~Trial and Tribulation~

I never thought I'd live to see, the entire world go so grim,
For I've ever placed my trust, and my abiding faith in him.
There's an illness on our minds now it's both night and day,
People sadly get sick, while far to many have passed away.

If I could send a message, It would be, don't give up hope,
As our best doctors in the world, are learning how to cope.
We should support the people we can, keep right on praying,
They will turn this tide soon, many leaders have been saying.

I feel it in my heart, one day those claims will come true,
If we all just pull together, and do the things we must do.
Treat each other in a fashion, we would wish for ourselves,
And give thanks to our Lord there's yet food on the shelves.

Remember all the scriptures, and take comfort in his word.
For the billions of fervent prayers, I have faith God's heard.
As his chosen did on Passover lets try to keep to our homes,
And to check upon loved ones, lets make use of the phones.

I offer up this humble prayer, for every soul on this earth.
We should treat all creation as if it held for us some worth,
That this trial and tribulation teaches us more how to care.
And if we lose our way again, we remember God is there.

~May God show his mercy on all now suffering,~
And bless the care givers in their endeavor.