"There's someone watching me," He said, his voice breaking in fear.

His friends looked behind him, not seeing a thing.

"There's no one there," They told him, he just shut his eyes, taking in a deep breath.

"I know... but I feel them."

"Calm down," One of the lad's told the young teen, "You'll freak people out if you keep talking like that."

The gang of boys just laughed at their feeble friend, walking away and expecting him to follow.

"God...?" He said to the thin air and shivered when he heard a deep cruel giggle.

"...Close" The voice whispered in the air, and the boy took a step back, before running to his friends.

"What now, Philip?" The leader of the gang pestered him.

"I'm not crazy..."

"And we're not dumb..." They replied in harsh tones.

It was then the street lights flickered before the lights blew, and the whole area fell into darkness.

"PHILIP!" The leader yelled, "What did you do?!"


The boy looked around, darkness everywhere.

"I'm here! I'm HERE!"

There was screaming, glass shattering roars of agony.

Suddenly, one light turned on, but it shone red bloody beams on the ground. It was then Philip saw it.

slaughtered bodies of the gang of boys... fallen around him and he closed his eyes, swallowing as he whispered, "He's here..."

He could hear creaks and crackles in the night, and said quietly, "God...?"

"Close..." The deep crackling voice hissed, and then he saw it.

Red scales, dragon wings... horns on the head.

"So very close..."

"No," The boy cried, and stepped back from the red light, "Not close at all!"

The last thing that was heard that night was a weak shallow scream... but it was cut short.

When the lights flickered on... they were gone. The only thing that remained of the bodies was stained blood on the cement ground.

And a rumbling cackle across the deserted land.