—What's the best scenario you can imagine for your future? —the question was suddenly thrown at the boy of wandering, wonderful eyes.

Time froze for a couple of seconds while his eyes started filling with a sparkle of hope. I always loved watching him while he shaped his deep desires… it was like watching the creation of pure magic.

I remember my surprise when, of all the things in the world that one could want in their future, "a coffee table" was his answer. The weirdest thing is that the scenario came to my mind as quickly as his soul's emotion glimmered in his eyes the moment he started telling me about it.

And as a matter of fact, I saw his future, I saw him sitting in a lonely chair in front of the little coffee table in the exact center of a small room, surrounded by magnificent bookshelves that completely cover the walls with all the knowledge he gathers throughout time, giving the little cabin a cozy and warm atmosphere despite winter's clear presence outside the windows, from where little paw prints are easily seen on the snow, all cute and playful from the fun the small huskies are having outside.

Every word from his tale denoted the joy he felt from simply imagining it, and in that moment, I swear I decided I would give anything and everything for his wish to come true, because of the passion of his expression and the love in his eyes I wished for him nothing but the best, because I realized how much he is worthy of it and much more.

—So, what's your best future scenario? —he interrupted my vow with a subtle voice and excitement still shown in his factions.

—Oh, I wouldn't know —I answered, shaking my hand to take importance away.

I was only hoping my eyes wouldn't give away the truth, the fact that I perfectly knew the answer: the scenario for the future I most wanted was a second chair in front of that coffee table with my name on it.