Welcome to my first story… I hope it's not too terrible!

A lone car whizzed down a brightly lit street in the darkness, desperate to get home.

A young lady in her twenties was in the car, knowing her four-year-old daughter and her loving husband were waiting impatiently for her to return home. But as she turned a corner, she spotted a man in dark clothing waving at her and he threw something at the car and missed. Filled with terror and anger, the woman pulled over and prepared to ask the man what in the world he meant to do.

She didn't even get a chance to speak. The man bashed her in the head and she fell, her mouth open in a soundless scream. Nobody was nearby but if someone had witnessed the scene, they would have heard the sounds of silence. The man gripped her neck in his arms.

Nobody but the murderer knew if he killed again, nobody knew who he was. But he would be revealed someday. Darkness can't hide forever.

But what everyone knows is that night, a young child lost her mother. A family lost a loving wife. And a soul was wiped from the quiet town of Aideen forever.

Thanks for reading this first chapter! This was a very short starter chapter, but the chapters will get longer, I promise, over 1000 words! I have good ideas for this story and I always have a tale to tell, so come back soon…

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