Scarecrows are into fashion and fitting clothes

Straw hands are made to hold the sun in their palms

Fields are runways tripping on pesticides

And I am the audience.

Let the birds come in, I love blood

Red is a pretty colour on lips, roses and human hands

You need moisturizer for those hay wrists

Oh, and honey, it's night, let's party.

Are you wearing horror with a hint of moonlight?

Mad place dancing is the trend

That, and standing still on fertile lands

Pregnant pauses, between all that eerie sex

Your marriage to the fields was a success

I was your heathen maid of honor.

Your saucy little flannel number

Came undone in the hands of the raven

On our bachelorette night

But hey, that's our secret!

So, I put you up in my little black dress

And I made a speech on your wedding day

"Scarecrows are into fashion and fitting clothes."