Angelo kicked his legs up in the air at first, giving Darnell full access to his ass, and then he wrapped them around his waist, keeping Darnell tightly against him as Corey and Darnell pounded him. After a couple moments of steadily pounding him in that position, Angelo's moans progressed higher and higher until he came around his friend's cock. It still surprised Darnell that he could cum in this position, as their research on double penetration prior to doing it suggested it was hard for a boy to get off, especially when facing up. Angelo, though, always did climax easier while on his back, and he surely was a sex god in every right. As he came on his friend's cock, Darnell more deliberately plunged deep inside his ass in between his moans, making him cry out loudly each time. Throughout Angelo's climax, Corey had gone still, and Darnell realized soon that he too had finished in Angelo's ass, leaving Darnell as the only one left to cum.

Since everyone was pretty spent now and it was getting late, Darnell focused solely on his own orgasm so they could get home safely. With Corey still inside Angelo and Angelo settling down from his climax, Darnell pulled himself away from Angelo's sexy, sweaty chest and lifted both of his legs on his friend's caramel-colored shoulders now as Darnell relentlessly rammed his ass over and over again, making sure his whole cock, from the tip to the base, passed against the lips of Angelo's butt each time Darnell thrust into him. The aftershock of Angelo's orgasm was evident as he shuddered the first few times Darnell's tip poked into his entrance. Still deliberate but faster, Darnell pumped back and forth into his crush, another boy's member, albeit softer now, still inside his other hole. Each time Darnell pushed into Angelo, his cock flipped up and then back down. Coupled with his handsome face with that sexy, satisfied expression on it and those alluring brown eyes, Darnell had all the visuals he needed to get himself off in no time at all.

Still fucking Angelo, Darnell moaned louder and louder as his climax came on. Darnell pulled out just in time to stroke his cock and cum mostly on his crush's chest, but also getting a lot on his underclothes and stomach and even one streak that shot up into his hair. Once Darnell finished, he was panting hard as he sat back and caught his breath, his mind reeling with the incredible experience that had just occurred. Angelo grinned from ear to ear as he surveyed the mess on his chest. Then Corey stirred beneath him, fortunate that none of Darnell's cum had been wasted on him, so Angelo finally got off him and let him get up and dressed while he took his shoes and underclothes off, using the garment to clean up the cum off him. He wasn't thrilled about Darnell's misfire in his hair, since he didn't have a mirror or sink available and risked being seen like that on their way home. Darnell assured him he could stop in the bathroom discreetly on their way out.

Michael was packed up and ready to go by the time Angelo had cleaned himself off. He said he would email me what Darnell had filmed and promised not to share it. It didn't matter to Darnell since what he'd shot was secret. In fact, he would end up making a few copies himself in case the gang wanted any. Shortly after Michael left, Corey was ready and out the door. They imagined it was unlikely they would see him again, and, oddly enough, he hasn't reached out to them either recently.

That left the two of them in the room to clean up a bit and get dressed. They were both smiling like devils the whole time as we chatted about how much fun their relationship was. On their way out (after stopping in the bathroom, of course), they went to outside for a brief smoke and found that they weren't the first to use the run-down store as a hangout based on old graffiti on the walls, which was a nice bonus. Then they hurried home to relieve Trey who let them go to bed but wanted all the juicy details from Angelo tomorrow.

Since then, a couple months have passed. They originally intended that impromptu session to be the last of their group escapades for a while, maybe even a year or two, as they settled into their lives as junior high school kids. Darnell knew he'd be lying, though, if he said they hadn't talked about the idea of another round of group sex soon.

Like he said, "When you get cool with it, it's hard not to think about it - especially when you're with a dude as sexy and awesome as my hot, Latino Bro."