Once we all stepped through the portal, the portal closed and we were left standing there, looking at the familiar rainbow-like colors of the boundary. We all stand as a group looking around at the boundary to find out where the phantom gate was. "Crescilia. I need you to use that eye of yours and find out where any phantoms are and if you can, find the phantom gate." Sarada said. This was the first time Sarada had ever been on a mission together with me. In fact, it was the first time she had been on a mission at all since I've been here. Crescilia nodded at Sarada and began furrowing her brows. Everyone stood around her with their spirit weapons out to protect her from any surprise attacks. Suddenly, after a bit of time, Crescilia's left eye turned red and she was gritting her teeth as if in pain. I look at her worried for a little bit until Tojo, who was right beside me, slapped my shoulder and looked at me sternly.
"Stay focused kid." Tojo said. I just nod my head and look forward, ready for any surprise assaults. Crescilia growled as she kept her left eye open. After a bit, she closed her eye and began breathing heavily she held her eye. Everyone turned to look at her and Sarada spoke.
"So, did you find the phantom gate?" Sarada asked.
"No but I did see a whole bunch of phantoms gathered in one spot. If we head there, we might be able to find the phantom gate." Crescilia said, still holding her eye. Draco walked up with his weird looking knife in his hand and smiled evilly.
"Well then let's go. I want to hurry up and kill some phantoms." Draco said in an evil sort of voice. Astral walked up beside him and spoke.
"I agree with what Crescilia said. If there are so many phantoms gathered up in one place then there is a high possibility that could be where the phantom gate is located." Astral said, holding his nun-chucks in his right hand. Draco scoffed and turned away from him.
"Know-it-all." Draco mumbled. Astral didn't pay attention to him at all. Kimori looked over to Tojo and spoke.
"Have you ever dealt with something like this before?" Kimori said. Tojo nodded his head and spoke.
"Yes although only once. Back when I first got here-" Tojo was then cut off by Kimori turning her head away and speaking.
"Forget it. I don't want to know anymore." Kimori said with a disinterested look on her face. Tojo just sighed and dropped the subject. Sarada nodded her head and spoke.
"Alright, seems as though most of us agree on what we must do next. We shall go to where the horde of phantoms are. Crescilia, lead the way, everyone else, be ready." Sarada said. We all ran toward where the horde of phantoms were. Everyone had there spirit weapons out besides Sarada and Romann. I could understand Romann because he normally just fights with his hands but Sarada was different. I had never seen her fight before but I had still expected she had some sort of weapon with her. I decide to forget about it and just focus on following the others. Suddenly, Crescilia stops and we all stop with her. We then stare down at hundreds and hundreds of phantoms. I nervously gulp at the sight of it. It was a big sea of phantoms. There were so many that the boundary itself was starting to change from it's more rainbow-like color to purple. Everyone had serious looks on their faces. We were just waiting for Sarada to give the signal. Sarada studied the area for a bit and then pointed forward. "Charge! Protect the boundary!" Sarada yelled. Everyone yelled as well and began to charge recklessly into the sea of phantoms. I however, hesitated to go forward. When everyone else left, Sarada looked back at me in confusion and anger and yelled. "Go! Fight with us!" Sarada yelled as she took out an orb of light which turned into an assault rifle and then she too charged in. I looked on as Sarada charged forward with the others with a nervous expression on my face. I was starting to wonder how we were going to take care of so many phantoms with just the thirteen of us. I then see everyone fighting the phantoms together.
"Hyaaaa!" Orion yelled as he swings his sword around, slicing through multiple phantoms. Right beside him was Crescilia who had her left eye closed. She was swinging her spear around and taking out a lot of phantoms as well. Further away from those two was Kimori, who was using her shurikens to create a spiral of fire as she threw it. It split down a whole row of phantoms but it also left her vulnerable. Phantoms began running up to her. They leaped in the air and Kimori braced for the worst. As she did though, Romann punched one phantom and the others were blown away by the force emitted from the punch. Kimori looked up at Romann and turned away and went back to fighting alongside Romann. As they were fighting off the phantoms, Kimori yelled at Romann.
"I never asked for you to help old man! Next time you do, I will burn you as well!" Kimori said. Romann heard her but he was to focused on fighting off the phantoms. Meanwhile, Draco was having a tough time with the phantoms on his end. He slashed through one of the phantoms with his weirdly shaped knife and made a sound of annoyance after he did.
"Tch! After this is over, I'm giving Crambio a visit. This knife is completely horrible in these types of situations." Draco said. After he said that, Phillip jumped and landed back-to-back with Draco. Phillip smirked and spoke.
"Be careful what you wish for. That knife might save your life." Phillip said. Draco growled in annoyance and spoke.
"Enough with the afterlife puns. They get very annoying." Draco said as he slashed through another phantom who leaped at him. Phillip laughed and spoke.
"Sorry but I live for puns. Get it?" Phillip said as he pulled out his handgun and began shooting at the phantoms in front of him. They were surrounded up until two more people leaped in to help them.
"Die!" Said one of them.
"Stay away from them!" Yelled another. The two people stood back-to-back alongside Draco and Phillip, supporting each other. Those two people were Inibo, with his double edged scythe, and Angelica with her own scythe. Draco and Phillip both smile at them.
"Took you long enough to get here." Draco said.
"Welcome to the party guys." Phillip said. Inibo and Angelica both smiled as well while looking at the horde of phantoms surrounding them.
"Sorry for the wait. We had to fight our own group of phantoms to get here." Inibo said.
"Yeah, sorry about that. Now that we are here, let's destroy these things." Angelica said. The other three nodded and they began fighting together. At another end of the fighting, Tojo was slicing through the hordes of phantoms on his end and supporting him was Sven, with his handgun, and Sarada, with her assault rifle. They began shooting at the hordes of phantoms which helped Tojo more easily take care of the phantoms in front of them.
"There's so many of them!" Sven yelled.
"Well duh! I told you to be ready for anything! It's your fault for not being prepared!" Sarada yelled back. They both spoke while continuing to shoot.
"I apologize sincerely leader! I should have expected that hundreds of phantoms would be at the boundary!" Sven said sarcastically.
"That's what I warned you about you idiot!" Sarada yelled back. Tojo then began yelling as well while still slashing through the phantoms.
"Can the both of you stop bickering and focus on shooting these things!?" Tojo said. Sarada and Sven stopped talking to each other and just focused on shooting at the hordes of phantoms. I just looked on with fear on my face. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I look up and see Astral standing there looking on at the fighting as well.
"I can tell that you would freeze up so I stayed back as well." Astral said. I look up at him and speak.
"How did you know this would happen?" I ask.
"Oh just a hunch. Listen I know you're nervous and to tell you the truth, so am I." Astral says. I widen my eyes and look at him.
"You are?" I ask. Astral nods his head.
"I want to see Fudan again. If I disappear here then I won't get that opportunity so yeah I'm scared as well but at the same time, I want to protect her. That's why I'm going to fight even through all the fear I feel. You should figure out what you want to protect also. Maybe that will help you fight through your fear as well." Astral left with those words and began running toward the hordes of phantoms leaving me there to think about what he just said. Finding what I want to protect? Maybe he is right, I think to myself. I then look again toward the horde of phantoms and think. Suddenly, a light goes off in my head. While watching all of them fight, I realized what it was that I wanted to protect. I wanted to protect everyone here. Everyone has helped me so much since being here that I want to help them out also. I pull out my mace and begin charging into the hordes of phantoms and plow through them. I finally make it to where Astral is and I see him swinging his nun-chucks around. They had lightning coming out of the nun-chucks which made it a much more formidable weapon. I fight off all the phantoms in my way and stand back to back with Astral. Astral smirks and continues fighting off the phantoms as he speaks. "So I see you figured out what's important to you huh?" Astral said. I nod my head and smile back while fighting off my own fair share of phantoms.
"Of course and it's all thanks to you. Now let's end this so that you can see Koko again." I say. Astral nods and we both work together to fight off the phantoms. Everyone continued to fight and plow their way through all of the phantoms. After a while of constant fighting, we notice that the hordes of phantoms were dropping at a steady rate. It was dropping so fast that we could finally see other members of the boundary protectors. I yell out to Astral in the middle of fighting. "Look! I see some people over there!" I say. Astral knocks away a few of the phantoms and speaks.
"I can't really turn around right now! Find a way to plow your way through them and get to where the people are! I will follow you as soon as possible!" Astral yelled. I nod my head and begin fighting my way through to get to the other members. They were all fighting as well. I counted at least four people in total. There wasn't as many phantoms as before but they still had strength in numbers. I felt a few slashes at my back and I tried swinging my mace at them. After I did, even more phantoms would come and attack as well. Suddenly, A bunch of phantoms disappeared and there stood Inibo. Beside him was Draco, Angelica, and Phillip. They all surrounded around me and began helping me push the phantoms away.
"You okay!?" Inibo yelled. I look at him and nod my head.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I say. Draco looked sternly at me and spoke.
"What were you thinking!? You knew you couldn't handle this many phantoms on your own!" Draco yelled. I scowl at him and yell as well.
"Well it doesn't look like you were doing so hot either! You have scratches all over your body too!" I yell. Draco scowls at me and argues back.
"You are starting to piss me off newbie!" Draco yells.
"Good! I'm glad you're angry at me!" I say. In the middle of our argument though, a phantom lunged toward us. We didn't have time to protect ourselves but thankfully, Angelica used her scythe and destroyed it. Angelica then turned to both Draco and I and spoke in an angry tone.
"Stop fighting each other and start fighting them!" Angelica yelled. She then got back to fighting the phantoms. Me and Draco scowl at each other one last time before turning away from each other and go back to fighting the phantoms with the others. In the middle of the fight, Inibo yells out to me.
"Who were you with before you found us?" Inibo asked.
"I was with Astral." I say.
"Where is he at now?" Angelica asked.
"He said he would meet up with us later." I said. Draco then turned around and yelled at me.
"What!? You left one of your comrades behind!? Exactly how dumb are you!?" Draco said. I scowl at him as well.
"I did as he said you idiot!" I yell. We once again get in each others faces and once again, a phantom came out of nowhere and lunged at us. Just like the last time this happened we had to be saved by somebody and that somebody was Phillip. Phillip shot at the phantom and it let out a shriek as it disappeared.
"You all should stop fighting if you want to continue to exist." Phillip said. Once again, me and Draco scowl one last time at each other before we turn back to continue fighting the phantoms.
"Either which way you look at it Uzaki, you were in the wrong for leaving your comrade behind. We have to go back and get him." Inibo says. I frown a bit at myself. I said I wanted to protect everyone in the boundary protectors and I just left one of the members by themselves to fight off the phantoms. I get angry with myself but reply still to Inibo's statement.
"You're right." I say. We then begin pushing forward to where Astral last was. While all this was going on, a sinister looking being climbed out of where the phantom gate was located. The gate itself looked like a black hole and the person was covered in purple mist. He chuckled to himself and spoke.
"Time for darkness to rise over everything." The figure said. The phantoms weren't all that the boundary protectors had to worry about now.