I awaken in a place full of light. I don't understand how I got here. I look at my hands and when I do, I can see straight through them. "Transparent hands?" I say softly to myself. I take another look at my surroundings. "Where am I?" I ask to myself.
"You are in the land after death young Uzaki." I hear the voice of a person behind me. I turn around but I am unable to see his face.
"Who are you?" I ask. The person doesn't answer.
"You Uzaki, have committed sins but not enough to be sent straight to hell. Instead you have been given a second chance." Now I start to get worried. How does this person know my name and what I have done in my life? Am I truly dead? "Follow me Uzaki." The figure then reaches out his hand and all of a sudden, I am floated up into the air.
"What the hell is going on!?" I say.
"Probably shouldn't say that. You are dead after all." He answered the question that I was wondering ever since waking up here. "All your questions will be answered soon enough. You must be patient." I have no choice but to listen to what the man says. Now that I think about it, he might not even be a "he" at all. I am unable to see the persons face due to a bright glow around it. I decide to ask.
"Hey, I have a question. Are you a guy or a girl?" I realize how rude I am by saying this but I for some reason felt really bothered by not knowing. If the person was a she and I had been calling her a he this entire time then that would be even more rude.
"All questions will be answered when we get to our destination." I get annoyed at the fact that the person refused to answer my questions.
"You know, you could at least answer my question. It's not that hard of a question is it?"
"All questions will be answered when we arrive at our destination." This person was impossible to get through too.
"Asshole." I mumble to myself.
"Please refrain from using such language here." I look up and gasp in surprise.
"How did you hear that!?" I ask.
"All questions will be answered-"
"Yeah, yeah I know. Let's just hurry this up." I keep my mouth shut the entire trip but my mind had different ideas. My mind was racing with questions. How did I end up here? Am I truly dead? If I am truly dead then how did I die? All of these questions continue to go through my mind. My thoughts are then interrupted by the voice of the stranger.
"We have arrived." The person then drops their arm and I am slammed to the ground face-first.
"Ow! Put me down more gently next time!" I rub my nose and look up at where we are. "Whoa! What is this place!? It's huge!"
"This is the organization of angels headquarters. As of today, you are an official member." This was then the start of my journey as a member of the organization of angels.