An ancient legend foretells in feudal Japan a savior of mankind. A powerful mortal with violet eyes who has the tongue to tame a thousand beasts. To some this person is a savior, but to others a power too strong for the world of humans, but keeping the system of checks and balances requires the work of four yosei. Powerful beings who can take on a human appearance or a form of fae, each one imbued with abilities tied to the four elements: Earth, wind, fire, and water.

The kingdom of Nagatari is split into one of these four elemental regions. The Yosei of the region work hard and are at peace with the neighboring realms. Though twenty-one years have passed since the death of the Emperor, all is not peaceful. The echoes of the prophecy start to ring in the ears of all the yosei.

There will come a time when peace is disrupted

Due to the vacancy on the Nagatari throne corrupted

Brother fighting brother

Once docile beasts will prey on all others

A mortal with violet eyes blessed with a tongue to tame

Should ascend the throne or their fate will be same

Unless this mortal is found and crowned

Darkness and malice will abound

Author's Note: Hello Readers! Welcome to Evanescent Shadow. I am a lover of Asian culture and anime. So my appreciation has inspired this fantasy story. It is rated T just for occasional violent scenes and mild profanity. I hope you'll join me on this epic adventure and please feel free to review and let me know your thoughts. You readers are amazing and I hope you enjoy! :)