Chapter 13: When Sam changed his name.

"Hey, what's that?" Noah asked soon after Sam's phone started to blink a message on his lap, then she read outloud.

"Remember, if you wanna come meet Joy, let me know."

"Hmm." Noah started, then asked Sam, "Does that mean we're gonna meet this mystery man, Sammy?"
Sam glanced at Noah and whispered, "Maybe he can help you with your problem." Then he looked up toward the teacher and thought, 'Having a ghost, or friend who seems to be invisible to most people, can be kinda nice isn't it. Nobodies cares if your using you phone or not.'
Noah looked at Sam and wondered what he meant, then told him, "Well, he does like ghosts, and I am a ghost! At least.." she tood up and gave a few students a pat on the shoulder, and… She almost frowned because absolutely nobody even noticed and exclaimed, "At least SOME people DO see me!"
*BUMP* Sam's phone fell from his lap making Noah rush over and exclaim, "Sammy, your phone fell!"

'Don't worry about it.' Sam thought as his hand signaled, "OK" by his side.

Noah looked at Sam's phone on the floor and tapped it on, and to her surprise it turned on!' Although she couldn't even feel the glassy surface, things started moving around and soon she remembered how to use it.

'I wonder if I can write things too..?' Noah thought as she played around, 'That'd be so cool, writing a story...' then she smiled and tapped a note app, 'Maybe people would see me, like a story person?'

"Sammy," Noah looked up at him and asked, "do you know how to…" then she heard the teachers voice and quietly apoligized, "Oh, you're trying to listen, sorry."

"Hmph." Noah then smiled and thought, 'If people don't see me, or feel me, they'll see and feel what I write.' She glanced back up at Sam and told herself, "No… Maybe not, but I can at least make a little story and then one day it'll be published and I can have a real life and… "
Sam looked under the desk to find out what Noah was doing and asked. "What are you doing that for?"
"Well, …" Noah started as she what should should say, "I didn't think they'd would mind if I wrote on your phone so…"
"Ah, okay," Sam smiled, "if you say so. Soon everyone will really see you and think it's…" he put his head up and waved at Noah.

"I gotto pick up my phone now." Sam told Noah as class was dismissing, thenhe saw how much she had written and that she even drew a few pictures and told her, "This looks cool."
"I thought maybe people could see at least the story and stuff." Noah answered as she stood up and as Sam put the phone on the desk and zip up his bag, she pointed at a picture that she drew and explained, "See, there's you and me and everyone, a ghost finds a friends, like Casper, see!"

Sam watched Noah's bright smile as she wrote something down and whispered, "Soon enough though, you won't even need me sweetheart."

Once upon a time there was me, and I was a sad ghost, then I met a nice person who said I can live with him and thinks everything will be alright now. So Im writing this because I want to be seen, at least able to be instead of ignored.
(a picture of the two, being happy)

Sam grabbed the phone from the desk and wrote under Noah's drawing,

"Maybe I really will be a brandnew person someday soon."
"Of course you will," Noah told Sam, then followed him to the front of the classroom and sat down on the teachers desk, "What will you be called? Do you really like my name? Or is Samantha alright, or what?"
'What?' Sam thought as he sat down in one of the front chairs, 'Changing subject again. Avoidance is a wonderful thing isn't it.' then he told Noah, "Samantha? No, that's not a new name, that's just a witches name, I want to be brand new, sweatie." Then he closed his eyes with a yawn and added, "I really don't care, hun, it's not even me who wants to be different, it's you."
"Alright," Noah said as she stood up, then glared at her brother and added, "right, why not combine our names then? Luna already thinks you like to be called Noah, so just "correct" him by prouncing it diffrent."

"What do you mean?" Sam asked as he watched her control his hand by taking a sheet of scrap paper and writing down letters.

"Sam. Noah. Snowa. Samantha, Noasy neighbor."

"You are kinda nosy aren't you," Sam told Noah as he started to go out, then chuckled, "Alright. Snow sounds nice."
"Yeah," Noah responded "and you totally could "correct" Luna because the "wa" at the end right?" then wrote down on Sam's phone,
"But Snow was bound to be what they used."
Sam swiped down to see that Noah had written quite a bit during class and asked her, "What are you writing? A story?".

So while the Snow falls over our land in the coming new year, our adventure unfolds with the exciting saga of the Sam and Noah Chronicles,

"What?" Sam exclaimed, "Only 5 days and you call it chronicles?"
"Hey," Noah noticed that the phone was typing Sam's words by itself and asked Sam, "why did the phone write what you said..." Then SHE tried talking into the phone, "Yes! The exciting CHRONICLES have been assembled for the coming new year, with SNOW and friends!

Sam sat down and waited for the teacher to ask him to leave, although he wasn't surprised that the teacher didn't seem to care about Sam talking to himself or still sitting there in the room, he was surprised that Noah could actually use his phone as he looked at her and wondered 'What she up to now? "Writing a list?"

Sam looked at a stick figure that Noah had drawn of Luna, Joy, and a chibi family with friends. then underneath tried the option of handwritten letters.

-school-Luna-joy-party-family? and the weekend! on Sunday we get to go to grammies! You think she'll see me?

*Riiiiiiinnnnnnggggg* The lunch bell rang, and Sam stood up, grabbed his phone to put it in his pocket, and asked Noah, "If you like writing so much, why haven't you done my homework?"

"Because I never attended class silly," Noah said with a sly smile. "why do you think ive been hiding all these years?"
Sam tried to push thoughts away from his mind as they walked down the hall and heard Noah ask him, "We going outside again today?"
Noah walked backwards as she explained, "We didn' have lunch outside much when I was in school."
"Oh? An' when was that?" Sam asked surealy as they walked toward the outdoor lunch area.
"When I was younger." Noah answered, then smiled when she saw Luna wave at them with such brightness.
Luna was chewing gum as he announced, "I've been waiting all semester for you."
Sam looked at Luna suspiciously and asked, "You have? Why?" then watched as he sat down and started to bounce his leg up and down like a rabbit.
"School has been kinda sucky around here..." Luna answered with a momentary gaze, then continued, "You know, an' now I can be with you! So, it's awesome."
Noah looked at Sam with a scrunched up nose and told him, "He's just trying to make up for something, ya know."
"Huh?" Sam told them both with a dopey smile, "That's cool."
Luna continued by saying, "I suppose it's since your already a friend of Luke's that I feel like I can take a chance an' let you in, bu' I suppose that's really all it is at this level of the game, but, TaBeHones', you do look like you could use a friend too..." then he stared at Noah and Same across the table.
Sam looked at Noah and answered Luna, "Prolly"
"Hey," Noah shot up and asked Sam, "do you think I can tell him to use our combined names?"
Sam glanced at Noah, then answered, "What'ver you want sweatie"
"What was that?" Luna asked.
With a surprise, Sam bit his lip and Noah gasped and exclaimed, "Did you really hear me?" Then she smiled, gave Luna a hug and begged him, "Please say yes, please say yes you heard me Luna!"
Luna stood still with a smile as he looked around, then breathed deeply and with a elated peaceful smile, listened as Sam said, "Noah wanted to know if you could call me Snow instead."
"Ha-Ha. Why? You like skiing?" Luna asked Sam, then opened his eyes wide and apoligized a bit groggily, "Sorry, I heard wrong? You should have corrected me yesterday if I got you name wrong, Snow."
Sam squinted, "Huh, no," then blinked his eyes and explained, "It's just that Noah thought… Well… I'm not very good at this." He took a moment to look Noah and asked Luna, "Did you feel her hug you?"
Luna became surprised, then laughed a bit of his drink out ofhis nose and said, "Yeah, was that Noah? Is she one of those invisible people that Joy tells me about?"
Noah listened intently, then slowly looked at Sam and quietly asked, "An invisible person? I'm not a ghost?"

Suddenly, she gasped as sounds of "Hallelueah" filled her thoughts and excitedly told Sam, "Did you hear that Sammy? I'm not a ghost after all, I'm an invisible person!"
Sam looked at Luna and asked, "Invisble people?"
"Yeah, they're like ghosts and stuff," Luna started to explain, "fairies, I guess, but they haunt some people, my Mom was haunted by one, but… Joy took care of that and now there best friends I guess… "Gaurdian angels" is one way people think of them, sometimes," he told me. Truth is, though I try really hard to, I don't think I'll ever be able to see them or anything that Joy sees or feels at all. I'll never understand…" then Luna forced a laugh and said, "Bu', it's really cool isn't it?"
As Sam listened, he thought, 'This changes everything doesn't it…' then he looked at Noah for a moment and answered, "Yeah"
"So," Luna started to ask Sam, "your house really is haunted?"
Sam scratched his head, then held it in his hands while Noah hesitated holding his shoulder and told Luna, "Not really... I am haunted."
Luna built up a smile and exclaimed, "Just like my Mother! Now that the ghost is gone she in't even an annoying busybody! Of course," then lifted his head and asked Sam, "you like your ghost, Noah right? Don't you Snow."
"But I don't want to be invisible," Noah whined "…I think ida rather have been a ghost then something that's not even … Heard of!"
"Well," Sam started to tell Luna with a air of uncaringness, *I wouldn't be here anymore if Noah didn't save me."
"Hmm," Luna replied with carefulness as he sipped from his straw, "well, maybe Joy can help someway, he's a wizard you know, with spells and such."
Sam watched Noah sit down beside Luna and after a moment asked, "Not an exorcist right? Noah's my sister, I already see her and know her, since Sunday we've been together," then shouted at Noah who talked like she wanted to abandon him all over again with a nervous voice, "and I don't want to lose you ever again you hear!"
Luna reached out her hand from across the table to hold Sam's, then Noah hovered hers on top and the two of them with a smile to try and reassure Sam and relieve some of his anxiety.

"Snow," Luna started, then hesitated as he remembered that Noah was here somewhere too, "and Noah, Joy will certainly help you in any way that he can, and I will too. I really think I love you both my dears."

Then he got up to give Snow a hug and said, "I would like to invite the both of you to come with me and spend the afternoon with us alright!"

Sam tried to smile as he muttered, "Alright." then looked at Noah's smile and thought, 'Yeah, it'll be alright now.'
Luna scratched the back of his neck as he looked around with slight nervousness and said, "Cool. And don't worry, Joy isn't one of those excorcists that don't like ghosts, he makes friends with them, that's why I spend time with him, because Aunti Zee's house is supposibly filled with 'em and well..." Luna looked behind for a moment, then sighed and continued, "I love her, they're my family you know."

Luna looked beside Snow, and thought, 'Maybe I can at least imagine seeing her sister…' then asked, "So anyways, you wanna meet my boyfriend afterschool, pick him up with us? And even though Kiera doesn't hate me anymore, well…" and with a big smile, finished, "I know that Joy would love to meet you!"
Snow saw Noah look in awe at Luna, then smiled and answered, "Alright."
"Cool." Luna closed his eyes and told Snow, "Name's Joy and meet me at Miss Stone's"
"Whatever." Luna answered as he stood up, "I'll take you over after school, if you dont wanna, maybe I can get her to pick you up."
"Huh?" Snow felt like this has already been a very busy week, and new information is a little difficult to understand, espeacially when Luna's words seem to be a bit mixed up.
"Don't worry," Noah told Sam, "He's obviously even more confused than you or I am… Repeating, being unsure of himself, that sort of thing you know?"
'This is going too fast…' Snow thought, then looked at what he was wearing and realized, 'This is what I wanted…'

Luna smiled as he laid his phone in front of Sam and clicked open a map, "See? It's right there on the map, that's where she lives. Or her Chrystal princess anyways."
"What does she mean?" Noah asked as both she and Snow thought, 'A princess, really? Cool, where is that castle? I don't know…'
As Luna turned to leave he looked at them sadly and told them, "Please meet my Joy at least, he's really sweet and even sees ghosts…" then he put on a teethy smile and added, "So he can help you all" then put his hand up in a wave and turned around on tiptoe.

**Maki's POV**

As Luna walked back into the school, he turned toward the vending machines in a robotic zombielike state and stared, put a dollar in to get a drink, then silently walked up the hall with the juice between his fore and middle fingers and opened a locker to retrieve his backpack, he then walked down the stairs and went outside.
He took a deeper breath then he had the minutes before and almost looked back at the highschool as he proceded down the sidewalk and mumblied, "An' now I got to see a…" He stopped himself, opened his eyes with a laugh and said, "Honestly don't know what I'm supposed to do."
As he walked across the street toward where a friends sister worked, he thought outloud, "Maybe I should just walk to the station now, but then I can't pick up Snow, and I told her I would."
He turned around to walk back to school and told himself, "it'll be alright," then took out his phone, read "12:17pm" on the screen and started texting Beryl.

"Do you know a kid named snow? She looks like someone whomight hang with you."