was about to attack again, only for the ground around her to form up into a cage, just like how Richard dealt with Remy just a while earlier.

The new metal cage held just long enough to let Richard dare to hope he successfully caged his target, only to grunt in pain as he realized his feet were burning, and saw the ground was turning to pure magma. The third prince jumped back just as the whole area around the metal box became consumed with magma.

Richard heard another giggle lanced with malice, as Morgana phased through the metal like it was butter. The woman of raw magma flicked her hair back as she raised her blade." Starting to tick me off how little yah are thinking of me Richard. Course, even if you bring out your big guns you're not gonna match my fire! Just try it so you can see how strong your justice is really worth!"

Richard saw Morgana unleash a barrage of fireballs, and quickly found himself being trapped in a corner of the room. The heat from all the fire magic being thrown around was enough to make Greymont sweat as well, causing the Techno Organic dragon's body to ripple." Hey boss, maybe we should split up quick enough to take her down with a Mega Flare Buster?"

Richard saw Morgana still looking amused before he took a deep breath." Honestly don't know how long I can last without you protecting me from the heat Greymont. Besides, I feel like, we have to fight smarter, not harder. In a case like this, fighting fire with fire is not the best idea.

Morgana's proving she's the master of fire magic, but as deadly as that is that does not make her invincible. The plan will require a hell of a lot more effort than subduing a Blazeautan, or even Rendora, but it can work, long as we don't lose focus!"

"Don't worry boss, I ate enough so I can focus for the rest of the day!"

"Great, then get ready!"

Morgana saw Richard's head was down before she had magma burst up around her." Aw passing out from the heat already sugh? Trying to think of how many lasers it will take to get through my magma? Face it prince, none of your tricks are gonna cut it against me!"

Richard saw the magma boil up, and burst out into a wave of magma before he grasped his fist tightly." Maybe not the tricks you know, but I do have a few more up my sleeve! Sealing Typhoon!"

The wand glowed again, and —as with other more-advanced spells— the glow quickly spread to his whole body.

Not stopping there, his aura blazed more and more intensely, growing from a dim glimmer into a flame, and then a bright blaze. Light began to pour off of him and illuminate the chamber. Finally, he finished, and extended his hands over his head.

As Richard gestured, the aura continued to blaze, but now it poured off of him and into the air. Once away from him, it rapidly expanded, continuing to glow green to signify its presence as it swelled.

In moments the winds picked up ever more fiercely, growing from storm-levels to hurricane-levels, and shot at the wave of magma, blowing it out as strongly as birthday candles being blown out by a hurricane.

Morgana dashed to the right as the Sealing Typhoon blew her magma away before she snickered." Wind magic eh? Please, even Deacon was not fast enough to knock me out so don't bot, huh?"

Morgana was cut off as she felt the wind pressure was enough to force her to kneel, till she noticed the fire and magma all around the room was being blown around. As her flames started to dim she grit her teeth." You think my flames are just like some camp fire that can be blown out Richard? Hell no, you don't blow out a volcano with a fan!"

"All to true, but even the flames and heat of stars can be blown out by black holes Morgana!" Richard cried out bitterly. "No matter the strength of the flame, if you sever the source it will go out! No matter how much of an inferno of hatred fuels you, for the sake of all that have burned because of that, I will sever that so you can answer for your crimes."

Morgana stabbed the ground with her blade to keep herself up, and as she saw her flames and magma being blown to right around her she narrowed her eyes." Like hell is your hypocritical justice going to blow me out! You got some spunk to yah Richard, but I'm not a gal with a one trick show yourself! Throwing around so much hot air is gonna get you burned all right! Napalm Crackle!"

Richard tensed up as he saw the woman with the title of "Blistering Dajin take a deep breath, and puff out embers of magma from her breath. Knowing full well what happened to the Gemini Twins, Richard tried to redirect the Sealing Typhoon spell. Alas Morgana's magic worked faster than he hoped as right when he tried to redirect the magical vortex, an explosion burst out right in his face.

Only a few seconds after Richard was blasted into the wall Morgana felt the pressure ease up, and the flames on her body roared with renewed intensity as she staggered to her feet. She cracked her neck before she glanced at Richard and giggled darkly." Nice try "hero", not hard to see how the others had trouble with yah.

But that's not going to be enough to keep me down! For the sake of at last avenging my kin, and making the new world that I, Sorel and the others yearn for a reality, ALL humans and those that defend them are going to get what they deserve!"

"And what about the others who don't deserve such a fate?" Richard uttered bitterly as he got to his feet." What about the innocent you plan to butcher just as cruelly as how your family was killed? Did Michael, Rain's comrades and all the other innocent people deserve what they had coming?"

"Think you're going to take me on a guilt trip now Richard!?" Morgana hissed out bitterly." Sure, Rain and the others are folk I would rather be friendly with normally, but I'm doing them a favor either way! Either they get to be part of a better world, or they will be free of being betrayed by the current world and the worthless human jackass's that swarm everything more than rats!"

"That's not your decision to make! No matter how much you, Ares, and everyone else hate the current state of the world that's not enough to give you the right to force everyone down the path you want! There are still ways for the innocent to get a fairer justice, without burning everything to ash!"

"Tsc, did your pa and the rest of your family tell you that so many times that you thought that hogwash was legit? People like me have been told that over all of humanity's damn history Richard! They just beat us down and give us one lie after another that we have to accept at gunpoint!

Once you've seen how broken someone is it's like seeing them buck naked—you can't look at them the same anymore, and if you do, like you, your just being a god damn tool! You think being a hero can inspire them to be better Richard?

Funny. Slave masters thought they were making a difference in my pa folk's kind for generations. Saving them from their "barbaric ways." Same hypocritical garbage, different century. In the end, hypocrites like you think the hate U give can be swept away with a few half assed gestures don't understand how deep our hatred runs!

The only way that hatred will ever be measured up to, is for everything that this world of man and everyone that keeps it going to burn to ash! No spell you know, no weapon you hold will keep that hatred back Richard Zilos! The final countdown for your kind's ticking down hero, but since yah are not getting the message time for an even faster final countdown!

This has been a wild dance and all, but while I see you have some tricks up yah sleeve, they can't help you when everything melts so hot it gets too hot to think, or to live! I told you I'd cremate you, and I'm a woman of my word! Solaris…Nova!"

The red-haired woman had veins form on her forehead as her WAND blazed with magical energy and she put her hands together. After gritting her teeth, a sphere that looked like a miniature sun formed in her hands. She gave Richard a cruel smirk before she hurled the sphere into the air, and it grew rapidly each second.

Richard saw the sphere stop upon the roof of the chamber, and once it stopped, everything, including himself was set ablaze. Richard tried to say something, till he realized his throat was to parched to even speak, causing Morgana to laugh wildly."

Save your breath while it lasts hon! My Solaris Nova depletes the moisture in its range, causing the air and the water to dry up mighty fast! Normally it would burn a whole lot more then this room, but can't have you get away by jumping off a melted wall so I'm condensing it to everything inside the room!

Even if your dragon pal can live through this heat, can't protect you if all the air in the room dries up for all but yours truly! You should have stayed at home with your momma prince, there might have been something left to bury when you died at least! Sorry, but this is the fate of all who defy the Iblis Corps!"

Morgana swung her sword down before the Devil Nova slowly descended before the ground around Richard started to melt. As he fell to his knees Greymont rippled across his body." Boss it getting to hot even for me! We have to get out before we are more deep fried then that meal Claire overcooked!"

"Oh, I'm well aware the heat's on Greymont. Get ready, only one way I can see ourselves getting out of this, so we got to get the timing right! Frost Surge!"

Richard croaked out an ice spell, only for the magic to evaporate the moment it was cast. The result caused Morgana to giggle as she leaned forward." Guess your brain's already melting eh hero? Cause only someone braindead think he can put out a volcano with a snowball!"

The masked man grunted, before casting the same spell, on himself. Normally casting Frost Surge on himself would freeze him solid, but with how hot the chamber was it was already melting away in moments. Even so, the spell gave Richard enough moisture to allow himself to focus long enough to cast another Sealing Typhoon.

The wind magic succeeded in causing the Solaris Nova to reverse its descent, and as Morgana saw her spell ascend, she grit her teeth." Not too bad Requiem, but if your last gamble is to try and fry me with my own spell get ready to die a fool. This is no kamikaze spell, this fiend of fire can survive a supernova!"

"Maybe, but does the same go for your master?" Richard spat out bitterly." I'm sure normally this would be nothing for Ares, but it seems even he's a tad distracted trying to unseal Xorgoth. So, either he gets fried by his most faithful follower or his grand plan collapses…and I'm find with either path right about now!"

For the first time in the entire fight Morgana had fear slither across her face as she saw the ceiling start to melt. She saw how driven Richard looked before her eyes widened." God damn it your making this dance a pain to the very end? Try any trick you want, you're not stopping judgment day, I won't let you!"

Morgana had the fire around her flare up even more as she tried to wrestle control of the Solaris Nova. Richard saw she was distracted before he grasped his hands tightly." Got you!"

Richard had the Sealing Typhoon spell condense to focus the spell right around her, causing the pressure to increase enough for Morgana to see her flames start to flicker before she girt her teeth." No matter what element yah hurl at me Richard Zilos, it's not going to do me in! Enough, just burn to ash's already!"

Richard saw Morgana wince before she stabbed the ground with her katana, causing the prince to stab the ground with his own blade." If that's the cause, I'll just throw many at once!"

The leader of the Crimson Dragoon unit quickly case the Frost Surge spell once more to have ice shoot out across the ground to hit his target's feet. With her fire eroding, the ice caused her to stagger. As she struggled to unleash enough heat to melt the cold magic, Richard saw her magma composed body dim a little, before he narrowed his eyes." This might work after all. Time to make sure all that training was not in vain! Morgana, no matter how fired up you get, this ends now!"

Richard charged at her with the Auro Solis while still keeping the wind spell pinning her down before she snarled out," No, I won't let all the suffering I been through been for nothing! Marilith's Ignition!"

The fiend of fire slammed her blade through the ground, having it become a blade shaped like a star, and used all of her willpower to move despite the wind pressure and let out a blazing overhead slash. Richard had ice form around Auro Solis as he parried the slash.

As the blades collided Richard saw Morgana's raw hate before he spat out," I know you suffered Morgana, and I'm sorry the world has been so cruel to you. But you really think your family wanted the world to burn to ash?"

"I don't know, because they are dead damn it! They wanted a world where they were not repressed, and that's what I'm going to give it to them!"

"But you're just repeating the cycle of hatred by putting on a new chain!"

"As if there is anything else, that's the nature of the world!"

"Maybe, but I'll give it everything I have to change the world without breaking it! I'll keep looking for new paths, and new ways to get to that dream! Zio-Spike!"

Morgana saw Richard move his blade and prepared to shift her own in response, only to realize to late that was a feint, as Richard had his right foot have a spike burst out before he kicked her in the knee with it. It was a light wound, but still enough to make Morgana yell out in pain.

As she cursed out Richard jabbed his right elbow at his opponent's left elbow, and once more had a spike jet out to stab her limb. Richard was able to get two more spikes into the woman with the title of Blistering Dajin's limbs before a wave of magma burst out to force Richard back.

Even with all the spikes in her body, along with the Sealing Typhoon pressing down on her Morgana coughed a bit before she glared at her attacker." Think you can make me a pincushion!? Cute…but I been stabbed a lot more and still got the job done! I'm just getting even more fired up!"

Richard saw his enemy stagger back before he sighed." I'm sure you been stabbed harder, but we will see if that holds true after your fire is short circuited!"

The third prince made another hand gesture, before all of the spikes crackled with lighting and zapped Morgana with voltage before she could unleash more fire. Morgana screamed in pain as she grasped her chest." The hell…is this? Lighting does not trip me up that much."

"Not on its own perhaps, but it's a bit different when its coming inside you. I noticed before my harpoon attack effected your body magic slightly and it gave me the idea that the power to morph your body is coming from your heart. So, if I could disrupt your mana network, I could disrupt your power.

Thankfully, I trained enough with how to transmit my mana into my target's body, to rupture their own mana. As you can see, it can make moving a tad difficult. Its checkmate Morgana, you lose."

Morgana saw her hands twitch, and her flames dim before she cried out with raw fury." Oh this is no game hero! No matter what, I'll never forgive this world! No matter what, I won't stop till it burns! Damn you, thinking you know better than me Richard Zilos! I'll give everything to end this, I won't let this hate of mine be swept away!"

Richard saw Morgana's muscles spasm before her eyes glowed red, and she caused the Solaris Nova to burst. Richard saw the heat coming for him in the shape of a giant claw of magma, and had ice cover his hand. He had the ground around him launch him like a springboard before he had the ice infused hand burst through the flames.

In Morgana's weakened state, Richard was able to slowly blaze through her flames while crying out." I may not have gone through what you did Morgana, but I know full well how hatred, despair, and fury feels. But I seen firsthand, what happens when you let the inferno of rage consume you! I want this world to change to, but not at the cost of burning it to the ground!

There are still people I must protect! To keep my promise, I'll take down your rage, Ares's hate, and anything else that stands in the way of keeping that promise! No matter how much you hate me Morgana, no matter how much you rage about it, you will lose! Artic Gale!"

Richard had the Sealing Typhoon spell propel him even harder, as his sword fused wind and ice magic at once to freeze and blow through the fire at once, allowing him to burst all the way through Morgana's attack.

The man merged with a dragon punched Morgana in the gut, and hit her so hard that the impact, combined with the Zio-rods completely broke her focus and completely disrupted her magic.

The punch hit her all the way into one of the pillars in the room, and the pillar was so melted that it collapsed part way, causing the spikes in her body to nail her to the half fallen pillar.

As her blade and her fan fell out of her hands and her body turned back to normal from running out of mana energy, Morgana coughed up blood as she struggled to move, only to realize she was bound to the pillar and could not get up.

She saw Richard nearly looked like a pile of molten slag, but was still breathing before she yelled out in despair." No…it can't end like this! I survived to avenge my family and change the world! I can't have lived this long, only to have not changed anything! I, I can't die yet!"

Richard saw the despair in Morgana's eyes before he sighed." Don't struggle, your wounds should not be fatal, you just might live yet."

Morgana saw the bitterness in Richard's eyes, before she let out a bitter chuckle of her own." That a fact "hero"? Want me to live so I can face my crimes and all that? Tsc, like terrorists ever live long enough to get a day in court. I, I don't need your pity, at this point your just keeping me from seeing my family again.

Though, guess after all I did, no chance in hell I'd see momma and the others again. Momma, would you even recognize your baby gal after how much I changed? I, I know, I know you just wanted me to be happy, but, but I never could be happy as long as the people that let us get screwed over were still ticking! After all that happened, there was nothing else!"

"There is something else for people who suffer Morgana." Richard retorted somberly." It's not easy, and it's much harder than just lashing out with rage and hate, but its there if we fight for it. Even, even if it was an act, your encouragement pushed me not to give into my own despair.

I, I don't know if people like us can truly be at peace, but as long as I can keep people form having to face what we had to face, fighting is worth it. As, as long as I can keep my promise to Kristen, it's worth it."

Morgana raised an eyebrow before she giggled darkly." Kristen…that your squeeze or something? You really making yourself to be out as some knight from a fairy tale hon?"

Richard winced as he thought about how determined Kristen was about Richard proving she could depend on him before he sighed." I'm not as naïve as you think Morgana. I, just wanted to keep a promise to a friend so she could trust me again. If, if we can get through this, maybe Kristen and I have a chance at getting back to how we use to be."

Morgana saw how dismayed Richard looked before she snorted." Kristen eh? Heh…that gal has you wrapped around her finger eh? You really should not make promises to a gal you can't keep "prince" or yah look like a jackass. Unless you have the power of god you're not gonna get a gal to have a trouble free life. Ugh, just, finish me now so I don't have to put up with your pansy ranting anymore."

"As the loser you don't get to decide how the outcome of this goes Morgana."

Richard uttered flatly as he took a potion out to heal some of the burns he got during the fight. Morgana saw how defiant Richard looked before she spat at him." What, don't think I'm a threat anymore? Heh, or you can't bring yourself to kill someone with a pair of breasts?"

"It's not like that. It's just, I don't want to kill anymore then I have to, enough lives have been lost."

Morgana saw the lament in Richard's eyes before she let out a giggle." You won't last long as a ruler if you get all prissy about getting your hands bloody Richard. Still, it's a shame you were not my boyfriend back then, might have even gotten out if you had the wit you have now.

Still, it's too late now, you're still going to die. Nothing's going to stop Xorgoth from being unsealed, all you did is get one small win before you and all your pals die."

"Maybe, but people have been saying I'd never last this long since I met Greymont, and I'm still here. So, might as well see this through to the end. Whatever happens, I'm ready to do what must be done."

"Are yah really Requiem?"

The former leader of the Crimson Tengu Ravens and the Jinn Cadre locked eyes for a moment, and realized they were right in front of each other's faces. For a few moments they were silent, till Morgana saw the ceiling above Richard starting to crack. She saw a red-light shimmer from the ceiling before her eyes widened, and she looked at Richard." Move yah ass dumbass!"

With all the strength she had left Morgana headbutt Richard in the stomach, knocking him back, just as the ceiling shattered where he stood, and Zandoris crashed down, with his massive blade aimed right for where Richard was. Since Morgana moved into where Richard was, her chest was impaled by Carnage Edge as Zandoris landed on the ground with a thud so hard it was like a lightning bolt descended.

While Richard was knocked out of the way just in time, he still felt like he was shot as he saw the woman in front of him's chest was bisected with the massive broadsword, causing him to on instinct cry out," Morgana!"

Zandoris slowly kneeled up and saw where his blade was, slowly saw Morgana cough up blood before he narrowed his eyes." Morgana…you choose very poorly. You could have remained unharmed if you just controlled your impulses."

Despite her heart and most of the organs in her chest being run through the red-haired woman could not help but let out a weak giggle." Can't say…I was thinking much big Z. Just reacted on instinct, to pay the prince back for saving me from being shot by those Yack Dynasty rednecks. I, repay my debts…to the end."

Morgana saw Richard's horrified look before she coughed up blood." Don't think I suddenly joined your team Richard. I, I just did not want you to get off to easily yah hear? Nah…Sorel…he's gonna give you the death you deserve. Sorel…I…I did not make it to the new world after all. I tried my best…but I could not burn the fire hard enough. I, I know you will never fall. I just, wish I could have seen it all come together. Heh, the breeze, it nearly feels like home. Only thought I would feel that breeze when I…when I."

Richard felt a chill down his spine as Morgana could not finish her speech, before her head slouched downward. Zandoris saw the woman with the title of the Blistering Dajin was not moving before he swiftly pulled his blade out of the now deceased corpse.

He saw her roll over before he snickered." So…this was the shape of your heart in its final moments Morgana? Perhaps it was for the best, before your weakness chained the Master and gave him doubts about doing what must be done.

History again and again has had great causes derailed by whores who weighed everything down with there passions. Our cause, will not suffer that fate! You had your uses to the cause, but in the end…your fate is the same as all used up whores."

"How, how dare you!" Richard screamed out as he grasped his blade so tightly he nearly broke his own hand." Are you really just a machine that can only kill Zandoris? She was your comrade, your fellow Jinn Cadre right!? How can you treat her like trash?"

"Oh, and you're in a position to command me to act Richard Zilos? Your so naïve, for I am respecting her. I let her die like a warrior, rather than a broken cur that would linger on with one foot already in the grave. In the end, warriors such as us don't have the same things as the rabble.

The weak lament at this, but those who embrace their purpose gain strength when they realize how worthless so much of what human's think is important really is!

You, you still fixate on so many things you think has value, but really is worthless. All this time and you still don't have the pride of a true warrior! And that means you came this far…just to die a fool."

Richard instantly jumped back as he saw Morgana's sword next to his feet, saw his previous opponent's corpse bleeding out, and glared at Zandoris with raw hate." You think I want to become a machine of death like you Zandoris? Like hell! What I always strived to become, was the kind of person that took monsters like you down!"

"Win a few battles and now you fancy yourself on par with your father maggot? The blood of the Zilos royalty may indeed be strong in you, but your no real Magna Centurion, not yet. You rely on your dragon and your comrades to make up for your inferiority, but without them your just another weak instinct to crush.

Your cunning may have delayed destiny a little longer, but I will knock down your pitiful façade and kill you before your allies can even arrive. Brace yourself for death boy, you will only leave this room as a soul."

Richard saw Zandoris raise his blade before he took a deep breath." Your mistaken Zandoris! If we are alone, then that means I don't have to worry about the others getting hurt, and can just focus on taking you down!"

"This another one of your pitiful jokes to hide your fear cur? Enough." Zandoris lunged at Richard with a wide overhead swing, and saw Richard react by jumping up, and landing on the taller man's hilt. The demonic knight snarled before throwing Richard off, and unleashed a follow up swing that carved the ground.

The man merged with the dragon managed to get out of the larger blade's path, but saw Zandoris kept relentlessly slashing Richard till the third prince's back was to the wall. The Majin Chevalier saw Richard look tensely at the wall before he narrowed his eyes." I have you now."

Zandoris raised his broadsword as he prepared to ram his blade through Richard's head. But as he let out the first step of his charge, till his foot suddenly sunk into the ground. Richard saw his opponent lose his balance before he narrowed his eyes." More like I have you now!"

The former vigilante dashed forward to slash at his enemy's chest, only for Zandoris to swerve to the side. He avoided getting impaled, but still got cut across his chest. Zandoris saw his chest sparking before he dashed back.

He realized when Richard last jumped back he cast the sinkhole spell to lure him before he sneered." Impressive, your movements are getting faster. You're almost coming off as a skilled warrior. But of course, no common warrior can withstand the fury of the darkness! Sinister Feast!"

The man with a skull for a face slammed his sword into the ground, before a barrage of demonic skulls erupted out of his aura. Richard saw the new projectiles wail at him before he narrowed his eyes." The wrath of the shadows may be daunting, but when your use to what your facing it's not enough to phase you, not when you have a job to do! Flair Burst!"

Richard slashed through one wailing skull, then jumped up on the wall to fire a barrage of blue energy blasts. Zandoris saw all of his skulls get vaporized, and parried the blue laser heading his way before he narrowed his eyes." False bravado won't save you cur. If you're not afraid of the darkness, you will be! Rai-Lance!"

The Jinn Cadre swiftly hurled a lance of lighting at the third prince, and while Richard parried the projectile, by the time he raised his blade, Zandoris was coming at him, lunging Carnage Edge at the scion of Andross Zilos with speed faster than it would seem possible for his large blade.

Richard's breath and heart became painful as stopping the strike nearly hurt him as much as getting hit did. While Richard gave ground and shifted into a defensive stance before trying to strike Zandoris's hand, only for his target to catch his hand.

Zandoris saw Richard's shock before he tried to crush the smaller man's hand. As Richard fall to his knees his enemy sneered out," You failed to grasp the most basic, essential element of a warrior. No matter how sharp your tactics are, if you don't have the strength to see them through, it's useless!"

Zandoris slashed Richard across the chest, knocking him to the ground. As Richard yelled out in pain the living nightmare pointed his sword at the man on the ground." You may have felled Morgana, but your still not a true warrior! You're a parasite that relies on others, just another maggot to be culled!"

Richard saw Morgana's sword next to him before he grasped his fist tightly." Your right, on my own I still can't measure up. But I'm not trying to be the best warrior, just a hero that can get the job done! That means, I'll just have to make up for what I lack."

"Tsc, you can only dismiss your failings for so long. Human society right now is just fools concealing their weakness with pompous farces, and at last all these inferior vermin will get what they deserve! When the culling goes through, things will be as they should be, and those who are truly the worthiest will be in their proper place."

"That's why your so gun ho about this?" Richard bitterly retorted." Your another one of those guys who think fighters are on top of the food chain and want everyone to suffer before they bow to you? Damn it Zandoris, even if the world started out barbarically it does not mean it can't evolve to be something better!"

"And yet, for all your posturing, you can't see your dream realized without force! All the more proof your order is one of hypocrisy, one that should be purged once and for all!"

Zandoris charged at Richard once more, unleashing a hammering two handed smash. He saw Richard thrust Auro Solis at him, and swerved his arms. However, to his shock Richard swerved as well, and revealed he picked up Morgana's blade as he turned to let out a follow up thrust.

Since Zandoris had already shifted his momentum, he was not able to react in time, and could only see the red katana thrust into the joint in his arm armor. Richard let out a small grin of relief as he saw Zandoris lose his grip on his blade, and quickly stabbed his target in the chest.

As the Majin Chevalier grunted, Richard narrowed his eyes." Even the greatest swordsmen is nothing if he can no longer use his sword. Its over Zandoris, at last your rampage is ending!"

Zandoris merely snarled before he head butt Richard to knock him back. The Jinn Cadre saw his hands still twitching as a result of his injury before he hissed out." That may be true, if I was a mere human swordsmen like you! Your victory over Morgana has made you arrogant Richard Zilos.

Even if you become as strong as a human can be, You will die in the face of your superior! You pushed me further than I expected you alone could…yet that just means it's time to end this farce! You're not even the fight I want to have today, so I will kill you to ensure I'm not denied what I sought! Gaff Drive...ignite!"

Richard winced as he saw his enemy's eyes glow, and tried to attack Zandoris before he could power up. To his dismay the process unleashed a surge of energy that knocked him back, leaving him only able to watch as his enemy's true power became unleashed. As Zandoris grew wings, the transformation also repaired the damage to his arms, causing him to grasp Carnage Edge once more.

The man with the title of Majin Chevalier pointed his blade at the smaller man before he narrowed his eyes." You dared yourself to have hope in adverting your destiny Richard Zilos, but those are the words of someone who does not know true despair. So, I will show you before you die. This is what true despair looks like!"

"Your way to in love with your self Zandoris! As deadly as you are, the fact is you don't have the means to break Greymont! I'm not, GUH!"

"In a flash of red light Zandoris was in front of Richard, and smashed him into the air. Before Richard could even begin to fall his opponent was above him, and smashed Carnage Edge into him to bat him into the ground. Richard landed so hard that he left a dent in the tower floor, but before he could even yell Zandoris dove down and slammed his foot into Richard's head.

As Richard's head throbbed he saw Zandoris point his blade at him." I'm well aware of how durable your dragon companion is cur, but what if you suffer an impact so severe that even if the armor endures, you break your neck?

Let's fine out! Your crusade ends as all crusades by fools who refuse to submit to destiny, a brutal end. The friends you trusted, the values you cherished, all were powerless in the face of the darkness! And so in the end your destiny was to die alone like the weakling you are!"

Zandoris prepared to try and break Richard's neck before he or Greymont could recover, but before he could, he saw a flash of light to his right. Just as the Jinn Cadre swerved to see the source, he saw Orion come through the wall itself to ram Zandoris with Tenebrous in its lance state.

As Zandoris went flying into the wall the Magna Centurion landed on the ground and gave the skull faced man a frosty glare." Even if he is not perfect, it's not my brother's destiny to die demon, I'll make sure of it. Don't think I forgot are own unsettled dispute."

Richard coughed as he saw his brother suddenly in front of him before he blinked to make sure he was not hallucinating from his injuries." Orion…how…how are you here?"

"Your allies Turok and Branko were able to open the barrier once more to get me in brother." Orion answered flatly." Since father's plan is succeeding, with my speed it was best to ensure the operation objective was realized. Can you still fight?"

Richard grasped his arm before he took a deep breath, and nodded." Thanks, not feeling great but, I can still fight. Thankfully at least they did not all come at me at once."

Orion was about to ask what his brother meant till he noticed Morgana's corpse and widened his eyes." The fire user, you killed her?"

"I, I beat her, then Zandoris killed her."

Orion saw the remorse in Richard's eyes before he sighed." Richard…I see you pushed yourself hard in many ways. I assure you, I know how heavy a weight our duty can be. But, you don't have to do it alone anymore. You may have started the fight with the Iblis Corps, but we will finish this together. Ready?"

Richard saw Orion was sincere before he grinned." Yah Orion, lets finish this!"

"Good, then stick to battle plan Gamma…it's time we will show this madman not to take the Zilos bloodline lightly."

Zandoris saw both princes get into fighting stances before he chuckled murderously and had an aura of dark energy erupt out." So…the scion of Andross Zilos unite to stand against me? Very well…show me what the combined might of your family can produce, so I can strike it down and show once and for all what force is superior! En garde!"