Summary: When neurotechnology bridges minds, a joining of minds becomes more intimate than one of bodies.

My half-self has an autonomic routine, a habit instilled since youth due to upbringing. It awakens, jogs, and swims. The counterpart-self does the same, albeit a slightly different variation. Once romantic partners, they are now more. Once they clean up and dress, they don headsets.

The calibration routine begins, adjusting the transducer outputs. The electrodes begin recording brain signals. The half-self and counterpart-self merge into me. We pass information back and forth, four eyes sharing a distributed visual cortex. Modified smartphones augment our natural intellects, although they are sparingly used.

To others, we appear as normal people. Our headsets are non-invasive, not requiring implants in the human body. They are easily concealed beneath hats, helmets, and hoots. We both retain mannerisms of the prior-selves when interacting with others, but we save our greatest intimacy for each other.

Even with limited information flow, our decisions are rapidly made. Each day augments our skills, our coordination, our synchronicity. The half-self adapted the counterpart-self's habit of biting nails, and that is but the first of many convergences. We are of two bodies and two minds, but one soul.

We hope to meet you soon.