"I'm gonna take a shower, amigo." The brunette mocha-skinned 12-year-old Julio said walking toward his best friend Carlitos bathroom. His plaid red, black and blue checkered shirt fell onto the wooden floor as the boy walk away.

"Okay. Enjoy." Carlitos replied. The raven-haired Puerto Rican boy answered seemingly barely listening at all as he looked outside his bedroom window chuckling at an old lady across the street who chased a half nude man out of her apartment building, waving a wooden cane and throwing dishes at the frightened man.

Julio headed to the bedroom and peeled off his sweaty beige pants and underclothes, emerging naked, clean clothes in hand, picking up his Samsung phone and flipping to the Youtube app, as he went into the bathroom. He didn't see Carlitos shining obsidian-colored eyes follow him, nor his wide smile. Julio would've noticed that smile! He put on some Spanish Pop music and turned on the water on HOT. This is gonna feel so good; I love the shower and I've been waiting all day!

Julio stepped in and ducked under the water. Tension washed off the boy's body like a drop of ice cream. First the shampoo, then the face soap, and finally his favorite part, lathering soap all over his body. Under the sound of the water, Carlitos followed his friend into the bathroom unheard. Oblivious to his friend's presence, Julio's mind leaned towards thinking about how good it feels to make his growing manhood slippery, how easy it is to slide his small hands around them, around and around, slippery and sliding, moving slowly so he can really feel it on his skin. Feels so damn good, Julio often wished he could spend a lot of time just doing this. Up his eager length with one hand, over his shoulders and arms with the other. Julio instantly felt the muscle under the skin, up and down his arms, back and front, under and over, around and around his groin. They bounced around to the touch as he rubbed them, always made him smile. Julio let his mind drift as he stood in the shower, yes, and the soap smells sweet, yes, but showering isn't what he was doing anymore. This is private time, sensual power for his pre-teen body.

Julio got his hands all soaped up again and start running them down his belly, around his sides, twisting to reach his ass, around and around each side, and he grabbed a handful of each cheek in turn and squeeze it until it slipped out of his grasp from the soap. Julio loved it more when Carlitos in the shower with him and he got to jiggle his friend's butt cheeks, so Julio gave his a little tweak now in Carlitos honor and a giggle bubbled up from the steam floating out of the room.

Now's time for the best part. ¡Dulce Jesús! Julio started to rub his smooth, sparsely hairy crotch. His right hand slid and rubbed, it's a heavenly almost out-of-body sensation, utterly electrifying both to his penis and his hand. As Julio caressed his penis, his eyes close and he leaned his head against the tile, the steam rising around the boy, and sighed. No need to rush, no need to fear. He was in a trance of unbridled natural pleasure. With his eyes closed Julio didn't see that Carlitos found a gap in the curtain just wide enough for one of his eyes to peek through.

Finally Julio roused himself and ran his soapy hands down each leg to his feet and back up, stopping again to slide his soapy hands through his crotch, over his penis and inner thighs. Julio's body has been relaxed by the heat and now is tied together by sensation and arousal. Thoughts of Carlitos started to run through his mind, very specific and vivid thoughts of Julio's penis in his face and Carlitos balls in his friend's mouth. There came a tingly, alive feeling in Julio's penis now, tension and mounting pressure both building deliciously. Julio pinched his nipples and made the decision, Oh Dios mío, sí , I'm gonna get out of the shower and get you! Julio started to rinse and watched the water go in sheets across his chest, drip off his testicles. The delighted boy rinsed his belly and back and turned the hose towards his penis. Joder, sí, that's the spot. I feel so clean now, but really it feels so awe—what? There's Carlitos left eye, watching him through the narrow opening in the curtain. An electric pulse slams from Julio's gut right to his penis. ¡Mierda!

"Well, well, well, what've we got here?" Julio said, and Carlitos answering smile told him everything. Julio was incredibly turned on that the friend he loved as a brother had been watching him! He pulled the peach-colored curtain back and stood facing Carlitos, displaying himself and offering his body to the young voyeur, shoulders rolled back and hands behind him, cock pushed out toward the surprised boy, the object of admiration arching his back. Julio's penis throbbed, wet and now aching for his friend. Carlitos tanned skin is flushed, his eyes glittering brighter than usual. Carlitos licked his lips even as Julio was looking. No sliver of doubt remained in Julio at this moment. He wanted his friend so much, no matter what.

"Don't let me stop you," Carlitos said, slowly running his dark handsome eyes up and down Julio's body. "Please." With that he took off his light blue jeans and stepped into the tub. Carlitos 5" cock is hard and stood out like an army fort flag, swaying slightly as he sat on the edge. His left hand took hold of his cock and Carlitos start to stroke it. "Please," he asked again, and Julio couldn't have resisted that attractive voice, that cock, even if he wanted to.

Sex, love, brotherhood is in the air between the two boys, making it thick and spicy like fresh salsa. Every move felt powerful and comforting. Carlitos stroked further and his cock got even stiffer as Julio reclined against the back side of the tub facing his friend and while his legs hung over the sides, exposing his penis and ass to Carlitos view. When the naughty boy's eyes fixed on his friend's impressive blade, Julio felt it like a hand on his lukewarm skin. Julio's hands become Carlitos mouth. He run his fingertips lightly up and down his inner thighs, and Julio pinched and pulled his cock and ass lips so his friend could see his hole, the gates that opened into Julio's body, Carlitos way into him. Julio dipped his fingers into the well of semen there and looked his friend in the eyes as he put them in his mouth, then back down to hold his ass lips open and move to his cock with the other. Rubbing, rubbing, up and down, side to side, slow with a fingertip around and around it, slow stroking then very fast, over the little hood, closely to the tip, then down to plunge fingers inside, stroking slowly within and pulling up, reaching deep to hit that blessed spot inside. Mi señor, mi dios... se siente tan bien que creo que voy a morir de esto.

Julio couldn't take his eyes from Carlitos cock. The sight of his bold hands on it is one of his favorite things, seeing how confident they are, one hand stroking the shaft, the other on Carlitos balls, fuck, it made his friend wetter and hornier, driving his own hands to frantic motion. Julio heard both of themselves breathing slow and deep as the wet sounds of their hands, Carlitos voice sighing to him, "You're SO HOT, God look at that, tan sexy mi amigo ..." and Julio's own voice moaning. One hand is deep in his ass and the other rubbing his cock as fast as Julio could, watching Carlitos hands, his right hand holding strong and tight, both moving fast, driven to release. Suddenly Carlitos thighs and hips tense and there's the slightest catch in his rhythm. My God! Please God! Julio's stomach muscles tensed, and his head began to curl up. Oh, great God, look at you! It drives me crazy to watch you and at the same time I know you're getting harder and harder watching me. Carlitos stroked the whole length of his cock, then quickly on the shaft. Both boys were totally exposed to each other, revealing how they pleasured themselves in their most private moments, getting off to the intoxicating physical joy of the other, losing control together.

Julio grins looking at Carlitos face now, mi apuesto amigo. The desire there, the open mouth and saliva, the want that Julio knew is in his own eyes as well. He felt how they were locked in on each other, and then Carlitos breath caught up and Julio heard the undeniable high-pitched whimper he made, his butt clenched once, twice, and the cum pumped out, clinging to Carlitos hand, a thread connecting the tip of his cock to the puddle of cum on his thigh. The sight of it tipped Julio over and he stopped breathing. Julio wanted to still see him, but his eyes closed on their own. His toes were pointed hard and his calves are tight, his slim hips were thrusting.

All of a sudden Julio heard Carlitos voice, infinitely seductive and enticing,

"Don't stop, don't stop... cum for me, amigo, cum for me, cum for me, don't stop..." That's it!

Hard and fast the contractions started, and Julio's legs suddenly straightened out and all the joints popped, hips, knees, ankles. His arms jerked fast and rhythmically and deepened within him the powerful succession of clenches continue, not gentle but slamming. Then a final contraction and Julio cried out, finally drawing a breath. Oh God, my dear God, his brain and body flood with pleasure, a warm wave that reaches the boy's toes, his fingertips, face, every crevice in his body suffused with explosive satisfaction. Carlitos sees it all, Julio gave it to him.

At some point, Julio opened his eyes and came back to the world, and the first thing he saw was Carlitos face. The boy moved closer to his friend now in the tub, his body between Julio's legs. Carlitos face is filled with love and wonder. His hands caressed my Julio's nipples and one hand slid down and cupped his nut sack, covering it completely, holding him. Julio's mouth and lips feel padded and plumped up with the power of his ejaculation. Julio's penis is swollen and throbbed with his heartbeat under Carlito's hand. Julio took his friend's face in his hands and when the two kissed, the connection became a shockwave and they hummed like a couple in a movie. Julio breathed his love into Carlitos mouth and he return it to Julio a hundredfold gladly.

In the end Carlitos held Julio by a nipple and his penis, Julio held him by his own cock and balls, and the boys pressed their foreheads together, rocking gently back and forth, a unforgettable binding moment without end.