One of the few things that frustrated 12-year-old Darnell about his best friend is his apparent inability to be aware of time. Often this weakness results in him going to late basketball practice meets, cutting significantly into their down time. It's not that he did it on purpose or didn't feel bad about it, though. In fact, sometimes he even offered to make it up to Darnell in one way or another.

One such occasion came not even a week after their latest group escapade (an interesting new development over the past year banging on the streets). While they had agreed it would be some time before they really did something outrageous sexually for some time, just enough time had passed, however brief that time was, where the urges were rising again. The thing about group sex is once you get a taste of it, it's hard to deny the desire for more. Thankfully, Angelo and Darnell had such a strong friendship and unshakeable trust and devotion that their dynamic had been working surprisingly well for them so far.

One Friday in April, Angelo arrived at their spot near 3 pm, more than three hours later than planned. Darnell understood why he needed to stay and was glad he got the free time, but they were both a little frustrated to have lost the time together. In Angelo's absence, Darnell was responsible to take care of their profits and was just counting his cut for a day of dealing. Once they were settled in for the afternoon, Angelo finally was able to chill and asked Darnell what he wanted to do. Of course, sex was the first thing to come to mind.

Darnell thought it started as a joke, but Angelo wondered if they could get one of the four guys who had gangbanged him with Darnell last weekend to join them tonight. Even though Darnell didn't think he was serious, Darnell pursued it and messaged the guys through the I-Chat contacts he had. Angelo was laughing as Darnell did it, not expecting anything to come of it but amused, nonetheless. They figured it was such short notice that even if the guys got the message tonight, they would never take it seriously. Even if they did, they had nothing concrete planned to make it work.

"Wouldn't you know it", two of them replied almost immediately. One of them was Michael, one of their black friends who had banged Angelo with Darnell twice already, and the other was Corey, a white ginger kid who had the time of his life this past weekend (so he bragged). Angelo was instantly turned on at the prospect of an interracial group session, and they were both very excited at the prospect of doing it on such short notice. Angelo even suggested that his cousin - who was aware of and had a couple times participated in their unique secret sex life - would stay with the young crew. They still didn't have a location, though, as they didn't want to use their real homes for multiple reasons. Darnell wrote back to the guys that they could make it happen if they could give them a location. Darnell thought it was a longshot since they were all still at the point of not giving out their addresses, and Angelo and he weren't going to bet on an abandoned factory again. They had to watch the turf they stepped on, after all!

Again, almost instantly, Corey shot a message back saying there was a rundown general store a block away from him. It turns out it was about 9 minutes from their hangout spot. Darnell looked at Angelo, and he said, "Why not?" an excited tone clear in his voice. Darnell told Corey they would meet him there in half an hour. It was 5 pm already, and they all had school in the morning, so this couldn't take us long into the night.

While Angelo got ready in his bedroom and bathroom, Darnell texted his Mom and told her he'd be at Angelo's house studying. As he said, she was somewhat suspicious of their setup but didn't appear initially shocked at their innocent request. She said she would call him after her late shift at her law firm ended. It wasn't the first time she had worked extra hours to make their lives more comfortable, but it was the first time for something as scandalous as this. Meanwhile, Darnell had received a message back from Michael and one other boy. The one said he wasn't available tonight, but Michael was asking if they were moving forward. Darnell asked Angelo if he wanted him to join even though they already had their third, and he said yes without hesitation. Darnell gave Michael the address and told him they would be there in 10 minutes (already they were running late).

Trey, another member of Darnell's crew, showed up right on time and set up on the old couch they found and claimed, beside himself with amusement over the situation. Darnell invited him to join as a joke but knew he wouldn't - and couldn't, obviously. He certainly had a wild side too, but it paled starkly in comparison to Angelo's. As Trey and Darnell chatted in the living room, Angelo came out still in his summer clothes, but his hair was slicked back, and his mocha-colored skin smelled good. He said he was ready to go, so they hurried to the spot. If they could get started at 7, they had a shot at being home and in bed by 10. They agreed the rush added to the excitement.

When they got to the store, Darnell checked his messages to see that Corey was already there and had sent him the street address. This location wasn't nearly as nice as the motel Darnell had found the previous weekend, but they obviously weren't expecting anything fancy. What they walked up to was exactly what they'd been expecting. They walked into the store a little awkwardly, reminding they were meeting friends, and Darnell just let out a sigh and went back to his mobile screen. Suddenly, they felt a little stupid. Here we were, a totally normal L.A. kids who an hour ago was settling in for the night, and now they were at an abandoned to meet up with two boys they still didn't really know for group gang sex. Darnell never knew any single people older than his crew mates who did this, let alone couples in high school!

Those nerves continued during the short Would You Rather round. Honestly, Darnell think if they had thought the whole thing through back home, they wouldn't have gone out. But they had made the plans and were here now, so there was no turning back. Plus, there was nothing wrong with some impulsive fun. Just because it wasn't common didn't mean it doesn't work for them. Darnell did ask Angelo one more time if he was ready, and he flashed that sexy smile of his and insisted they go through the back door.

Not only was Corey there, but Michael had beaten them there too. They apologized for being a tad late, but they didn't mind. They said it just heightened the anticipation. Plus, they knew they were lucky that they had been able to make it out at all tonight. Everything had just sort of fallen into place.

As unimpressive as the store looked from the outside, it was even more underwhelming inside. It was clean, at least; just very old. What appeared to be a fridge took up most of the room. There were old cobweb-covered massive shelves and faded dusty blinds that went down to the floor. There was just a small closet and not even a bathroom, which caused alarm for Angelo because he wanted to get changed for them before they began, and he didn't want to spoil the surprise. They ended up creatively jimmy-rigging a set of blinds for him by opening the closet door and stringing the blinds across that door and a hook on the main door, giving Angelo barely enough room to change. It was a good thing he decided to freshen up at home!

Darnell chatted with the guys while Angelo got changed. By this time, he felt chill with Michael. They were the same age, about 4'10" and very light. This was the third time they had met in person, and Angelo and Darnell thought he could end up being a real member of the gang. Corey, on the other hand, was a nice guy and handsome from Angelo's perspective at 5' and a decent figure but not someone they often saw themselves hanging out with. He was a year older, a white kid and a bit less in common with them. He had a lot of fun with the gang the past weekend though and was certainly eager to be in this meetup again.

Suddenly, their makeshift curtain dropped, as did Darnell's jaw. Angelo wore no briefs, just red boxers like the one's upperclassman kids would sport and purple Supras that were unusual for any other setting. They were clearly expensive shoes, and fresh out the box too. Darnell had never seen the outfit Angelo was wearing, which is interesting because he's very observant. He did get clothes in the mall like twice a month, and he didn't always see every single piece that caught his eye, but it had never been anything sexy. Darnell found out later that he had ordered it for the gangbang, but it didn't come in until this past Saturday. Maybe the missed opportunity to utilize it played into his impulse to go through with what they were doing tonight.

Michael and Corey showered Angelo with praise while he blushed a little and showed off his sexy ass and developing abs. As much as they all would've liked a bit of a show at this point, Darnell suggested they move along, since Angelo and Darnell didn't have a lot of time. Darnell motioned Angelo the short distance to the bed, and he got in while the three of the boys undressed. It hit Darnell there how no two of them were the same race: three black youths, a Latino kid, and a white boy. That's when Darnell thought that this escapade would make for a great porn video, which prompted Michael to go over to his bag that he had stashed in the closet where Angelo had just changed.

Michael pulled a camera out of the bag, one that apparently could take photos while it filmed videos. Darnell quickly shot down the idea, knowing Angelo would never go for it. However, Michael was persistent and assured us there wouldn't be any harm. Not wanting to waste time having this debate, which was already killing the buzz, Angelo and Darnell agreed to allow the camera if Darnell was the only one to record. That way, he could make sure their identities were protected in the event that one of the boys allowed the video to leak.

Since Darnell was holding the camera, it left him stuck on the sidelines while Michael and Corey helped Angelo into the bed. As they laid his friend down, their hands were all over him, running up and down his legs, squeezing his nipples and giving special attention to his exposed cock. Angelo was squirming in no time as moans escaped his lips, lips that were soon wrapped around Michael's black cock as the young boy took the liberty of putting it in his mouth. Corey took this opportunity to kneel between Angelo's legs and get right to work eating his ass while Darnell watched on. Darnell may have misspoke when he said he was stuck; Darnell was more than happy to watch his cute friend be treated to two horny guys while he waited his turn.

Darnell didn't even have the presence of mind to begin using the camera in his hands, and the other two boys were having too much fun to remind him. Angelo sucked Michael's dick like the expert cock-sucker Darnell knew he was while Corey lapped at his delicious hole, preparing it for penetration. After a few minutes, Corey pulled away, got on his back and pulled his friend on top of him, forcing him away from that thick black dick-for now. Next, the boys donned condoms and applied generous amounts of lube to their penises and to both of Angelo's holes, giving them a clue that they really were going to move this threesome right along.

Angelo helped Corey slip his cock into his ass as he knelt over him, while Michael stood patiently behind them. Watching another cock pierce his friend was always shocking and erotic. Darnell had always thought it would spark jealousy. However, he knew he'd no reason to be jealous. They were doing this for each other. What was happening was purely sexy and incredibly hot. As his friend, Angelo was also his heartthrob, and the sexiest boy Darnell had ever seen at that. Darnell held his breath as he watched Angelo sink down on that white cock until the whole thing was inside him, much to Corey's enjoyment as he held tightly to Angelo's thighs and moaned with pleasure from filling his friend's ass.

Angelo, on his hands and knees, stayed still and allowed Corey to slowly pump in and out of his beautiful body, certainly fully aware of how lucky he was. As a mutual friend had sex with his, Ann either looked straight ahead or over to him left where Darnell was standing, putting himself on display for him. Each time they made eye contact, he smiled and let out a little moan or squeal as Corey continued to pump into him, a bit faster as the moments passed.

After at least a few minutes, Michael got down on his knees behind the two and lined up his manhood with the only hole in front of him that wasn't already stuffed full of cock: the Hispanic tight, dark asshole. Going into this year, it had been some time since Angelo had done anal, and he'd never tried double penetration. Now as they approached 2010, he had had plenty of both, especially once this night was over. As soon as Michael's prick poked between Angelo's ass cheeks, he let out a yelp and fell forward, lying down on top of Corey, sliding his hands under the collection of towels and resting his head on them, beside Corey's. Michael went to work getting his dick inside Angelo's ass, pushing in about half an inch at a time. Meanwhile, Corey's hands ran up from Angelo's thighs up to his back, taking the bottom of his t-shirt with them and sliding the garment up his back. Once Michael had half his dick in Angelo, he put his hands on his hips and went from there in an attempt to cram his whole dick inside that warm holy space.

Last time Michael had joined them, he failed to get all of his penis into Angelo's ass. While he did have a big prick, his shortcoming had been a lack of having lube on hand. He didn't make the same mistake this time. In fact, he reapplied the jelly at least three times as he worked his way deeper and deeper into Angelo. Plus, both his holes had been well prepped, which allowed both boys to eventually get balls-deep inside him, all as Darnell witnessed it first-hand.

Angelo moaned, cursed and even laughed a little as he shot a look over at him. Michael and Corey grunted as they held tightly to Angelo's flesh and configured themselves in the best possible position they could. Michael retracted slightly, giving Angelo some space inside his tight holes, and then the boys began to fuck him in earnest, taking turns gently prodding his holes, slowly sliding in and out of him as they allowed him to adjust to the sensations.

Angelo's groans of discomfort soon morphed into moans of pleasure as their two friends held him in place and forced their whole lengths inside him, over and over. For a moment, Angelo held himself up, first looking behind her at the two guys probing his sex holes and then over at me. His smile was a mix of sweet and devilish as he reveled in being on display for his best friend, who was still dumbstruck with arousal and disbelief. It was then that Angelo asked if Darnell was filming. Darnell had completely forgotten the apparatus had been in his hands!

"Heck yeah," Darnell said as he snapped to it. Michael had shown him how to work the camera, so Darnell pointed and hit record. As soon as he let Angelo know they were going, he quickly turned his face away and laid down flat on Corey, who was pumping a little faster in and out of his ass. Angelo then slid his hands back under the makeshift pillow and buried his head beside Corey's so he wouldn't be identifiable on the camera. Corey also faced away as his hands slip up Angelo's back, allowing space for Michael, who put his hands on Angelo's waist as he met Corey's thrusts into Darnell's secret love with thrusts of his own into his ass.

It seemed the filming spurred the boys on to perform their best. Immediately they both began to drive faster in and out of Angelo's holes. Corey squeezed Angelo's sides and he thrust up hard into him, while Corey held onto Angelo's ass, which jiggled a bit each time he slapped against it, slamming his black cock deep inside his Hispanic hole with each thrust. Angelo moaned, still sounding genuinely pleasured as these guys pounded him in a hot double penetration, all while Darnell, lucky bastard he was to be friends to such a catch, recorded the whole thing and snapped a few pictures here and there.

It felt like Darnell had filmed for a lot longer than he did. It turns out it was for just over a minute. Time really did slow down as he watched his new friends pump in and out of his crush. Michael now balanced himself on one hand, which pressed against the small of Angelo's back as he ground deep inside him. He gave him several hard pushes into her ass while Corey continued to fuck his ass, all as he writhed and moaned between them, his ass still jiggling to the steady smacking of Michael's flesh against his.

Michael alternated between putting one hand on Angelo's back and putting two on the sides of his ass, all in an effort to push his manhood as deep inside that inviting butt as possible. Eventually, he put both hands to his sides and grabbed the Hispanic boy's ankles, lifting his legs slightly off that cheap mattress as the boys continued to double-fuck him, Michael lunging his weight forward with each thrust. He soon needed to balance himself again with one hand but left the other wrapped around his ankle, just above that sexy shoe as he fucked him hard and fast while Corey stayed beneath them, doing his best to keep up with Michael's movement in Angelo's ass as his butt was secured on Corey's own dick.

The three of them moaned, Angelo the loudest, as they writhed and slapped against each other in this cheap room. At this point, after a short amount of footage and a few photos, Darnell put the camera down, no longer content to simply watch his friend get ravished. Darnell stepped up next to the bed, beside Angelo's head, and held his exposed cock out to his friend, who dutifully took it in his hand and beat Darnell off as he continued to moan from the sensation of having both his holes plundered simultaneously. Then he lowered his head and took Darnell into his mouth, sucking his cock so that all his holes were filled like the sexual spitfire he is.

Angelo held his own very well as three cocks poked and prodded his sexy body, making him airtight. At this point, Darnell was just waiting his turn for another hole but was content to watch his hot friend take those two dicks while he sucked his. It wasn't much longer, anyway, before Michael's moans gave away that he was close to cum. With a loud cry, he sank his nails into Angelo's back and his other hand squeezed his ankle tightly. Corey went still on the bottom, while Angelo started to suck Darnell's dick a bit more vigorously now that his other holes weren't taking as much of a pounding. Michael kept groaning as he emptied his balls into his condom, his dick still secured to the hilt in his friend's ass until he was finished. Then he gave Angelo a playful slap on his butt, pulled out and stepped away.

Michael's departure from the bed summoned the beginning of act two. He could have left at that point, since they didn't have time for multiple rounds or anything, but he decided to stay back and watch. On the bed, Corey stayed on his back while Angelo turned around, lying his back against his chest as Darnell climbed up into the bed and waited for Corey to straddle his friend's ass on his prick. Corey's cock wasn't quite the size of Michael's, so Angelo's butt was well broken in, and Corey didn't have nearly as much trouble getting his whole length in there. Just to be safe, he did apply a bit more lube.

Angelo groaned as that dick pierced his ass and then looked up at Darnell as he waited his cue. It came when he held up both legs and spread them apart, welcoming Darnell to join their new friend in double-penetrating him on that makeshift bed in that messy room. With all the experience and confidence Darnell needed, he got down to his knees, let Angelo's right ankle rest on Darnell's left shoulder while the other went around his waist, and then Darnell pressed the tip of his penis into Angelo's pink spot, adjacent to that hard white prick that was sheathed inside his friend's ass. Angelo giggled a bit as Darnell shoved his cock inside him, pushing hard to penetrate him since he was so tight. Corey shifted his weight a bit to pull some of his dick out of Angelo's hole to ease entry into him. That, plus a little lube, and Darnell was balls-deep inside him in no time at all.

For the next few minutes, Corey and Darnell worked up to a hard and steady pace of sawing in and out of their friend. Corey held the sides of his ass, and Darnell leaned forward, wrapping one arm around his leg and fastening Darnell's other hand on his left arm after he pushed his t-shirt away to expose those sweet nipples. Before long, Angelo was moaning louder and louder in a tone that Darnell recognized as showing how genuinely aroused he was. After a few minutes of nailing him like that, Darnell leaned forward so that the Hispanic boy's leg slipped under his arm and his chest pressed against his as Corey and Darnell continued to fuck him. He was now sandwiched tightly between them and they took turns going in and out of his holes while Darnell kissed and praised Angelo.