Wounded guardian

Chapter 1 consecrated ground

Anderson point base, Washington state.
7:00 p.m.

"And he grabs the football and goes for the goal." Daniel teased. He was holding 2 year old Nate like a football and heading for the kitchen table.

Jay was trying to block him but his wiry frame was at a disadvantage against Daniels thick muscular frame.

Baby Nate was laughing happily.

Jay tackled Dan and they went down and began to tussle.

"I'll take him." Shea chuckled, reaching into them and extracting the small child.

Nate was still giggling his silly baby laugh.

"Did you have fun with the boys?" Shea asked, bring him to the kitchen table.

He nodded excitedly and clapped his little hands together.

"What in the name of the chief is going on in here?" Saphela asked, walking in. Her blonde hair was wet and tied back into a messy bun.

"Dinner." Their mother said from the stove.

"Hey Saph." Shea greeted, putting Nate in the high chair and securing him in.

He frowned at her.

She pulled a toy car from her pocket and gave it to him.

He started making funny noises as he ran it along his plastic tray.

"How's my little sister?" Saphela asked, pulling Shea into a hug.

"Good. How was patrol?" Shea asked.

"Boring. Damian and I found nothing. Not even one demon." She sighed.

"Just please don't let them follow you home. This base isn't demon proof." Mom reminded, carrying a bowl of peas to the table.

"Why?" Jay asked, pushing Daniel off him.

"Because we aren't built on consecrated ground. Some of the newer bases aren't built on consecrated ground because either there isn't any or it's not secluded enough." Dad explained walking in.

"Alright boys knock it off and sit down at the table." Mom requested, carrying the burgers over.

They had just finished dinner and were cleaning up when the alarms went off.

Shea watched mom and dad share a worried look.

"Saphela and Daniel with us, everyone else stay here until the alarms stop." Their parents left the room quickly. Little did she know that was the last time she would see them.

"What was that about you didn't find any demons on patrol?" Daniel quipped running out with Saphela.

"Shut up!" She heard Saphela holler.

She knew they were heading for the weapons room. She looked at Jay and he also looked worried. A scream echoed down the hallway.

"Human or demon?" Jay asked.

"I think human." Shea answered.

He scooped 2 month old Theresa from her high chair.

"The other children left to go play." Jay spoke. He cradled baby Therese against his chest. "Let's go Shea."

They silently crept down the hallway towards the sounds of battle echoing from the entrance. She went ahead to peek into the entrance. All she saw was blood, bodies, and the clanging of weapons. There were more shapeshifters than any other kind of demon down there.

Saphela laid unconscious on the ground. Her hands and feet bound.

Other local guardians were in the entrance. Some were fighting the good fight, some were on the floor either dead or bleeding to death, some were trying to help the injured.

Daniel was defending their mother while she tended to dad's wounds. Their father was bleeding profusely from a wound in his chest. Their mother looked up and locked her eyes on Jay, Therese, and Shea.

"Go to Elyse! She'll protect you!" She hollered.

Distracted by his mothers yelling, Daniel turned to face her. He went to open his mouth but something sharp and metal poked through his gray shirt right were his heart was. Blood soaked his shirt as he fell to the ground. One of the shape shifters grabbed their mother by her blonde hair and made her face him.

"She's too old, he wants younger women." another male voice snapped.

In an instant the man holding her drew a sword and sliced into her torso. They heard her screams echoed through the base.

Shea was completely frozen in place until Jay yanked on her arm and dragged her back into the hallway.

"I'll head up to the attic. You go get the others" he said. He handed her his sword. He readjusted a squirming Therese in his arms before taking off for the attic.

Shea headed in the opposite direction towards the bedrooms checking each one until she came to Helen's. Evelyn, Helen, Olivia, and Nate were all there. They were all so young. Evelyn was only 7, Helen was barely 6, Olivia was only 4, and Nate was 2.

Evelyn was comforting Olivia as she silently sobbed into her.

Helen was hugging Nate.

"We're evacuating come on." Shea spoke, reaching for Nate.

He ran into her arms and she scooped him up.

"Hold on to me." Shea said, turning for the door.

Olivia and Helen both clung to the right side of her t-shirt while Evelyn just held into the left hem. They continued down the hallway, up the stairs, and into the attic.

A huge spiraling green circle covered the wall to the right of them. A woman with a brown bun and hard green eyes stood next to it.

Jay looked at Shea and flashed a small smile.

"Now that everyone is here can we get going before the demons come up here?" the woman snapped.

"Ladies first" Jay replied, trying to gesture to the green thing but Therese squirmed again. Her little face was red and scrunched up.

"On the count of 3 we jump. Okay?" Shea asked the girls.

They each nodded. Shea readjusted Nate so she was holding him securely against her chest.

"1...2...3!" Shea hollered and they threw themselves into the green energy